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A Battle Between the Hounds of Hell and a Legion of Angels

hounds_of_hell_final_by_davesrightmind-d5iult1The Clinton Regime has seriously unleashed the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump to prevent him from being elected.

And that was totally within their Satanic power, because as Wikileaks has now shown us, the Clinton team actually worships Lucifer.

We expect that the Clinton Regime will use every option at their disposal.  Every dirty trick is fair game for them.

Name calling
Race baiting
Character assassination
Bearing false witness
Voter fraud
Maybe even elimination

The end will justify the means.  It’s all being done in the name of Satan!  That’s very sad for our country.

In these last days leading up to the election, the leftist demons will unleash millions of dollars of downright false and misleading attack ads against Donald Trump. They will be brutal. They will lie, exaggerate, mislead, and misrepresent everything about Trump – past, present, and future. Their lies are a demonic art form, as they manipulate their lies to be perceived as truth. From now till Tuesday, they will use every underhanded means at their disposal to destroy Trump’s chances to win and to install Hillary, their evil surrogate, in power.

Even if Donald Trump wins the Election, these Hounds of Hell will continue their battle to destroy the values of this country and lay it at the alter of their Lord Lucifer.

But will the Hounds of Hell be able to stand up against the Legions of Angels? Because it appears that everything that the DNC and their leftist minions are doing is NOT working.  This actually comes down to a battle between good and evil!

legion of Angels

We pray that God will have mercy on our land, despite our many sins and missteps, and that He will hold the Hounds of Hell at bay. We pray His Legions of Angels will protect us from the wiles of the Evil One. We pray the Holy Spirit will bring revival in truth and understanding to our brothers. May the scales fall off the eyes of the many Americans that have been blinded by evil indoctrination.

May the Legion of Angels triumph over the Hounds of Hell!  Amen!

A Shift to Despotism: How H. Clinton Presidency will be the Catalyst

Hillary will complete the implementation of the New World Order

2012-originalYou may have heard it said that if Hillary wins this election, that’s the end of America. What Hillary Clinton ultimately represents may sound somewhat extreme, however it is true. There is a window in which we can understand the globalist New World Order that the progressive left, led by Hillary Clinton, will impose on us.


Below is a glimpse into 29 ways Hillary would drastically modify our future. Put on your seat belts because it’s going to be a rough ride!


1) Educational Indoctrination

Image result for Open head

The past 25 years of progressive indoctrination in government-run schools will culminate in even greater indoctrination. One failed progressive education movement after another has left its scar on public education with an intentional liberal continuity through various “Educational Reform Programs.” From Outcome Based Education in the 1990s to America 2000, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and Common Core today, educational reforms have NOT improved education. These efforts to transform America from a more western tradition based society to a dysfunctional abyss will indoctrinate the 4th  subsequent generation since the 1960’s. The government’s growing control of schools and elimination or submission of non-government education options would further remove a parent’s control over their children’s education and allow the state to take over this important parental function. Future families will be wards of the state, with the parents subordinating their autonomy to bureaucrats.

2) Higher Education

Image result for hippies at collegeFree college is a deception, because it is in actuality a way for the government to control and propagandize education. With control of our children’s minds in the hands of leftists in the universities, these leftists will further attack traditional Christian values, along with nationalistic and cultural identity. A college education has already become less focused on actually preparing our young adults for learning how to think critically or preparing them for specific professional careers. Rather, the 4-year college degree under Hillary Clinton will become a passport certifying the final indoctrination and eligibility to work in the government-controlled marketplace.

3) Creative Thinking

Image result for zombiesThe powers that Hillary Clinton will project will ultimately curtail if not end freedoms, such as the ability to think creatively, and will stifle individualism, ironically in a transference of the Soviet state model to America. This atmosphere is critical to Clinton‘s world vision where a small anti-nationalist elite maintain the monopoly on intellectual capital. All other citizens will be trained and expected to become team players and follow instructions without question.

4) Medical Industry

Image result for government single payer healthcareThe government will close the final gap to exercise 100% control of the entire healthcare sector of the American economy through single payer healthcare, in which your medical options will be controlled by bureaucratic government hacks. You and your children will be told which vaccines and medical treatments they must have. Personal medical choice will be supplanted by government dictates. Religious objections will be overruled. Crony-connected medical treatment options will operate with state endorsement while alternative medical treatments are outlawed.

