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Donald J. Trump Is The Best Man To Deal With The Challenges That Confront Us At This Time and Place

A Battle Between the Hounds of Hell and a Legion of Angels

hounds_of_hell_final_by_davesrightmind-d5iult1The Clinton Regime has seriously unleashed the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump to prevent him from being elected.

And that was totally within their Satanic power, because as Wikileaks has now shown us, the Clinton team actually worships Lucifer.

We expect that the Clinton Regime will use every option at their disposal.  Every dirty trick is fair game for them.

Name calling
Race baiting
Character assassination
Bearing false witness
Voter fraud
Maybe even elimination

The end will justify the means.  It’s all being done in the name of Satan!  That’s very sad for our country.

In these last days leading up to the election, the leftist demons will unleash millions of dollars of downright false and misleading attack ads against Donald Trump. They will be brutal. They will lie, exaggerate, mislead, and misrepresent everything about Trump – past, present, and future. Their lies are a demonic art form, as they manipulate their lies to be perceived as truth. From now till Tuesday, they will use every underhanded means at their disposal to destroy Trump’s chances to win and to install Hillary, their evil surrogate, in power.

Even if Donald Trump wins the Election, these Hounds of Hell will continue their battle to destroy the values of this country and lay it at the alter of their Lord Lucifer.

But will the Hounds of Hell be able to stand up against the Legions of Angels? Because it appears that everything that the DNC and their leftist minions are doing is NOT working.  This actually comes down to a battle between good and evil!

legion of Angels

We pray that God will have mercy on our land, despite our many sins and missteps, and that He will hold the Hounds of Hell at bay. We pray His Legions of Angels will protect us from the wiles of the Evil One. We pray the Holy Spirit will bring revival in truth and understanding to our brothers. May the scales fall off the eyes of the many Americans that have been blinded by evil indoctrination.

May the Legion of Angels triumph over the Hounds of Hell!  Amen!

A Shift to Despotism: How H. Clinton Presidency will be the Catalyst

Hillary will complete the implementation of the New World Order

2012-originalYou may have heard it said that if Hillary wins this election, that’s the end of America. What Hillary Clinton ultimately represents may sound somewhat extreme, however it is true. There is a window in which we can understand the globalist New World Order that the progressive left, led by Hillary Clinton, will impose on us.


Below is a glimpse into 29 ways Hillary would drastically modify our future. Put on your seat belts because it’s going to be a rough ride!


1) Educational Indoctrination

Image result for Open head

The past 25 years of progressive indoctrination in government-run schools will culminate in even greater indoctrination. One failed progressive education movement after another has left its scar on public education with an intentional liberal continuity through various “Educational Reform Programs.” From Outcome Based Education in the 1990s to America 2000, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Common Core today, educational reforms have NOT improved education. These efforts to transform America from a more western tradition based society to a dysfunctional abyss will indoctrinate the 4th  subsequent generation since the 1960’s. The government’s growing control of schools and elimination or submission of non-government education options would further remove a parent’s control over their children’s education and allow the state to take over this important parental function. Future families will be wards of the state, with the parents subordinating their autonomy to bureaucrats.

2) Higher Education

Image result for hippies at collegeFree college is a deception, because it is in actuality a way for the government to control and propagandize education. With control of our children’s minds in the hands of leftists in the universities, these leftists will further attack traditional Christian values, along with nationalistic and cultural identity. A college education has already become less focused on actually preparing our young adults for learning how to think critically or preparing them for specific professional careers. Rather, the 4-year college degree under Hillary Clinton will become a passport certifying the final indoctrination and eligibility to work in the government-controlled marketplace.

3) Creative Thinking

Image result for zombiesThe powers that Hillary Clinton will project will ultimately curtail if not end freedoms, such as the ability to think creatively, and will stifle individualism, ironically in a transference of the Soviet state model to America. This atmosphere is critical to Clinton‘s world vision where a small anti-nationalist elite maintain the monopoly on intellectual capital. All other citizens will be trained and expected to become team players and follow instructions without question.

4) Medical Industry

Image result for government single payer healthcareThe government will close the final gap to exercise 100% control of the entire healthcare sector of the American economy through single payer healthcare, in which your medical options will be controlled by bureaucratic government hacks. You and your children will be told which vaccines and medical treatments they must have. Personal medical choice will be supplanted by government dictates. Religious objections will be overruled. Crony-connected medical treatment options will operate with state endorsement while alternative medical treatments are outlawed.

5) Death


Not content with controlling your life, the government will also extend its oversight into your death. The Government Culture of Death will multiply the genocide of 60 million of our own sons and daughters that have been sanitarily eliminated under Roe v. Wade since 1973. Death panels will decide your eventual fate as an adult. Euthanasia will become a promoted medical option for older people, people with terminal illnesses and eventually for all Americans. Infanticide could even make a comeback unseen since Canaanites sacrificed their children to Moloch.

6) Pharmaceutical Industry

Image result for forced vaccinationEvery industry will literally come under the complete and comprehensive regulatory control of the government. Consider the pharmaceutical industry as an example. Forced vaccinations and other government interventions will impose a government operated pharmaceutical industry on the population. The US Patent Office and the FDA will not just regulate the industry but will exercise fiat ownership of this entire sector of the economy.

7) Regulatory Agencies

Image result for Agenda 21Under Hillary, regulatory agency control by non-elected political appointees in 500 government departments will reach obscene proportions. They will reach into the most intimate areas of your private and community life. Programs like the UN Agenda 21, now renamed Agenda 2030, are in actuality excuses for a more prolific government reach.  Initiatives involving massive government control will include how you can use your private property and even potential control over private matters such as when you can have children, how many children you can have, and what you’ll put on the table for dinner.

8) Manufacturing

Image result for futuristic military suppressionUnder a Hillary Clinton presidency, not a single industry will escape socialist controls. The free market economy will cease to exist and will be supplanted by dysfunctional central planning. Small businesses will be considered too independent, too expensive, and too freewheeling to exist independently. In the absence of free market freedoms, the natural forces of human enterprise will initially create a thriving black-market economy to circumvent the strict government controls. Eventually, brutal government force will be used to crush any and all black-market activity and, ultimately, to crush the very human spirit that will even consider such freedom. In one generation, the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to conceptualize having control over your own destiny will be eradicated.

9) Environmentalism

Image result for Global coolingEnvironmental regulations, propelled by concepts such as Global Cooling (1970s), renamed as Global Warming (1990s) and finally renamed as Climate Change (2000s), will give the government control over almost the entire economy, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, farming, livestock, mining and more. Concepts such as Carbon Credits, will allow the government to determine exactly which individuals, groups and businesses will be entitled to energy consumption and at which levels. Groups unfriendly to the government regime will have to purchase carbon credits from groups friendly to the regime, constituting one of the greatest artificial transfers of wealth in history and sabotaging the entire free-market system by subjugating the laws of supply and demand with the artificial constraints of centrally engineered economic control by dogmatic socialist idealists.

10) Transfer of Wealth

Image result for stacks of moneyThe government under Hillary Clinton will continue to take control of the inputs and outputs of society. The goal will be for the government to control all the money, all the assets, and to use this control to reward and punish those who philosophically agree and disagree with the Marxist ideals of the institutionalized Communist regime.

11) Land Ownership

The Emerging and Interconnected 'Megapolitan' Regions: Eventually private land ownership will be eliminated and all land will be owned by the state. Private real estate development will cease. Populations will be relocated to super urban zones where they are totally dependent upon government delivery of services. Off-the-grid living will be forbidden.

Image result for government landLarge swaths of the continent will be off-limits to human trespass, and will revert to the wild. No longer will a man be able to decide what he can or cannot do on his own land. Our already intrusive zoning ordinances will expand exponentially to over-regulate a land owner’s use of his own land such that there will be little continued benefit in being a land owner. Remaining land owners will be taxed so heavily for their continued ownership that the costs will outweigh the limited benefits. Land owners will voluntarily hand over their land to the government to escape from the financial and regulatory burden of owning the land themselves.

12) Military

Image result for US Military in the worldThe military and the military industrial complex constitute another big chunk of the economy. As the Commander in Chief of the US military, Hillary will continue the direction that Obama started. The military will become the idealistic enforcement arm of the socialist dogma of this Alinskyite regime. By using the great power of the US military, the idealistic reach of a Clinton regime will not just rain down on our fellow Americans but will be compelled on the entire world with the greatest weapons on the planet at her disposal to guarantee her dogmatic idealism is forcefully imposed on the entire planet. Her goal is clearly a One World Government.

13) Police State

Image result for urban police rappelling from helicopter chicagoIn the New World Order, the Posse Comitatus Act limiting the powers of the federal government to use the military to enforce domestic policies will be conveniently scrapped. Initially, greater cooperation between urban police forces and the military will be construed as a positive public safety consideration.

Image result for crushing guns in australiaEventually, the line between the police and military will become blurred and finally there will be no distinction. The final federalization of a national police force under the executive command of the oligarchy elitists will be realized. At the same time, like a frog in boiling water, gun ownership will be registered, incrementally regulated and controlled. Eventually gun ownership will be eliminated like it is in Australia. The Second Amendment will be rescinded, and the people without guns will become the slaves on the world plantation of the oligarchists and their privileged enforcers.

14) Federal Reserve and Banking System

Image result for virtual bankExtended control of banking and monitoring of cash flows between citizens will allow the federal government to identify and target all transactions that are considered unfriendly to the mission of the ruling regime. A final move to eliminate paper currency and to have all transactions occur electronically will be the ultimate and final control of the freedom and liberty of the American people. No longer will the Federal Reserve have to go through the motions of printing a fiat paper currency. Imagine, in an electronic monetary system, there will be no need for income tax because the government could electronically give and take whatever money it pleases to and from whomever it pleases.

Image result for Mark of the BeastPhysical bank buildings as we know them will eventually cease to exist. No longer will there be a visible location where your money will reside and where you have the power of withdraw. Instead, a faceless virtual monetary system reminiscent of the Mark of the Beast will determine your level of access to various forms of consumption. With a stroke of computer code, government elites will engage in social engineering at their whim by merely controlling the peoples’ virtual monetary access to goods and services. No appeals to the faceless banking system will be possible.