5) Death


Not content with controlling your life, the government will also extend its oversight into your death. The Government Culture of Death will multiply the genocide of 60 million of our own sons and daughters that have been sanitarily eliminated under Roe v. Wade since 1973. Death panels will decide your eventual fate as an adult. Euthanasia will become a promoted medical option for older people, people with terminal illnesses and eventually for all Americans. Infanticide could even make a comeback unseen since Canaanites sacrificed their children to Moloch.

6) Pharmaceutical Industry

Image result for forced vaccinationEvery industry will literally come under the complete and comprehensive regulatory control of the government. Consider the pharmaceutical industry as an example. Forced vaccinations and other government interventions will impose a government operated pharmaceutical industry on the population. The US Patent Office and the FDA will not just regulate the industry but will exercise fiat ownership of this entire sector of the economy.

7) Regulatory Agencies

Image result for Agenda 21Under Hillary, regulatory agency control by non-elected political appointees in 500 government departments will reach obscene proportions. They will reach into the most intimate areas of your private and community life. Programs like the UN Agenda 21, now renamed Agenda 2030, are in actuality excuses for a more prolific government reach.  Initiatives involving massive government control will include how you can use your private property and even potential control over private matters such as when you can have children, how many children you can have, and what you’ll put on the table for dinner.

8) Manufacturing

Image result for futuristic military suppressionUnder a Hillary Clinton presidency, not a single industry will escape socialist controls. The free market economy will cease to exist and will be supplanted by dysfunctional central planning. Small businesses will be considered too independent, too expensive, and too freewheeling to exist independently. In the absence of free market freedoms, the natural forces of human enterprise will initially create a thriving black-market economy to circumvent the strict government controls. Eventually, brutal government force will be used to crush any and all black-market activity and, ultimately, to crush the very human spirit that will even consider such freedom. In one generation, the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to conceptualize having control over your own destiny will be eradicated.

9) Environmentalism

Image result for Global coolingEnvironmental regulations, propelled by concepts such as Global Cooling (1970s), renamed as Global Warming (1990s) and finally renamed as Climate Change (2000s), will give the government control over almost the entire economy, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, farming, livestock, mining and more. Concepts such as Carbon Credits, will allow the government to determine exactly which individuals, groups and businesses will be entitled to energy consumption and at which levels. Groups unfriendly to the government regime will have to purchase carbon credits from groups friendly to the regime, constituting one of the greatest artificial transfers of wealth in history and sabotaging the entire free-market system by subjugating the laws of supply and demand with the artificial constraints of centrally engineered economic control by dogmatic socialist idealists.

10) Transfer of Wealth

Image result for stacks of moneyThe government under Hillary Clinton will continue to take control of the inputs and outputs of society. The goal will be for the government to control all the money, all the assets, and to use this control to reward and punish those who philosophically agree and disagree with the Marxist ideals of the institutionalized Communist regime.

11) Land Ownership

The Emerging and Interconnected 'Megapolitan' Regions: Eventually private land ownership will be eliminated and all land will be owned by the state. Private real estate development will cease. Populations will be relocated to super urban zones where they are totally dependent upon government delivery of services. Off-the-grid living will be forbidden.

Image result for government landLarge swaths of the continent will be off-limits to human trespass, and will revert to the wild. No longer will a man be able to decide what he can or cannot do on his own land. Our already intrusive zoning ordinances will expand exponentially to over-regulate a land owner’s use of his own land such that there will be little continued benefit in being a land owner. Remaining land owners will be taxed so heavily for their continued ownership that the costs will outweigh the limited benefits. Land owners will voluntarily hand over their land to the government to escape from the financial and regulatory burden of owning the land themselves.

12) Military

Image result for US Military in the worldThe military and the military industrial complex constitute another big chunk of the economy. As the Commander in Chief of the US military, Hillary will continue the direction that Obama started. The military will become the idealistic enforcement arm of the socialist dogma of this Alinskyite regime. By using the great power of the US military, the idealistic reach of a Clinton regime will not just rain down on our fellow Americans but will be compelled on the entire world with the greatest weapons on the planet at her disposal to guarantee her dogmatic idealism is forcefully imposed on the entire planet. Her goal is clearly a One World Government.

13) Police State

Image result for urban police rappelling from helicopter chicagoIn the New World Order, the Posse Comitatus Act limiting the powers of the federal government to use the military to enforce domestic policies will be conveniently scrapped. Initially, greater cooperation between urban police forces and the military will be construed as a positive public safety consideration.

Image result for crushing guns in australiaEventually, the line between the police and military will become blurred and finally there will be no distinction. The final federalization of a national police force under the executive command of the oligarchy elitists will be realized. At the same time, like a frog in boiling water, gun ownership will be registered, incrementally regulated and controlled. Eventually gun ownership will be eliminated like it is in Australia. The Second Amendment will be rescinded, and the people without guns will become the slaves on the world plantation of the oligarchists and their privileged enforcers.

14) Federal Reserve and Banking System

Image result for virtual bankExtended control of banking and monitoring of cash flows between citizens will allow the federal government to identify and target all transactions that are considered unfriendly to the mission of the ruling regime. A final move to eliminate paper currency and to have all transactions occur electronically will be the ultimate and final control of the freedom and liberty of the American people. No longer will the Federal Reserve have to go through the motions of printing a fiat paper currency. Imagine, in an electronic monetary system, there will be no need for income tax because the government could electronically give and take whatever money it pleases to and from whomever it pleases.

Image result for Mark of the BeastPhysical bank buildings as we know them will eventually cease to exist. No longer will there be a visible location where your money will reside and where you have the power of withdraw. Instead, a faceless virtual monetary system reminiscent of the Mark of the Beast will determine your level of access to various forms of consumption. With a stroke of computer code, government elites will engage in social engineering at their whim by merely controlling the peoples’ virtual monetary access to goods and services. No appeals to the faceless banking system will be possible.

15) Farming

Image result for hippie on collegeFood production will be dictated by central planners instead of a market driven economy. Likewise, food distribution will be decided based on central planning objectives. Farming zones will wrap around the handful of human inhabited urban zones in the USA. People in the urban zones will be required to consume the locally grown crops from their own zones. Livestock farming will be terminated. Vegetarian production will produce the government dictated diets of the masses. Only the government elites will have access to special foods produced for their private consumption. Genetically modified crops and foods will be engineered to achieve specific government objectives.

16) Shipping

ny-cx453_portjp_p_20140325174616All goods will be transported through government controlled transportation options. Our national shipping ports in the USA will come under international control, such as recently occurred when the Obama administration quietly handed over operation of the Port Canaveral shipping terminal in Florida to a United Arab Emirates based multinational corporation. Big companies will consummate their crony-capitalist marriage to the state and the state elitists.

17) Media

Image result for media puppetsIt actually takes very little imagination to realize how the media will operate under a Clinton regime. All we have to do is look at MSNBC or CNN (sarcastically referred to as the Clinton News Network) today. They are already puppets of the left, and specifically the Clinton Foundation. FOX News has already started its transition towards the left. Eventually, it will clearly be a state-controlled media, and we will no longer decide how to think on our own but will be told what to think by the state-controlled media as they use propaganda and neuro-linguistic programming to control the population.

18) Freedom of the Press

Image result for Social mediaCurrently, we still have alternative ways to obtain information. The alternative media on the Internet and radio provides some insight into truths that the mainstream media fails to report. This alt-media will be attacked in a Clinton administration. In addition to hate crime laws, she’ll work together with the UN to censor or ban her enemies’ use of the Internet and radio.

19) Politics

Image result for gun bible flag constitutionEventually, like frogs in boiling water, the nation under Hillary Clinton is destined to become a socialist state with zero possibility to return to our roots. The progressive elitists will establish wide-ranging control over the various functions, forces, and branches of the government. And then the previous government defined by the US Constitution will cease to exist. The constitution will become nothing more than an anomaly and curiosity of history. Representative government will be replaced by unmitigated oligarchical control enforced by privileged crony sycophants acting as thought police, and identifying anyone with the tiniest thought against the government.

20) Immigration and Open Borders

migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480The New World Order under Hillary Clinton will demand open borders and free immigration in order to satisfy the economic interests of the Crony-Capitalist Billionaire elite class as exemplified by the master international manipulating devil, George Soros. Violence and criminality do not matter to them. Destroying American culture does not matter to them. Radical Islamic terrorism does not matter to them. In fact, at least in the short-term, it allows for a stronger attack against the Christian church and the identity of America as a Judeo-Christian nation.