15) Farming

Image result for hippie on collegeFood production will be dictated by central planners instead of a market driven economy. Likewise, food distribution will be decided based on central planning objectives. Farming zones will wrap around the handful of human inhabited urban zones in the USA. People in the urban zones will be required to consume the locally grown crops from their own zones. Livestock farming will be terminated. Vegetarian production will produce the government dictated diets of the masses. Only the government elites will have access to special foods produced for their private consumption. Genetically modified crops and foods will be engineered to achieve specific government objectives.

16) Shipping

ny-cx453_portjp_p_20140325174616All goods will be transported through government controlled transportation options. Our national shipping ports in the USA will come under international control, such as recently occurred when the Obama administration quietly handed over operation of the Port Canaveral shipping terminal in Florida to a United Arab Emirates based multinational corporation. Big companies will consummate their crony-capitalist marriage to the state and the state elitists.

17) Media

Image result for media puppetsIt actually takes very little imagination to realize how the media will operate under a Clinton regime. All we have to do is look at MSNBC or CNN (sarcastically referred to as the Clinton News Network) today. They are already puppets of the left, and specifically the Clinton Foundation. FOX News has already started its transition towards the left. Eventually, it will clearly be a state-controlled media, and we will no longer decide how to think on our own but will be told what to think by the state-controlled media as they use propaganda and neuro-linguistic programming to control the population.

18) Freedom of the Press

Image result for Social mediaCurrently, we still have alternative ways to obtain information. The alternative media on the Internet and radio provides some insight into truths that the mainstream media fails to report. This alt-media will be attacked in a Clinton administration. In addition to hate crime laws, she’ll work together with the UN to censor or ban her enemies’ use of the Internet and radio.

19) Politics

Image result for gun bible flag constitutionEventually, like frogs in boiling water, the nation under Hillary Clinton is destined to become a socialist state with zero possibility to return to our roots. The progressive elitists will establish wide-ranging control over the various functions, forces, and branches of the government. And then the previous government defined by the US Constitution will cease to exist. The constitution will become nothing more than an anomaly and curiosity of history. Representative government will be replaced by unmitigated oligarchical control enforced by privileged crony sycophants acting as thought police, and identifying anyone with the tiniest thought against the government.

20) Immigration and Open Borders

migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480The New World Order under Hillary Clinton will demand open borders and free immigration in order to satisfy the economic interests of the Crony-Capitalist Billionaire elite class as exemplified by the master international manipulating devil, George Soros. Violence and criminality do not matter to them. Destroying American culture does not matter to them. Radical Islamic terrorism does not matter to them. In fact, at least in the short-term, it allows for a stronger attack against the Christian church and the identity of America as a Judeo-Christian nation.

21) Population Control

Image result for Agenda 21 USA mapThe long-range plan of the New World Order elitists involves massive population reduction from the current 7.4 billion down to about 500 million humans. The elitists don’t really care which means they use to accomplish their goal. It can be large-scale abortion, genocide, war, starvation, destruction of the familial unit of reproduction, or any combination thereof. These master elitists think that they have identified the utopian population that they wish to rule over on the planet. Don’t expect a Clinton regime to worry about the loss of life. On the contrary, it will be a Culture of Death.

22) Family Planning

Image result for Sexual Diversity crowdThe family unit will no longer be the basic unit of society. Every individual will be individually provided for and accountable to the government. Traditional male and female family roles will be meaningless. There will be no need for men to provide for their families. Rather, men will work for the State, and the State will provide for the women and children as it deems appropriate. Gender confusion and dysphoria will rule the day. Relationships will be based more on mutual sexual gratification of chemically castrated partners than on fundamental joining of men and women in marriage union. Within this genderless society, male and female identities will meld and vanish. Genders serve no value to the globalists.

23) Foreign Policy

Image result for globalismAs the Clinton regime commits to massive trade deals and United Nations regulations that obligate America to international rule, our foreign policy will be Globalism, not Americanism. We will no longer consider human life at the most basic level, the individual. Nor will we consider life at the local level of the family or the community. Rather, the planet will be broken down into regional unions of states such as the North American Union. National sovereignty will disappear to regional rule subservient to the internationalists of the New World Order.

24) Personal Privacy

Image result for Big Brother is watching youFinally, all privacy will be eliminated. Government eavesdropping will extend to all realms. Personal conversations and actions will be closely monitored in all phone conversations, Internet keystrokes, cell phone communications, personal GPS location, etc. Government accessible cameras and microphones on computers and cell phones will remove all remaining expectations of personal privacy. All electronic devices will be monitored and controlled by government algorithms. When the government decides you have used your quota of resources for the day, they will remotely shut off your toaster and your washing machine. There will be no place where you will have privacy nor control of your own destiny. The power of personal monitoring will force people to live as if they are constantly being watched.

25) Political Correctness

Image result for newspeak“Newspeak” as originally described in George Orwell’s book, “1984” will finally come of full age. Newspeak is devised to meet the ideological needs of Socialism. People can’t think of things that there are no words for. Removing specific words from the vocabulary removes the ability to disagree with the State party and to define anti-government feelings. Likewise redefining words and creating specific labels allows the state to label objectors in criminal terms. Already today, the liberals characterize their enemies with the application of cruel labels such as racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, etc. It doesn’t matter if a person is innocent as charged or not. The left holds the exclusive power to label behaviors and free speech as they see fit.

26) Religious Liberty

Image result for marxist churchHillary has already declared that Christians will have to change their religion to conform to the progressive agenda. She is an enemy of Christian people and organizations. She will be ruthless towards the Church. She will go well beyond forcing homosexual rights in the Church, attacking the pulpit and content of sermons, and forcing immoral regulations on Christian schools. Ultimately, she will work to have churches evolve into a new religion of understanding that will preach her version of social Marxist theology. In that worldview, there is no room for Jesus Christ, as all the power and hope resides in the government of man.

27) Revisionist History

Image result for Crusades Rewritten HistoryWhen you fully control the education system, the media and all of the inputs and outputs of society, you also own the ability to define reality. It is almost inconceivable to people of common sense that reality is anything but REAL. But in the hands of the Clinton dynasty, the very reality of human history will be rewritten to satisfy the dogmatic revolutionary agenda of the New World Order. For those who are informed, I need say no more, as we are well aware that this rewriting of history from the beginning of time is already well under way. The Obama administration will have us believe that America is great only because of the contributions of our Islamic forefathers. Really?

28) Science

Image result for The Big BangWhere science was once considered to be an empirical study of nature, science in the future state becomes little more than a tool that endorses the agenda of the state. We have already seen the beginning of this unscientific endorsement of the progressive agenda with the non-scientific endorsement of human-caused climate change. There will always be pure scientific understanding. But as we move forward into this “brave new world,” science is just as full of indoctrination as every other subject imposed on our young people in the universities. Instead of examining scientific evidence and reaching a conclusion, there will be a pre-determined narrative, and scientific evidence will be selectively used and manipulated to support the government agenda.

29) Eliminating Enemies of the State

Image result for Marxist IdealsKarl Marx died an obscure death and we might have expected his ideas to have died with him. You see, Marx identified that in order to achieve his Marxist idealist Utopian state, individualism will have to be supplanted for the “common good.” He also identified that there will always be a certain percentage of people who will refuse to give up their individualism. And the only way to defeat them will be to literally kill millions of people to bring the population in line with state objectives. At the time of Marx’s death, such a transition was deemed impossible because the people would never endorse such grand scale murder.

Image result for Marxist IdealsBut in the 1890s, the Fabian Society combined the philosophy of Marxism with the theory of Darwinism and realized that there was a pathway. By applying evolution theory, it was possible to define certain people groups as being “LESS EVOLVED” and therefore essentially less human. By dehumanizing people of other races, it was then possible to have national support for genocide. As a result, colonial expansionism could summarily extinguish existing aboriginal populations. Eventually, Hitler was even able to label numerous groups as being less genetically evolved or fit, and worthy of genocidal extinction.

Image result for human enlightenmentToday there is a new progressive movement occurring. They claim that humanity is on the verge of a new evolutionary breakthrough in human enlightenment. We are so close to this next great evolutionary advance in human understanding that most people need only to make the mental commitment to it in order to achieve it. Within this new evolutionary enlightenment, racism and all the other “-isms” are forever eliminated, and mankind is lifted to a new level of human enlightenment and understanding. In other words, the more highly evolved people are those that think like liberals and embrace progressive theology.

Image result for occupy wall street violenceAnyone who is unable to embrace progressive theology is therefore easily identified as someone who unfortunately has missed the evolutionary boat, and as a result suffers through life with sub-human understanding and a lack of evolved enlightenment as they cling to their guns and bibles. Having successfully identified the non-progressives as being sub-human, and having labeled them as sub-human racists, bigots, etc., the progressives are even able to justify physical violence against such targeted groups of people. We actually see this more and more today as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and similar groups readily assault those they deem unworthy.

Image result for genocideUnder the theological regime that will be ushered in by Hillary Clinton, the mechanism will be in place which will allow a vocal and active portion of the population to demonize and characterize its enemies as sub-human, and genocide of millions will become a distinctly real possibility.

Image result for globalization badThe crony leaders of big government, big business, and big media will complete the three-legged stool of crony capitalism. Their unrestrained power and control will indeed usher in the New World Order amidst a massive genocide of opposition leaders and thinkers on a scale unheard of in the history of our planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, this would ultimately be our fate under a leftist regime placed in motion by Hillary Clinton for the New World Order.


Donald Trump fully understands the objectives of the New World Order, and he is determined to tear down their strongholds. This doesn’t have to be the end of America. In this one bold leader, we have some hope that we can beat the New World Order before we are irreversibly ruled by it. It may be too late already. God help us!


nvmfvmbmbfvhI hope you have enjoyed this ride. You made it safely. You may now take off your seat belts!

© Christians for Donald Trump

HILLARY: There’s One Sin God Will Hold You Accountable For Even If You Don’t Do It Yourself.

Some Christians are on the fence about who to vote for.  Here’s God’s choice!


They don’t know who to vote for. They say that there’s no difference between Clinton and Trump.  They say both candidates are bad and God would not approve of either one.

We beg to differ.

God has told us that there is ONE sin that a Christian can be held accountable for, even he DOESN’T commit that sin himself. WOW!

We don’t want to speak for God, so we’ll let God speak for himself:

Leviticus 20:1-5

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying,

Say to the people of Israel, Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death. The people of the land shall stone him with stones.

I myself will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given one of his children to Molech, to make my sanctuary unclean and to profane my holy name.

And if the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech, and do not put him to death,

then I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people, him and all who follow him in whoring after Molech.


That’s a pretty clear statement of the disdain that God has for those who would sacrifice their children to a false god.

And likewise, God expressed that he would set his face against those that would close their eyes to the sacrificing of the babies!

Molech was worshiped as a god in Biblical times and many babies were sacrificed in fire to Molech worship. We may not burn our children like back then. Instead, we have sanitized the process of killing our babies, turning it into a sanitary medical procedure.

idol-molochBut we continue to sacrifice our children to a false god.  Today, that false God is our self.  We often sacrifice our sons and daughters because we don’t want to be inconvenienced by them, or as a personal escape from damage to our reputation, education, career, etc. Pregnancy is terminated to avoid intrusion into our self-serving lifestyle.  Abortions also are performed at the alter of sexual gratification, resulting from self-indulgence in uncommitted extramarital sexual intercourse.  As the gods of our own lives, we deign death to the innocents for our own glory and convenience.


The Church Father, Tertullian of Carthage, admonished, “…there is no difference as to baby killing whether you do it as a sacred rite or just because you choose to do it.”

snip20150601_15-576x318Hillary Clinton has endorsed abortion and the killing of fully one-sixth of the population of the United States of America.  60 million of our own sons and daughters have been murdered in this great genocide.  That genocide is greater than all the fascist genocides of the 20th century combined, including:

The Holocaust, Soviet famine of 1932–33, Cambodian Genocide,
Belarusian Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide,
Greek Genocide, Assyrian Genocide, Zunghar Genocide, Porajmos,
Genocide by the Ustaše, Burundian Genocides of Hutus and Tutsis,
Kurdish Genocide, Guatemalan Genocide,
Herero and Namaqua Genocide, Bosnian Genocide,
Selk’nam Genocide, and the Bangladeshi Genocide in Eastern Pakistan

Clearly, our God has a strong preference for a land which DOES NOT close its eyes to the genocide of children versus a land that ENDORSES and PROMOTES the genocide of children.

Each baby whose  life is taken is spoken of in the Bible as a seed of God.  God has claimed authority over the life of children and has categorized men as profane who would act as gods in the slaughter of the innocents, their own children.

Clearly, any Christian that would endorse Hillary Clinton, would need to confess before God every time a baby is killed, which is more often than once per second.  That’s a lot of confessing.  On the other hand, Donald Trump is NOT closing his eyes to this Culture of Death. And that will bode well for the people of the land! God be honored!

Three videos that every Christian should see before they vote for Hillary Clinton:

14-Week old baby is clearly a human being:

With a c-section, this beautiful, late-term baby (video below) lived! But in Hillary Clinton’s world, fully-formed babies like this have no human rights and could be aborted.

A sweet little human life is safe and secure in its mother’s womb awaiting birth!
The contrast between Trump and Clinton can’t get any more real than this.
God bless even the smallest and most defenseless among us, and God save them from the politicians that would legalize their murder.

Hillary Clinton email leak mentions sacrifice to Molech:


There is a better choice for Christians than Hillary and a Culture of Death!


Why President Trump will be the savior of the republic.

migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480All republics are cyclical with the level of liberality that they contain. They all transform into forms of populist supported Fascism when the levels of corruption and oligarchical manipulation become intolerable. The ultimate straw that breaks the back of republics is schismatic shifting demographics that cause turbulence to social and economic stability.

That being said, the last 27 years of American politics has been dominated by a class system of WASPs (White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, interestingly most connected to Puritan ancestors, Obama included) who expertly portray themselves as diverse egalitarians when in fact they are an exclusive group whose narcissistic harvard-courses1world view despises nationalism and seeks to identify/connect with like minded elites, ultimately using the sweat and sacrifice of their nations working classes to validate their ideological experiments.

This group of oligarchies should be known as the political class. They maintain order in a number of ways. Most uniquely to our place in time they have, as in any society, bequeathed smatterings of imagesnuanced training that ingratiates the upper middle class of sub-professionals to their preferred way of thinking, and then these sub-professionals, these products of suburbia and academia then try to ape the oligarchies in vain attempt to win their favor.

Members of the political class play among the rest of America in their youths and adapt heirs of commonality but the reality is they are more privileged then the richest athlete or celebrity. Entrenched as they are currently in American politics, media and finance, having co-opted a celebrity culture as their propaganda machine, they have overreached on a number of occasions.

1373318165782-cachedMost significantly- Bush’s failed wars in the Islamic world and Obama’s nonsensical attempts at radical social change (which went eons beyond the scope of the most extreme of the Gracchi brothers of Ancient Rome and were far less supported by popular mandate) which can only logically be construed as an attempt at solidifying government mastery over the population, something that has never been done in America without a populist mandate.

tumblr_nr8bwouqxh1r55d2io1_500Resulting from this inevitable schism is the logical populist uprising, which until Trump, has been painted by the political class as insane, stupid, and indicative of the vilest stereotypes, most predominately that of southern or rural uneducated whites who are undoubtedly racists and who commit incest.

In their hysteria to not be associated with this stereotype, suburban and cosmopolitan sub-professionals have been more sycophantic to the political class and more hateful of the landed, agricultural or industrial class of whites.


The Bundy Rancher protests and the anathema they received from the media are indicative of this. Therefore, the schism America is currently in is inevitable and future turbulence unavoidable. This is in the shadow of the political class’s late 20th century experiment with leftism, such as LBJ’s great society, unfettered and unsupported institutionalization of civil universal suffrage and civil rights, decades of endless limited wars absent of victory, blind faith in a fiat currency backed economy, maxresdefaultattempts to instantly transform American culture ignoring huge demographics that resist it, and most troubling, an overt rejection and condemnation of the white working class and their valued cornerstones, such as the police and industrial workers, all of this culminating in a populist rejection of the very political class that although it is the oldest in America, has lost touch with America in their desire to feel supremely elite.

maxresdefault-1Enter the stage Donald Trump. Not entirely a WASP. His grandfather, a German immigrant, made a fortune during the Alaskan Gold rush by running a business in Seattle at the epicenter of the Alaska trade. Returning to NY, he bought property prolifically, which his son, Fred Trump, managed and developed. Fred’s son, Donald, was a slightly troubled teen, straightened out by a military school reputed to have been harsh, and then tested by his father for future worthiness.


His father sent him to run an apartment building in Cincinnati as his rite of passage. Had he failed, his father would not have supported him with a million dollar loan for his first project. Donald did have an advantage, but it wasn’t handed to him. Donald Trump is not the product of breeding, or academia, or any sort of ideology; instead he is the product of rites of passage, something lesser men are envious and even contemptuous of.

tumblr_nd38k0bkwm1s4idj7o1_1280Trump equates success outside of the modern politically correct dogma. Therefore the political class must brand him as a heretic. Many things set him apart from the political class but most significantly he is independently wealthy, not beholden to any institutions or powerful people and least of all is his fortune dependent on the whims of the stock market which often reflect fickle political adventuring.

He is the last of the 19th century class of powerful magnates. He is a man who possesses a fortune beholden to no one and is one who survived taking considerable risks, to bounce back to success. The fact that he has infinitely increased his family fortune and his wealth cannot be refuted. Unlike other republicans, Trump has not attacked the ideology of the left, but rather he has gone for its jugular by attacking the political class.


Also, a highly educated man, he has chosen the vernacular and colloquialisms of the construction workers and housing managers and maintenance men of his estates. He “walks with kings but keeps the common touch” and this has earned him the loyalty of his people who have stood strongly by him under the current political storm.

635779171278451333-ap-gop-2016-state-of-playHis blunt figurative speech has incited venomous anathema by the pretenders to the political class, who are horrified that a white man like them could achieve independent wealth and prestige devoid of the validations and blessing of the informal priests within their culture.


ghckckflvlvAlso, the Obama years have left a ravenous desire for the left to see a political class represented by a non-white and effeminate figure, much like Obama or Hillary Rodham, in order to further disassociate themselves with their white working class, pioneering and immigrant roots – otherwise the political class may eschew them. The presidency of George Bush II fed this desire, as he was a white man who pretended at being strong, brave, strategic, an archetypal American man, and failed miserably to win the wars that he was the architect of.

The mentality of the left to hold white men of substance as hypocrites or pretenders illustrates why the media strongly mocked Trump’s entry onto the political stage and then is still in denial over his popularity. Trump is the living embodiment for the cornerstone of the left’s narrative, one of which the political class falsely adopts, and that is that white male patriarchy is evil and indicative of every form of vice and destruction.

65806596Trump, an obvious and unabashed white male patriarch, is a living condemnation of the left’s cornerstone narrative. Trump is a white man who does not pander to minorities. He is clearly aggressive and independent, and he has a large, happy and successful family, which interestingly and non-traditionally involves two divorces which show no visible disruption to family cohesiveness.

Also, Trump does not feign identity behind any religion, ideology or genre but is overtly comfortable with his own personality and by his own will and skill has not only achieved wealth and fame but raised a remarkable family.

nvmfvmbmbfvhLeast of all, Trump presents himself in the working class bluster that has been constantly demonstrated by the effete political class as being gauche and unsettling. His personae and independence coupled with his extraordinary success is an affront to the leftist narrative, since he – a white male patriarch, has shown a path to happiness and success outside of the left’s dogma.

celebrating-the-scotus-ruling-for-gay-marriage-on-capitol-hillTo the left, for examples of social happiness and stability, they seek homosexual unions and broken homes, state run entities and childless marriages as epitomizing family, all of which show the heterosexual man as a non-entity. The left’s counter-faith which academia has propagated and the entertainment media has exalted is debunked as a parody to the American people by Trump making a serious run for the presidency.

It’s irrelevant to the left, and to the WASP political class whether Trump agrees with them or not. His very existence on the political scene is a threat to them. In effect, Trump will be the end of the WASP/Puritan aristocracy in America. A fitting one given how Trump, a Scott-German, is akin to the overwhelming majority of Continental Soldiers in the War for Independence; Washington’s Army was mostly Scots and Germans.


american-hegemony-world-mapWhere Trump shows true audacity of historical proportion is his willingness to break with the established world order of  American hegemony based on economic manipulation and military intimidation.

The end of the Second World War saw America as the only man left standing. The rest of the world was a wreck. America ensured itself of generations of economic prowess by indebting the industrial nations of the world with the means of its endless supply of invaluable currency. The American Dollar saved the industrial world, and because of the economic arrangements that America designed, forever ensured the dollar as the reserve global currency.