21) Population Control

Image result for Agenda 21 USA mapThe long-range plan of the New World Order elitists involves massive population reduction from the current 7.4 billion down to about 500 million humans. The elitists don’t really care which means they use to accomplish their goal. It can be large-scale abortion, genocide, war, starvation, destruction of the familial unit of reproduction, or any combination thereof. These master elitists think that they have identified the utopian population that they wish to rule over on the planet. Don’t expect a Clinton regime to worry about the loss of life. On the contrary, it will be a Culture of Death.

22) Family Planning

Image result for Sexual Diversity crowdThe family unit will no longer be the basic unit of society. Every individual will be individually provided for and accountable to the government. Traditional male and female family roles will be meaningless. There will be no need for men to provide for their families. Rather, men will work for the State, and the State will provide for the women and children as it deems appropriate. Gender confusion and dysphoria will rule the day. Relationships will be based more on mutual sexual gratification of chemically castrated partners than on fundamental joining of men and women in marriage union. Within this genderless society, male and female identities will meld and vanish. Genders serve no value to the globalists.

23) Foreign Policy

Image result for globalismAs the Clinton regime commits to massive trade deals and United Nations regulations that obligate America to international rule, our foreign policy will be Globalism, not Americanism. We will no longer consider human life at the most basic level, the individual. Nor will we consider life at the local level of the family or the community. Rather, the planet will be broken down into regional unions of states such as the North American Union. National sovereignty will disappear to regional rule subservient to the internationalists of the New World Order.

24) Personal Privacy

Image result for Big Brother is watching youFinally, all privacy will be eliminated. Government eavesdropping will extend to all realms. Personal conversations and actions will be closely monitored in all phone conversations, Internet keystrokes, cell phone communications, personal GPS location, etc. Government accessible cameras and microphones on computers and cell phones will remove all remaining expectations of personal privacy. All electronic devices will be monitored and controlled by government algorithms. When the government decides you have used your quota of resources for the day, they will remotely shut off your toaster and your washing machine. There will be no place where you will have privacy nor control of your own destiny. The power of personal monitoring will force people to live as if they are constantly being watched.

25) Political Correctness

Image result for newspeak“Newspeak” as originally described in George Orwell’s book, “1984” will finally come of full age. Newspeak is devised to meet the ideological needs of Socialism. People can’t think of things that there are no words for. Removing specific words from the vocabulary removes the ability to disagree with the State party and to define anti-government feelings. Likewise redefining words and creating specific labels allows the state to label objectors in criminal terms. Already today, the liberals characterize their enemies with the application of cruel labels such as racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, etc. It doesn’t matter if a person is innocent as charged or not. The left holds the exclusive power to label behaviors and free speech as they see fit.

26) Religious Liberty

Image result for marxist churchHillary has already declared that Christians will have to change their religion to conform to the progressive agenda. She is an enemy of Christian people and organizations. She will be ruthless towards the Church. She will go well beyond forcing homosexual rights in the Church, attacking the pulpit and content of sermons, and forcing immoral regulations on Christian schools. Ultimately, she will work to have churches evolve into a new religion of understanding that will preach her version of social Marxist theology. In that worldview, there is no room for Jesus Christ, as all the power and hope resides in the government of man.

27) Revisionist History

Image result for Crusades Rewritten HistoryWhen you fully control the education system, the media and all of the inputs and outputs of society, you also own the ability to define reality. It is almost inconceivable to people of common sense that reality is anything but REAL. But in the hands of the Clinton dynasty, the very reality of human history will be rewritten to satisfy the dogmatic revolutionary agenda of the New World Order. For those who are informed, I need say no more, as we are well aware that this rewriting of history from the beginning of time is already well under way. The Obama administration will have us believe that America is great only because of the contributions of our Islamic forefathers. Really?

28) Science

Image result for The Big BangWhere science was once considered to be an empirical study of nature, science in the future state becomes little more than a tool that endorses the agenda of the state. We have already seen the beginning of this unscientific endorsement of the progressive agenda with the non-scientific endorsement of human-caused climate change. There will always be pure scientific understanding. But as we move forward into this “brave new world,” science is just as full of indoctrination as every other subject imposed on our young people in the universities. Instead of examining scientific evidence and reaching a conclusion, there will be a pre-determined narrative, and scientific evidence will be selectively used and manipulated to support the government agenda.