The only challenge to this was the Soviet Union, whose inept Socialist model compounded by Reagan’s arms race, caused it to collapse, further bolstering American hegemony.

vladimir_putin-russian-presidential-press-and-information-officeThe new Russia though, along with other formerly second world countries are able to prosper outside the sphere of American dollar diplomacy. This presents a challenge to America and should they succeed, American dollar value will experience rapid inflation and even greater recession then can be recovered from.

In the modern world, America has to shift to a more resilient economy, one less on a wartime footing and more on a prosperity footing, and this means that it resurrects a more robust industry, trade, and export capability.

_88281624_thinkstockphotos-491523073However the Left, in the form of the Bush era Neocons and the current Democratic Party, disbelieve this occurrence, and nostalgically seek a replay of the cold war where America maintains hegemony by somehow bringing Russia and China to heel with faux attempts at intimidation and profuse propaganda.

Trump recognizes the reality, which is the political class that has led America post Reagan is not strong enough to wield the awesome force that is America, let alone mass its power to achieve American interests. There is no doubt Trump understands this intimately. He purposely chooses to not articulate it in a way that gives the political class and its leftist agitators an opportunity to refute it.

downloadHis focus is the populist message, one which units a mass of voters who have normally not participated in elections out of apathy or disgust. By expressing his realization of the world’s future dynamics in simplistic terms, he unites his base and alienates his detractors, giving his base a common enemy and energizing them. This is utterly a brilliant stratagem, worthy of Washington.


Trump is a man of action who gives less consequence to words. Other men of action appreciate this, but men of words fear it. This quality in Trump is in itself anathema to a political class that only knows and uses words to define themselves and fears action and audacity. They will naturally paint audacity as recklessness.

American history is carved from independent men of audacious action. The idea of an America like that terrifies those who feel they would not be able to survive in that environment.

474234As products of American suburbia who have traded Christianity for simplistic Disney cartoon morality and the false anti-faith of modernism, any notion of the historical and actually mainstream America terrify them, and disrupt the delusion they paint for themselves with Hollywood and the media.

160107101405-01-obama-tears-0107-super-169Those who despise Trump the most are usually the offshoot elements of 20th century immigration class who are not connected with the 19th century pioneer and revolutionary roots, which see those fore-bearers as villains. This group, alienated from religion and disavowing their ethnicity, western traditions and Homeric concepts of virtue in a Faustian trade with the political class’s favor, now know their Obama generated fantasy comes to an end with the ascendancy of Trump, who they will do anything to stop.

Trump calculated this and conducted his approach with clear understanding that any attempt at conciliation, which previous republicans had done, was futile. He is taking the political class head on and letting his actions speak, and this explains the probable Brexit effect that will win him the presidency.

President Trump will take the following actions:

ny-cx453_portjp_p_201403251746161. Restructure American Trade policy to infuse currency into America, rejuvenating its industrial and agricultural base. Possible deflation will occur from this. Pros and cons to this and there will be a power shift from the financial sector to the Industrial. The cosmopolitan sub professionals with their 401Ks will lose but the agricultural and industrial infrastructure will create/expand into a new class. There will be a rejuvenation of small town and rural America not seen since before the depression.

trump-america-first2. American hegemony will no longer be expressed by a duality of bribes in the form of aid and apathetic threats and intimidation. Trump will give the devil his due and deal with foreign powers using Realpolitik, and he will keep his word about putting America first, because this is what non-western powers understand. Currently, they are incredulous at what they see in American policy as hypocritical manipulations, which is actually just stupidity by an effete and waning political aristocracy.

931068d5ddc1052374450332102d0b181b51d66f0b1e71c4aa1a98e719aa8e1f3. Political correctness ends with Trump, as does race baiting and all the social agendas of the left. No one will care about this other than the media and its leftist followers, who depend on Obama’s feckless and nonsensical social agenda to legitimatize their perversities. No nation in history has legitimized degeneracy and mental illness as lifestyles that are forced upon a society to accept, against popular mandate and by court actions.

4. American Military and government apparatus will experience a purge. Trump recognizes its nepotism, corruption and stagnation and is already aligning talent to replace them. He has negotiated corruption in NYC and DC for a life time, he is the best man to purge it.

14650525_344992749186949_1437355822704890048_n5. Most critically he will appoint constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. The political class is ignoring that their leftist agitators risk inciting schism to the point of rebellion should the second amendment be compromised. Also, the use of the IRS to target political adversaries by the Obama Administration has destroyed the credibility of the Government to all who possess reason. The exorbitant and blatant corruption of the Clintons’ followed by the alliance of the Bush dynasty has proven that the last two decades of political leadership has indeed been a farce.

A Trump presidency will see turmoil and schism but will forever destroy the left’s hold on America and this chain reaction will feed Western Europe as well. His presidency will be very liberating for the working and middle class, and resurrect the industrial and agricultural base that is currently dormant in America. His is a natural populist reaction to corruption and over reach, and his family will no doubt become a prominent American Family for generations to come.


About the author: Joseph D. Labarbera has spent 20 years leading military and civilians, Major in the U.S. Army and Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps; published author; successful real estate investor; hobby farmer; competitive pistol/rifle shooter. Masters Degree in National Security Studies from American Military University and Bachelors Of Arts; City University of New York; Command and General Staff College (U.S. Army). U.S. Army Strategist, Space Operations Planner, Military Parachutist.


By Thomas Ertl
National Media Director
Christians for Donald Trump


Republicans, conservatives, and Evangelical Christians have the ability to change the future of their country by electing the American nationalist, Donald Trump, as president. If these three constituency groups do not respond for Trump at the polls they will have to face the reality of their greatest nightmare, Hillary Clinton as president.

With Election Day a few weeks out, a looming fear is stirring among conservatives – and even some moderates – that a 60’s revolutionary with a Marxist worldview could actually become president of the United States.

The fears can be seen in commentaries and opinion pieces including ones found in the Wall Street Journal, Lou Dobbs, and other corporate mainstream publications. The rumbling of unrest can also be felt in middle tiers of the military and inside federal agencies among patriotic men and women in government service.

189558It has a feeling of a national security crisis – the thought of giving over control of the government to a destructive radical who would seek to significantly alter the country.

Imagining Hillary Clinton as president is not a pleasant thought and need not occur. But, given the possibility, Americans need, before Election Day, to understand the reality of what four – or really eight years – of Hillary Clinton would mean for the country?


imagesHillary Clinton as president is Hillary Clinton with final authority; Hillary Clinton without constraints. She no longer will have to exercise patience and hold back as she has done previously as the wife of a governor, as first lady, and as secretary of state under a president.

As president, she can govern with confidence that the Supreme Court and federal courts will not restrain her agenda. A weak Republican opposition of Paul Ryan and his cohort Mitch McConnell, combined with an adoring press, will give her complete freedom to act.

alinsky-clintonHillary’s political and personal history show extreme contempt for people. Her Alinsky/communist training comes with the conviction that ideology rules and people are expendable. She will be true to her training and govern with a contempt for the American people. The public record is clear on the abusive way she treats her dedicated staff and the contempt she has shown for her secret service detail. This is her personal history.

Steve Baldwin, former California legislator and executive director of the Council on National Policy sums it up:

2fc7d3ba00000578-3384156-power_couple_hillary_clinton_has_been_first_lady_a_u_s_senator_a-a-12_1451957469388“This is not just another election. America is at the tipping point in all the ways described above. Hilary has dreamed of this role her entire life and her writings reveal an incredible thirst for power. Indeed, 30 years of researching Hillary confirms she will do anything to obtain power and once in power, she will do everything to destroy her opponents.”

Baldwin also writes:

surviving-a-business-tax-audit“Moreover, Hillary will use the power of the federal government to harass and intimidate anyone who stands in the way of her agenda. Voters have forgotten that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, enemies of the regime were audited by the IRS and harassed by numerous other agencies, all instigated by First Lady Hillary Clinton. This time around, it will be worse; Hillary will use the IRS, DOJ, DHS, EPA, EEOC, BLM, OSHA, and numerous other agencies to harass churches, property owners, small business owners, Christian schools, gun owners, tea party members, ranchers, cattle farmers, and other groups that refuse to cooperate with her big government, socialist agenda. That is what she has always done and will do again. Hillary does not see government as a collection of agencies performing work on behalf of the taxpayers; rather she sees government as a vehicle by which she rewards friends and punishes enemies.”

auction-gavel-hpmtks-clipartShe will use every federal agency and the federal court system to destroy her opponents. Her attorney general will be her great crusader in ruthless fashion using the office’s unlimited prosecutorial authority to go across the land attacking all of her political enemies.


Let’s look at some of what would be coming under Hillary’s reign.


14650525_344992749186949_1437355822704890048_nClinton could appoint up to four Supreme Court judges in her first term: Scalia (open), Ginsb
court to the very far Left with a six to three advantage.

In Obama’s two terms he has appointed 394 federal judges. Currently there are 103 federal judicial vacancies. Clinton, combined with Obama’s appointees, will have a dominant influence in the federal courts for years to come.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESSmedia_indoctrination

The new people’s press, the alternative media, will come under severe attack in a Clinton administration. She will go beyond invented “hate crime” laws to outright banning of the alternative press. She will work in conjunction with the UN to censor her opposition’s use of the internet.


migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480Clinton will follow Obama’s example of flooding the country with third world immigrants. With the support
of her courts she will vastly increase Obama’s numbers and she will strategically place these illegal immigrants in conservative areas and suburbs to destroy the social order.

The courts will support her orders for a general amnesty of current illegal aliens. All of this will be done with a massive voter registration drive for the Democratic Party.


bible-fireHillary’s greatest of enemies has been Christian people and organizations. She will be ruthless towards the Church. She will go well beyond forcing homosexual rights in the Church, attacking the pulpit and content of sermons, and forcing immoral regulations on Christian schools.


1401544201327-cachedClinton will never be able to pass anti-gun legislation so she will use executive orders to restrict gun ownership and use. She will order federal agencies to increase public raids on individual gun owners and use her courts to harass the same.


fcc7oyShe will continue the economic policies of the Obama administration which is a Wall Street profit center policy. Much of her and Bill’s wealth and support have come from Wall Street and international investment banks to which she is beholden.

Industry will continue to leave the country and the economic decline will further pinch the American worker. We will continue to watch the downward slide of the middle class.


ISIS-execute-police-and-soldiers-in-open-fieldClinton’s very pro-Islamic beliefs and policies will advance the growth of Islam and terrorism in the country. Her worldview of creating conflict and offering government solutions will be her reason to bring in more radicalized Islamic immigrants

In her battle against Christianity, she will promote Islam by greatly increasing Muslim immigration. A growing number of minarets will dot American city skylines.


new_world_order_map_by_kazi2000-d3awvs8The international conflicts that have been started with Clinton as Secretary of State will continue – and escalate. Hillary’s tie to the global establishment will continue to use the US military to force additional conflicts.


poder-seo1One of the worst things a Clinton administration could foist on America would be a war with Russia. As Secretary of State and as a candidate, Hillary has routinely agitated Russia and Putin. From her track record, is it obvious she will further inflame the delicate military situations in Syria and Ukraine.
Both her war agenda and her foreign policy will be conducted from behind the scenes by her globalist controllers.


rtx9r37-1024x757To Republicans, conservatives, and evangelicals: By withholding your vote to American nationalist Donald Trump you have made the path much easier for Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States. Is this what you really want?


Trump has done what the Republican Party would have called impossible. He has taken a large section of blue-collar workers’ loyalty away from the Democratic Party that has controlled them for most of the last 80 years. His appeal has brought a massive new group of middle- to lower-class Americans into the fold as newly registered Republicans.


This ONLY could have happened with a Trump candidacy and his nationalistic message. It has presented an unbelievable opportunity for the Republican Party to become the permanent majority party. Four to eight years of a Trump presidency could leave the Democratic Party with an eroding base of fringe, radical elements.

Are you going to let this once-in-a-100-year opportunity slip away by not voting for Trump? There will be no going back to the status quo. Hillary’s coming flood of registered illegal and non-citizen voters will put the Republican Party into permanent minority status.


Trump at this time is not the constitutionalist that conservatives would like; nor does he have the purest conservative ideology. The good news is that his nationalist positions are mostly consistent with the conservative policy agenda.


Fellow conservative, do you not see that we are experiencing in America and the West, a massive movement of nationalism? This movement of the last few years is much bigger than any candidate and is something for which life-long conservatives have been hoping for decades. Trump’s “Americanism not globalism” zeroes in on the heart of the issues, giving a name and identity to the global oligarchy that is the real anti-God and anti-sovereign America enemy of the republic. Trump’s movement is creating a pushback against the ruling Establishment, which is key to securing the restoration of our American republic. This anti-Establishment movement is a gift for those who have worked in conservative politics, a gift we never saw coming.

Conservatives, are you willing to withhold your vote for Trump, allowing Hillary Clinton to terminate this historic American awakening that we may never see again? Should we not seize the moment and capture this unique opportunity? The movement, the awakening, is much bigger than Trump, and is the future of conservatism.


As a fellow Evangelical, I can understand some of your reservations about Trump. We’ve been trained to emphasize the importance of character and biblical morality. Unfortunately, we have squandered the “Christian” America of our past. Today, we usually face a choice between two flawed candidates. To demand morally impeccable candidates means, in effect, you will never vote.

The video release of the Trump/Billy Bush conversation was a planned psyop by the Establishment to pull the Evangelical leadership and vote away from Trump. Many took the bait to their own demise.

Christian, do not go down the trail of our weak and cowardly leaders like Russell Moore, Al Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, and Max Lucado, who are more concerned about their own reputations than for the future of the country. Added to these faint of heart is the anti-Trump editorial boards of World Magazine and Christianity Today who have greatly aided the campaign of the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton. If Clinton becomes president these misguided leaders, who are clueless to the consequences of their actions, will be held responsible.


However, in contrast, there are many courageous, highly respected Christian leaders standing strong for the Trump/Pence ticket such as James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr., Wayne Grudem, Pat Robertson, James Robison, Eric Mataxes, and Steve Strang.

I would encourage you to vote for the one who would be best for your family, your children’s future, the Church, and the country. As a Christian, you must consider your own faith and self-interest.

Not voting for the superior candidate, Trump, is to give the White House to the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton, and put in jeopardy everything we as Christians hold dear. Do you really want to hand over the Supreme Court and federal courts to Hillary’s appointed judges who will continue the practice of killing the unborn and repealing our Christian liberties?

Christian, is your conscience so sensitive it cannot tolerate Trump’s language, but the same conscience is not convicted of the need to stop an adamant anti-Christian, pro-abortion presidential candidate? Are Trump’s character issues, tone, and language more important than the future of your children, Church, and country?


The country is heading down the final stretch of a volatile presidential election season; a season unlike any other in American political history.

downloadWhat makes it totally unique is the fact that an outlier candidate, Donald Trump, has made it through the Establishment gauntlet of media, financial power and political party control. Furthermore, his courageous strategy has been to attack the global governance Establishment. This is unprecedented in our lifetime. It’s hard to believe what we have witnessed in the last 18 months in Trump’s breakthrough and massive national popularity.

Since Reagan, conservatives have had to suffer through presidential races in which both candidates were Establishment picks – until 2015 and the coming of Donald Trump.

Call his candidacy a miracle, call it whatever you want, it presents a once-in-half-a-century or more opportunity for the people of the United States to take back the control of their government and financial system from the ruling global Establishment that has brought us to a state of national ruin.


This political opportunity can give the American people again a true functioning democracy in a renewed American republic.

Republicans, conservatives, Evangelical Christians, do you not see this? Do you not see this tremendous opportunity you have been given?

man_file_1062592_black-girl-hillary-clinton-1Voting third party or abstaining to vote for Trump is an indirect vote for Hillary Clinton by denying Trump the margin needed for victory. This fact is simple election math. Friend, lay down your personal dislikes and issues for the American nationalist and do the right thing on November 8th. Do it for your children’s future, for your Christian faith, and for your country.

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

E:Mail: [email protected]


Originally published at WND

NEW YORK – A movement is sweeping quietly across evangelical Christian America, sparked by a minister asking a simple question:

“Would you have voted for Cyrus the Great?”

The minister is Derek W.H. Thomas of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.


Derek W.H. Thomas

His sermon – “I Am the Only God There Is!” (Click to hear the message), derives from Isaiah 45:22, which reads: “Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God and there is no one else.”

cyrus-the-greatReading from Isaiah, Chapters 44 and 45, Thomas evokes the historical Cyrus the Great, who ruled Persia from 559 to 530 B.C. Cyrus was renowned for defeating the Babylonian Empire and liberating the Jews from Babylonian captivity, re-establishing the city of Jerusalem and issuing a decree that the Second Temple should be built on the refurbished site of Solomon’s Temple.

Nowhere in the sermon does Thomas refer to the candidacy of Donald Trump for president. Yet, the sermon is going viral on the Internet and is likely to be repeated in evangelical sermons in churches across the country in the last three weeks of the presidential campaign.

Thomas’ point is that Cyrus the Great, a brutal dictator, was raised up by God to serve God’s purpose in returning the Jews, God’s chosen people, to the land of Israel.

In the sermon, Thomas asks the faithful to contemplate that those anointed by God to serve God’s biblical purposes need not be perfect in their devotion to God or the morality of their lives.

Click here to hear the sermon.

‘I don’t think you would have liked Cyrus’

Without saying as much, Thomas’ message is aimed squarely at evangelicals disturbed by Trump’s personal life.

“I don’t think you would have liked Cyrus,” Thomas says, framing a key point of his message. “History has looked favorably upon him because of what he did for the Jews in the record of biblical history, but he was a brute.”

Thomas pointed out that, remarkably, Isaiah wrote Chapters 44 and 45 as a “predictive prophecy,’ identifying Cyrus by name in the last verse of chapter 44 and the first verse of chapter 45, even though the events surrounding the fall of Babylon and Cyrus’ decree to allow the Jews to return to Israel were some 200 years in Isaiah’s future.

“How can God use a pagan king like Cyrus the Great to advance his glory?” Thomas asks. “It’s a very serious question. Let me suggest that God as sovereign may employ whomever he wishes to advance his kingdom and his purpose.”

‘Nothing takes place without God’s will or command’

Thomas focused on Isaiah 45:7, pointing out that God says, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Thomas’ stressed that God takes responsibility for not only the good that advances God’s purpose, but also the darkness and evil that God includes as part of his plan.

“What this passage says is that what happens on the world stage – the rise and fall of emperors and queens, and presidents – happens at the behest of God, who is always in control,” Thomas stressed.

“If God has a plan for 200 years in the future, you can’t complain about the present,” he continued. “If that present is going to advance to God’s future, it must take place through this present, through what is happening right now. If you don’t like what God is doing right now, it is because he hasn’t finished yet. If God has plans for the future, no plan is too small to accomplish that future.”

Thomas pointed out that all that would have needed to happen to prevent Cyrus from being born is “just one detail to go astray,” for example, if Cyrus’ grandmother had died.

Returning to Thomas’ first question, his point is that had the ancient Persians been given the opportunity to vote, they would have stayed home from the polls or voted against Cyrus the Great.

Had Cyrus the Great lost the election, the Jews may never have gotten out of the Babylonian captivity to return to Jerusalem, where they built the Second Temple. These were preconditions, Thomas notes, of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and the beginning of his ministry in Galilee.

“God is in charge. God is in control. God is sovereign,” Thomas emphasized. “Nothing takes place without God’s will or command. There is always a purpose, even if we can’t see it or understand it.”

Thomas turned his attention to Isaiah 45:4: “For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by name; I have surnamed thee, though hast not known me.”

He pointed out that Cyrus the Great throughout his life continued to worship the pagan gods.

“Yet God purposes here were that Cyrus should serve God’s purposes with Israel, so the God Jesus would be born of a virgin in a manger in Bethlehem,” he said. “That was God’s ultimate purpose – for the sake of Israel, and so God could build his church so the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

‘Don’t sometimes you wonder what God is up to?’

“Why did God raise up Cyrus the Great as a messianic figure, a deliverer?” he asked. “Well, God had a purpose and that purpose could only be seen 700 years later when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. We can see that purpose now, but I venture to say Isaiah’s initial hearers probably could not see it.”

In closing, Thomas asked the congregation again if they would vote for Cyrus.

“Well, God voted for Cyrus,” Thomas said in conclusion. “God voted for Cyrus because he had a greater purpose in mind – the deliverance of his people with whom he had made a covenant that could not and would not be broken, and the salvation of the likes of you and me.”




By Thomas Ertl
National Media Director
Christians for Donald Trump


For those who have followed past US presidential elections this 2016 campaign has to be one for the ages. The American electorate has seen everything from the rigging of “super delegates,” to the Democratic candidate falling out in a NY city street, to the Republican candidate who had record primary numbers, yet some in his own party tried every possible tactic to destroy him.


The most unique element of this unprecedented campaign is the peoples’ support for the Republican who is not owned by the ruling global Establishment and who has endured unbelievable resistance.

Then came Friday evening, October 7th’s and the video bomb from the Establishment revealing a private conversation of Donald Trump discussing women sexually. Trump’s lewd conversation occurred in 2005.

new_world_order_map_by_kazi2000-d3awvs8Heading into the last two months of the campaign, the Trump supporters knew these kind of media drops would be coming because the Establishment is desperate to stop Trump. They have created a world over the last 100 years headed toward full-scale global governance and they will not allow a wild boar to run free in their vineyard destroying their plans for their New World Order and surrender of US sovereignty.


The Establishment, in union with the Democratic Party, has set aside a large amount of funding and staff to vet and investigate every aspect of Trump’s 70 years of life. They know Clinton cannot win on the issues that face the country so they are left with the strategy to personally expose and destroy Trump. The Establishment is becoming more desperate as November 8th nears and is capable of doing anything to stop him.

Interestingly the conservative Reagan who was Hollywood’s most X-rated womanizer in his day was given a pass for his illicit behavior because the Establishment thought they could control him. They have no such thought of Trump. [Link]

Trump followed the video revelation with an immediate apology:

donald-trump-apology-622b07d8-6d4a-4443-baa2-ce84f7d53facI’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.

I’ve traveled the country talking about change for America, but my travels have also changed me. I’ve spent time with grieving mothers who’ve lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I’ve been humbled by the faith they’ve placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down.

Let’s be honest — we’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we’re facing today…

I don’t take much stock in private conversations but Trump did the right thing with a sincere apology. His words were genuine, changed by the people he has met and humbled by their faith in them.

President Barack Obama looks through the Oval Office door peephole as his personal secretary Katie Johnson watches 3/12/09. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

President Barack Obama looks through  peephole

What ensued over the weekend was a barrage of internet discussions. Many had support for Trump because it was a private discussion illegally made public without his permission. Others imagined what it would be like if their private conversations were videoed and made public. This is why the Framers gave the 5th Amendment protection over our private thoughts and conversations from public intrusion.



Since the Trump video went public I have been hit with many emails and calls. One came from a close friend who is an Evangelical pastor whose name has been changed. My friend has always been an Evangelical Never Trumper.

Here’s my response:


Dear Joe,

Here is my response to your email entitled, “Trump’s Final Fail”:

You and many other “holier than God” Christian people are being played by the Establishment to suppress the Evangelical vote in order for Clinton to win the presidency. Do you not see this?

sin_meteric__200x125Joe, lay down your “sin meter” and look up to see the big picture. We finally have a candidate for president who is taking on the Establishment, the big banks, and multi-national corporations who are destroying our country, and you have your sin meter and microscope out dissecting Donald Trump’s life looking for sin.

This is the most critical presidential election in our lifetime that could change the direction of our country for a generation or more and you’re emotionally upset over a private conversation of Trump’s from 11 years ago!!

cyrus-trumpJoe, I am afraid if you were living in the time of Cyrus, King of Persia (559–530 BC), you would not approve of Cyrus being used by God to promote the covenant religion and the restoration of Israel. Your “sin meter” would have detected too much improper behavior and lifestyle in Cyrus and you would have worked against his campaign to send God’s people back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and city walls. You would have been blogging to the saints exposing Cyrus’ multiple wives, concubines, treatment of women, idol worship, and builder of pagan temples.

imagesYou and your following would have been left in Babylon resisting God’s great plan to bring His people back and to renew the nation and restore the worship of God. All because the vessel God had chosen in Cyrus was not acceptable to you and your self-styled religious standards.

God called Cyrus “His Anointed” (Isaiah 45:1) who did a great work for God and His people (Ezra 1:1–4), but you would have called him the “chief of sinners.” Why the difference??

After you complete your work to defeat Trump may I suggest that you start your new project to re-write Christ’s lineage in Matthew 1. For as you know that list is filled with way too many unacceptable sinners.


The lineage starts with polygamists, a prostitute, a user of prostitutes, an owner of a house of prostitution, two pagans, a murderer, and two adulterers. Then comes King Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines. This is all in the first 15 generations, no time for the remaining 27.

ca. 1873-1920 --- by Giacomo Mantegazza --- Image by © Fine Art Photographic Library/CORBIS

Added to this the writer of Matthew starts the lineage with two of the titles God gave His Son Jesus Christ, Son of Abraham and Son of David. The first had sex with his servant girl and the other committed adultery and murder.  I am sure with a little study you could bleach out a good 30% of the names in Matthew 1 and do the Church a great service!

Joe, the difference between God and you is redeemerlivesthat your standard of holiness gauged by your “sin meter” automatically disqualifies men for unacceptable behavior. But, God is different. God, the great redeemer of sinful men is not afraid of human sin, but delights in taking flawed men, redeeming them for His glory, using them for His purpose and plan in the earth.

handcuffsThe difference is that God is a God of grace, redemption and renewal; you are a Christian who has taken on the task to be an arbitrator of sin who decides if men’s behavior is proper enough for service.

Be not mistaken, I am not making light of sin. I, like you, am a lover of God’s Holy Law as a standard for all men. In no way do I write to excuse sinful behavior but I am attempting to understand the human condition in light of God’s providence. But, don’t use His Law to limit God and override His providence and plan. God works through time and history on behalf of his people and often uses very imperfect men to accomplish his plan. Let God do as He pleases and do not strive against the wonders of His providence.

Who of us can know the will of God and plan He has for our great country. But, can you not see He is up to something big in the candidacy of Donald Trump. Even bigger than Trump is the historic rebellion and political awakening pushing back against the ruling Establishment throughout much of the Western world. What we are experiencing in our country is also running through Europe. This awakening in unprecedented in our lifetime.

Brexit series for FT.


Joe, put your “sin meter” away and look up to see the great stirring that is going on before our eyes. In God’s mysterious ways He seems to be raising up Donald Trump for a reason. And does it not seem that this flawed candidate is committed and passionate to help our people, nation, and even the Church.

mike_pence_by_gage_skidmore_6You do know that some of Trump’s top campaign people are committed Christians?
Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Bannon, and David Bossie are all pro-life conservatives. Can we as Christian people ask for a better Vice-Presidential choice than the committed Christian Governor Mike Pence?

constantinebust3Remember our own history of the Early Church and the blessing of Constantine, emperor of Rome. Constantine the Great (272–337) had his share of moral issues of multiple wives, having one of them executed combined with a questionable personal faith. Yet he gave the Church in the Edict of Milan (313) its freedom and sanction and its greatest creed with his call to convene the Council of Nicaea (325), over which he presided. 1700 years later this imperfect man as a civil magistrate and emperor of Rome is still considered the Church’s greatest champion. Could Donald Trump be a champion for the Church in our day?

I am sure if elected Mr. Trump will surround himself and his administration with many more capable Christian people who may end up as his closest advisers. His pro-life stance is the best we have seen in any Republican candidate. Add to this his excellent policy positions and potential Supreme Court nominees. Can we as Christian people ask for any more? The answer is no.


Trump has pledged to protect the millions of endangered Middle-Eastern Christians whose very lives are in jeopardy because of the war policies of the neo-conservatives under Bush, Obama, and Secretary Clinton. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Trump could be a modern-day Cyrus and as president a great defender of the Christian religion and the Church. Only time will tell.

I suppose it would be a plus if Mr. Trump had the external character of President Jimmy Carter, who had one marriage, was a Southern farmer and Baptist Sunday School teacher. But, then again, Mr. Carter as president didn’t work out too well, remember?

mte5ntu2mze2mtc3mda4mtm5The Carter/Trump comparison is an excellent example of the two-fold nature of a man’s character. Jimmy Carter was the first well-known “born again” Christian in our modern era to run for the presidency yet was one of the worst presidents. Carter had impeccable outward character of speech, fidelity, and humility, yet he greatly lacked in the internal character traits of what God intended for men.

223746319_640Trump on the other hand is often flawed in visible outward character but excels in his internal manly attributes. By internal standards, he exhibits tremendous alpha male
characteristics of courage, fearlessness, and aggressiveness blended with a natural ability to lead people. These internal God-given traits are what would make Trump an exceptional president leading and protecting a nation.

Let me end this letter to encourage you in faith and practice to understand that God’s ways are not our ways and He often does things and works His plan with vessels we cannot understand. For who can know the mind of God?

Christian Regards,

Tom Ertl


downloadAfter the video release, the remnant of the “Never Trumpers,” who have been in hiding have been revived going public in voicing their great disgust of the video. You have to love these chaste and pure-living Republicans and their “utter shock” at Trump’s discussion of women.

Just when we think the Augean Stables have been cleansed of its political manure more of these dumplings come to the surface to be washed away by Trump and his “Americanism.” [Link]


Trump, the largest vote-getter in Republican primary history, drawing massive crowds, has the ability to make the Republican Party into a permanent majority party, and yet “Never Trumpers” want him to step down. Unbelievable. This is beyond idiotic for it reveals they would rather embrace Hillary Clinton, a horribly corrupt Establishment puppet, and give the country 4 to 8 years of political hell and socialist revolution.

8os3jvlThe bottom line with this new herd of “Never Trumpers” is their protest of Trump will help elect the worst possible candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Also, have you noticed that the “Never Trumpers” never get around to critiquing Secretary Clinton and her massive trail of corruption yet pounce on Trump for his indiscretions? The bottom line is the “Never Trump” Republicans desire Clinton over Trump because they want the status quo.

An interesting spin on these weak Republicans is the fact that they now have opened themselves up to unauthorized videos of their private conversation. It will be interesting to see what surfaces in the lifestyles of this sanctimonious crowd.

I believe this whole video incident will in the end backfire on the Establishment.

In contrast to the “Never Trumpers,” key Evangelical leaders have continued to stand behind Trump despite the embarrassing video. These noted Church leaders include Tony Perkins, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, James Dobson, and Robert Jeffress.


To the modern Christian nothing comes easy in American politics. Our desire is that all of our civil authorities at all levels would be committed Christians who understand their biblical role as a magistrate and have the wisdom to apply the Law of God to civil law.

hqdefaultBut, the Christian consensus that once was is no longer a reality. It is as though the Christian in modern America is living in a type of Babylonian exile in a land our Christian ancestors created. Despite the large Christian population we can no longer say America as a nation is Christian. All of our important institutions, laws, and culture have been secularized. This is our own fault, for we have allowed this erosion of our Christian heritage.

Thus we go to the polls seeking to please God in our political choices, but are often given a choice between two imperfect candidates. Such is life in Babylon. So we choose between two flawed candidates who would best promote our biblical position.

Often our current political involvement is based on the strategy of holding back the forces of evil to allow the Church more time to fulfill its responsibility in life and culture. For we know there is no salvation in politics because God has ordained civil government to a limited role. However, what is unlimited in scope is the work of the Church and individual Christians redeeming life and culture to the glory of God.

revivalSo until the day comes when Christian people start applying their faith to all areas of life and we experience a comprehensive Christian renewal, we are left with going to our Babylonian polling
station choosing between two flawed candidates, voting for the one who is best for our families, the Church, and country.


To my fellow Evangelicals, you must realize you are being played by the Establishment to move your heart and vote away from Trump. The Establishment has used our religious call for upright character to manipulate us away from the candidate they must stop.

2010_florida_gubernatorial_election_county_mapThey know Trump must get Florida and other battleground states to win. The Establishment’s intent with the video drop was to suppress the Evangelical vote in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and
Pennsylvania. If they could ding Trump’s huge Evangelical turnout by 10% it would be enough to give these key states to their candidate.

countrychurchChristian, you must look beyond issues of personality to the bigger issue that is our country and faith. Which candidate for president of the United States in 2016 would be better for our nation’s future and for the betterment of the Church? Could the contrast be any greater? Are you willing to let Hillary Clinton take her evil agenda throughout the land destroying everything we hold dear?

If you still have reservations about Donald Trump then vote for his running mate, the Evangelical Mike Pence and vote for a pro-life Supreme Court.

By not voting you will in effect be voting for Hillary Clinton, her socialist political revolution, and for a pro-abortion Supreme Court that could last for a generation. You hold the key to your families’ well-being and the survival of our nation.

Evangelicals, it’s up to you. What will you do?

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

E:Mail: [email protected]





By Thomas Ertl
September 10, 2016


wheat-field-27In the final stretch of a heated presidential election there are often significant political transformations and paradigm shifts that take place, but are overlooked. One such major shift has occurred, the steady removal of tares from the conservative movement.

I was reminded of this recently when a good friend from Switzerland emailed me the question: “Is Donald Trump cleansing the Augean Stables in preparation for his presidency?” Of course my answer was “yes,” adding, “the Augean Stables, what perfect symbolism for the Trump phenomenon!”

13900068_308443599508531_3838199662311415188_nOn cue, within a few days of the email, a perfect illustration presented itself: an organized group of 50 former Republican national security and foreign policy top-
level bureaucrats who had worked in administrations from Nixon to George W. Bush, in a joint signed statement, expressed their strong opposition to the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.



If you haven’t heard of this timely story from Greek mythology of Hercules cleansing the Augean Stables, here is my short version of it:


In Greek mythology, King Augeas kept 3,000 divine oxen in the massive Augean (ȯ-ˈjē-ən) Stables. They had not been cleaned for thirty years. Hercules cut a deal with the king. His offer was if he could clean out the stables in one day, the king would give him a tenth of the cattle. Considering the impossibility of the task, the king agreed. So Hercules took the king’s son as a witness then proceeded to open the two opposite walls of the stable. Next, he dug wide trenches to two rivers which flowed nearby. Then, he redirected the rivers in the trenches and the ensuing flood of water soon flushed out 30 years of manure. The king refused to pay Hercules, so he took the king to court using his son as a witness and prevailed.

“GANG OF 50”

clown-scary-uk-311857The “Gang of 50” or, as Limbaugh calls them the “50 clowns,” can be found in various positions of privilege within the ruling establishment. They are men who serve the power elites who run with the global oligarchy. Simply, they are men whose allegiance is not to America but to their international masters and their New World Order agenda. They have no real interest in American sovereignty or prosperity. For the most part they operate in stealth and have extensive influence in US domestic and foreign affairs.


  • Michael Hayden: former CIA and NSA Director
  • Robert Blackwill: Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Planning
  • Michael Chertoff: Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • James Jeffrey: Former Deputy National Security Advisor
  • John Negroponte: Former Director of National Intelligence
  • Tom Ridge: Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Nicholas Rostow: Former Legal Adviser to the National Security Council
  • Kristen Silverberg: Former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations
  • William H. Taft IV: Former Deputy Secretary of Defense
  • Dov Zakheim: Former Under Secretary of Defense
  • Roger Zakheim: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Robert Zoellick: Former US Trade Representative; President of World Bank (2007–2012)
  • Eric S. Edelman: Vice President Dick Cheney’s National Security Adviser

They attacked Trump’s character and ability to lead as president in international affairs. You have to love this statement:

 “Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

The very thing they accuse Trump of becoming, a threat to national security and well-being, is what they have promoted and caused their entire careers.

Here is my interpretation of the letter from the “Gang of 50”:

We neo-cons love endless wars, international destabilization and are committed in our service to the global financial oligarchy. Trump scares us because he would bring sanity to American foreign policy, promoting peace among the nations. So we would like you all to join us in voting for Hillary Clinton because she will continue our work of international conflicts and bring America under global governance.


The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.

These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die at Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS. Yet, despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. It’s time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: no longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense.

Instead, I offer a better vision for our country and our foreign policy – one that is not run by a ruling family dynasty. It’s an America first vision that stands up to foreign dictators instead of taking money from them, seeks peace over war, rebuilds our military, and makes other countries pay their fair share for their protection. Together, we will break up the rigged system in Washington, make America safe again, and we will make America great again.

In Herculean fashion, our American hero, in a tweet of three short paragraphs, dismisses the “Gang of 50” into political oblivion with the revelation of their huge policy failures.


Trump’s brilliance is always in his aggressive leadership style. When attacked, he attacks back. Instead of the usual Republican candidate’s defensive response and efforts to win back support, Trump instead exposes and dismisses. He not only won this political battle, but went much deeper and exposed their whole political careers. Dismissed in public view were their years of education, mentoring, global ladder-climbing, government service and influence. Their whole careers were swept away out of the Republican stable into a dung pile somewhere down the backside of the Trump flood of “Americanism.”

businessfailureIn their own misjudgment and arrogance, the “Gang of 50” revealed themselves to the world as American policy failures. They mistakenly thought the gathering of 50 signatures of prominent policy men protesting Trump would actually have had an effect on the race. In their effort to destroy Trump they in turn have destroyed themselves by their own devices.


rushmore-heroTrump’s fast-moving river is his steady stream of America first rhetoric. “Americanism” is the language that infuriates the globalist imposters. For their whole concern
and view of the world is centered around America being brought under the banner of a one-world government.

When the upstart Donald Trump came along and pounded out his message of “America First,” “Americanism not globalism,” and “no more nation building,” these globalist imposters could not bear it any longer, and went public with their objections, thus exposing their Establishment allegiances.hillkg

Their difficulty is not only in Trump’s rhetoric but in the fact that he has immense electoral support. It is more than they can bear. Their frustration is also in the realization that their lifetimes’ work and political accomplishments have been exposed and upended by Trump. They fear a great policy reversal if Trump becomes president.



What has occurred in the past year’s election cycle is a sorting out of the conservative movement and Republican Party that has been nothing short of phenomenal; something we have not witnessed in the last 50 years in national politics.

The exposure and sorting out of the fakes, opposition agents, imposters, and infiltrators is never an easy process because imposters are trained to hide under the power elites’ political cover.

The worst of the bunch are the Republican neo-conservatives (neo-cons) who are falsely given the “conservative” label. These men are just as much an enemy to America, human life, and liberty as the Democratic Party hierarchy.

Their lust for war and death makes them the cruelest of political men. Every generation seems to have ruthless men of blood and this generation’s are the American neo-cons.

wolfowitzChief among the neo-cons is their poster boy, Paul Wolfowitz, former President of the World Bank and chief architect of George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraqi War. This was an illegal and unconstitutional war which makes Bush and Wolfowitz directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent human beings, let alone the massive destabilization of the Middle East. Today’s immigration problem in the West is a direct result of this corrupt warmongering.

Recently Wolfowitz has gone public against Trump, calling him a “national security risk” and “unacceptable.” Then he adds that he will probably support Hillary Clinton which leads to the rumors of him as a possible Secretary of Defense or State in a Clinton administration.

No matter the presidential outcome, one of the benefits of this political awakening is the total discrediting of warmongering neo-cons like Wolfowitz. They must never again be allowed in any discussion of policy within conservatism.



  • Bush Family
  • Neo-cons: Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kagan, Wurmser, Abrams, etc.
  • Ted Cruz
  • Karl Rove
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mitt Romney
  • John Kasich: 2016 Presidential Candidate
  • Lindsey Graham: US Senator South Carolina
  • Ben Sasse: US Senator, Nebraska
  • Christine Todd Whitman: former Governor, New Jersey
  • Susan Collins: US Senator, Maine
  • Mark Kirk: US Senator, Illinois
  • Brent Bozell III: activist
  • Meg Whitman: finance co-chair for Governor Christie’s presidential campaign


  • Glenn Beck: radio host
  • George Will: columnist
  • Bill Kristol: editor, Weekly Standard
  • Charles Krauthammer: commentator
  • National Review
  • Weekly Standard
  • National media
  • David Brooks: columnist
  • Mona Charen: columnist
  • Jonah Goldberg: columnist
  • Stephen F. Hayes: columnist, National Review
  • Mark Levin: radio host


  • Michael Farris: Home School Legal Defense Association
  • Russell D. Moore: Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
  • Erick Erickson: political commentator


ss-150930-donald-trump-10-nbcnews-ux-1024-900One of the fascinating developments in this election cycle is Trump’s direct tie to American nationalism: to attack Trump is to attack America. Attacking Trump now identifies the attacker’s allegiance to the Establishment in the eyes of American conservatives.

Trump’s “Americanism” identity message is so clear and so resonates that when any politician, commentator, or religious leader attacks Trump, it is perceived as an attack on America.

14184546_320508241635400_1556794778621669067_nThe other Trump element in play is the resolve of the middle-class awakening and pushback against all things Establishment. Trump has been the voice of this historic American political movement. The “E”-word (Establishment) has become, and will continue to be, politically deadly to the electorate of any leader in politics, media, or religion.


Gordon Lightfoot’s first Top 10 hit reaching #5 on the pop charts in 1970 was “If You Could Read My Mind.” His ending lyric was, “I don’t know where we went wrong. But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back.”

To all of the fake conservatives who have been hiding in the Conservative/Republican stable who now have byoung-business-man-not-listeningeen exposed, we say “the feeling’s gone.” It’s over. We will never listen again to your broadcasts, nor read your articles or follow your political advice. You have abused our trust, and when trust is lost it’s lost for a lifetime, and we just can’t get it back. To Beck, Kristol, Will, and the others – good luck on finding your new political home and constituency.


42ecc2052490f9542c21316eb9d85b63_zpsd82c3f23The Trump phenomenon did appear overnight, but not in a political vacuum. It was built on the foundation of previous movements over 52 years. First, it was Goldwater in 1964, then Reagan. Then came Perot and Buchanan, which later gave way to the Tea Party and its rebellion against the Republican Establishment. Historically, peaceful political revolutions are always established in a process over time.

Senator Sessions described the modern political awakening best in a recent ­­­­­campaign speech. “Something big was happening — the people are taking their country back.”

The forces are lining up and picking sides. One side is a massive middle-class rebellion against the ruling Establishment looking to reestablish a true functioning democracy in a restored American republic; the other is the powerful forces of the dark side pushing for global government and the end of American sovereignty.

Establishment Republicans and the controlled corporate media have created a narrative that Trump is destroying the unity of the Republican Party. It’s often heard that the Party is being torn apart. This is false.

hercules-and-the-augean-stablesThe true narrative is Trump’s cleansing of the political manure that has been piling up for decades in the conservative stables. Do not lament their departure. Let all the conservative imposters leave, washed away in Trump’s “Americanism.”

For a year we have witnessed the Trump cleansing operation doing its thorough work. Finally, the air in the stable is becoming tolerable while room is being made for new elements to come into the renewed conservative house.

All effective renewals of political movements must go through the stage of shedding its compromisers and traitors. This can be a difficult and messy process, but a necessary one, before new people — and truth — are brought in with vitality.

All of this is extremely healthy in the rebirth and the maturing of the Conservative movement. Let the cleansing continue.


© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He is a publisher of Christian theological works and has sat on the boards of several Evangelical Christian organizations.

E:Mail: [email protected]


Liberals say Trump supporters are lower educated. Do we have a surprise for them!


Have you heard liberals claim that Trump supporters are lower educated?

There is one fact that skews all the poll analyses of Trump followers. You see, the liberal elitists control the universities and the media, and therefore, they control the public thought messaging. There is a great mass of educated people that refuse to admit that they support Trump because of fear of professional ridicule based on the political correctness imposed by those that control the public thought.  We have heard many whispers from highly educated professionals and business people that tell us they support Trump, but would never publicly say so.

In some cases, a public statement that you support Trump could cost you your job or a promotion, or at minimum a potential loss of business. This fact bears itself out in the new phenomenon that pollsters are discovering. Donald Trump is doing way better (better than Hillary) with on-line polls than with polls where the person must speak on the phone to a human pollster. When people have to respond to a real person, they are less likely to say they support Trump. When they feel they can answer anonymously on-line, they are much more likely to say that they support Trump, and the education gap begins to close.

Here is another fact.  Democrats have specialized in dividing people into minority groups and claiming to advocate for them. As a result of this thought indoctrination, these groups have habitually voted Democrat in the recent decades.


These groups include:

Hispanics, 17 percent
Blacks, 12.3 percent
Asians, 5 percent
Multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent

And Hispanics and blacks are actuarially lower educated than whites.

6a00d83451b36c69e201bb08d854df970d-600wiYou can add to that about 10% of the population that votes largely based on the single issue of affirming LGBTTTQQIA lifestyles. Altogether these different racial and subculture minority groups make up over one-third of the population that will habitually pull the lever for Democrats out of force of habit without a real thought about it. That means that in order for Trump to win, he would have to get about 80% of the rest of the voters, or have a large crossover of Democrat voters.

So if Trump does win, it will actually be a significant accomplishment and a big mandate from THE PEOPLE for his presidency.



The following is a list of the political resolves and policy positions Donald Trump has made in support of the Christian faith and the Christian community.


  • On May 18, 2016 he announced his list of potential judges to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies. This list was viewed by knowledgeable conservative jurists as men and women who take a strict view of the Constitution, thus protecting Christian liberty. The contrast to potential Clinton nominees could not be greater.


  • Prior to the Republican Convention, some members of the Council on National Policy (CNP is a Christian leadership organization) served on the GOP platform committee. They were very pleased with the result and the support of the Trump campaign for a conservative and pro-life platform.
  • After Trump got the evangelical positions accepted as part of the official Republican National Committee platform, he asked the evangelicals, “What else can I do for you?” No other president or candidate in modern time has incorporated evangelical positions in the official party platform to that degree.


  • Evangelicals in great numbers voted for him in the primaries. He knows that without the Evangelical support, he would have never won the Republican nomination.
  • From the beginning of his campaign, Trump has met with groups of evangelical leaders.  He has listened to them, and requested their input and prayers.
  • On June 21, 2016 Trump invited over 1100 Evangelical leaders to New York to discuss policy positions and to develop a dialogue. The meeting was led by Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., and more. The meeting went very well, and, from it, a leadership committee was established between the Evangelicals and Trump. The meeting also encouraged many Evangelical leaders to give their support to Trump.
  • The leadership committee formed as a standing advisory council that will advise Trump on evangelical matters during the election campaign, and thereafter during his presidency.


  • Mike Pence was chosen by Trump as his vice president. It is obvious that Trump gave much consideration to the Evangelical community in his choice of Pence, who is a committed Christian.


  • Trump’s commitment in his rallies and in his acceptance speech to revoke the disastrous 1954 Lyndon Johnson 501c3 amendment that limits political activity within Christian churches for fear of loss of a tax deduction would be a huge benefit to the work of Christian activists and Protestant pulpits. What is interesting is that no other so-called pro-Evangelical presidential candidates going back 50 years has ever taken Trump’s strong stance against this anti-Christian, anti-free speech amendment.


  • In Trump’s early debates and continually in his rallies he has declared he has “no time for political correctness.” To demonstrate this, he has routinely said, “I do not like happy holidays. If I am president we’re going back to ‘Merry Christmas.’” This quote may seem like political pandering but his vocal disdain for the PC doctrine should encourage the reversal of the secular trend to remove the Christian faith from public life.


  • Donald Trump openly draws attention to persecuted Christians in parts of the world being decapitated, burned alive, and drowned. Other key Republican politicians never focus on these atrocities and bring them to the forefront of discussion. Trump vows to be a strong protector of Christians, at home and abroad.


  • Kellyanne Conway is a dedicated Christian and member of the Council on National Policy. On August 17, 2016, Trump appointed her as his campaign manager.


  1. AMERICAN INDUSTRY/JOBS/TRADE: Would not his strong position to bring back American industry help Christian men better able to support their families and the work of the Church?
  2. SEAL MEXICAN BORDER: Trump’s insistence on sealing the Southern border can prevent anti-Christian radicals from entering the country.
  3. ANTI-ISLAMIC POLICY: Trump has championed this policy to greatly limit or eliminate Islamic immigration. He has stood alone on this issue. Islam and Christianity are not compatible.
  4. SECOND AMENDMENT: Gun rights are another critical issue for the Church and Christian families is to be able to defend themselves from attack, foreign and domestic.
  5. REDRESS FOREIGN POLICY: Trump’s non-intervention, non-nation-building anti-Bush wars foreign policy would bring stability back to the Middle East with much less loss of innocent life. This is an important pro-life issue. Our Christian sons will not need to be sacrificed in these destructive neo-con wars of aggression. Trump’s commitments will defeat the Islamic rebels in these areas, restoring peace to the millions of our Christian brothers in these Middle-Eastern countries.
  6. PRO-LIFE: Over the past 10 years, Donald Trump has admittedly moved to a pro-life position, and he has publicly and repeatedly stated that he is pro-life. His precise position as a candidate is that he is against abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. While some Christians would not include these exceptions, Donald Trump has taken a strong public stance to defend life in the womb. The biblical command against the “shedding of innocent blood” takes our pro-life position to other areas of life as in the killing of innocents in unjust wars of aggression. Trump’s non-nation building, anti-wars of aggression stance would save millions of innocent lives especially considering the bloody Bush/Obama Middle East, North-African wars of the past two decades.


  • Much has been said and criticized in the Christian community about Trump’s tone, language, attack style, and overall aggressive nature. Christians forget that an aggressive, alpha male characteristic was very evident in our Lord, the Apostles, and Protestant Reformers. Christ whipped the “investment bankers” in the Temple and name-called the Establishment Jewish leadership – “white-washed tombs, brood of snakes, father was the devil.” Our Protestant faith was founded by aggressive alpha males of the likes of Zwingli, Farel in Switzerland, and Knox in Scotland, and of course the triple alpha male, Luther. Aggressive male leadership in defense of the truth and the people of God is a Christian virtue, not a character defect.


  • This key theme of Trump’s campaign, “Americanism not globalism,” is his most important political position, yet the one least understood by Evangelicals. Globalism, the work of the unelected global elites, is the direct source of so many of America’s political, economic, social, and cultural troubles. Trump’s “Americanism not globalism” theme is a direct assault on the worldwide financial elites’ plan for global governance. Trump has changed the political narrative from the older, outdated, and co-opted. “Conservatism vs. Liberalism” to “Americanism not Globalism.” This change directs the conservative attack on the real enemy of American sovereignty, our Christian heritage and the work of the Church. This is a huge, critical political breakthrough.
  • Globalism is the ultimate demonic expression of humanism, man playing God. The battle against globalism and its one-world government is much more than a political battle. Our Christian fight against one-world government is also a spiritual battle against the “city of man” and the reviving of Babel. Finally in Trump we have a political figure with the courage to battle the destructive evil of globalism. This will be the great political battle of our time.


  • Trump is very supportive of the Christian position and seeks the support of the Christian community. He gives every indication that he will continue this if elected. That would be a significant change from previous Establishment Republican presidents.
  • Considering presidential candidates of the last half century, is it possible to find a more pro-Christian candidate for president than Donald Trump?

by Thomas Ertl
Christians for Donald Trump (National Media Director)

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