29) Eliminating Enemies of the State

Image result for Marxist IdealsKarl Marx died an obscure death and we might have expected his ideas to have died with him. You see, Marx identified that in order to achieve his Marxist idealist Utopian state, individualism will have to be supplanted for the “common good.” He also identified that there will always be a certain percentage of people who will refuse to give up their individualism. And the only way to defeat them will be to literally kill millions of people to bring the population in line with state objectives. At the time of Marx’s death, such a transition was deemed impossible because the people would never endorse such grand scale murder.

Image result for Marxist IdealsBut in the 1890s, the Fabian Society combined the philosophy of Marxism with the theory of Darwinism and realized that there was a pathway. By applying evolution theory, it was possible to define certain people groups as being “LESS EVOLVED” and therefore essentially less human. By dehumanizing people of other races, it was then possible to have national support for genocide. As a result, colonial expansionism could summarily extinguish existing aboriginal populations. Eventually, Hitler was even able to label numerous groups as being less genetically evolved or fit, and worthy of genocidal extinction.

Image result for human enlightenmentToday there is a new progressive movement occurring. They claim that humanity is on the verge of a new evolutionary breakthrough in human enlightenment. We are so close to this next great evolutionary advance in human understanding that most people need only to make the mental commitment to it in order to achieve it. Within this new evolutionary enlightenment, racism and all the other “-isms” are forever eliminated, and mankind is lifted to a new level of human enlightenment and understanding. In other words, the more highly evolved people are those that think like liberals and embrace progressive theology.

Image result for occupy wall street violenceAnyone who is unable to embrace progressive theology is therefore easily identified as someone who unfortunately has missed the evolutionary boat, and as a result suffers through life with sub-human understanding and a lack of evolved enlightenment as they cling to their guns and bibles. Having successfully identified the non-progressives as being sub-human, and having labeled them as sub-human racists, bigots, etc., the progressives are even able to justify physical violence against such targeted groups of people. We actually see this more and more today as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and similar groups readily assault those they deem unworthy.

Image result for genocideUnder the theological regime that will be ushered in by Hillary Clinton, the mechanism will be in place which will allow a vocal and active portion of the population to demonize and characterize its enemies as sub-human, and genocide of millions will become a distinctly real possibility.

Image result for globalization badThe crony leaders of big government, big business, and big media will complete the three-legged stool of crony capitalism. Their unrestrained power and control will indeed usher in the New World Order amidst a massive genocide of opposition leaders and thinkers on a scale unheard of in the history of our planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, this would ultimately be our fate under a leftist regime placed in motion by Hillary Clinton for the New World Order.


Donald Trump fully understands the objectives of the New World Order, and he is determined to tear down their strongholds. This doesn’t have to be the end of America. In this one bold leader, we have some hope that we can beat the New World Order before we are irreversibly ruled by it. It may be too late already. God help us!


nvmfvmbmbfvhI hope you have enjoyed this ride. You made it safely. You may now take off your seat belts!

© Christians for Donald Trump

HILLARY: There’s One Sin God Will Hold You Accountable For Even If You Don’t Do It Yourself.

Some Christians are on the fence about who to vote for.  Here’s God’s choice!


They don’t know who to vote for. They say that there’s no difference between Clinton and Trump.  They say both candidates are bad and God would not approve of either one.

We beg to differ.

God has told us that there is ONE sin that a Christian can be held accountable for, even he DOESN’T commit that sin himself. WOW!

We don’t want to speak for God, so we’ll let God speak for himself:

Leviticus 20:1-5

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying,

Say to the people of Israel, Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death. The people of the land shall stone him with stones.

I myself will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given one of his children to Molech, to make my sanctuary unclean and to profane my holy name.

And if the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech, and do not put him to death,

then I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people, him and all who follow him in whoring after Molech.


That’s a pretty clear statement of the disdain that God has for those who would sacrifice their children to a false god.

And likewise, God expressed that he would set his face against those that would close their eyes to the sacrificing of the babies!

Molech was worshiped as a god in Biblical times and many babies were sacrificed in fire to Molech worship. We may not burn our children like back then. Instead, we have sanitized the process of killing our babies, turning it into a sanitary medical procedure.

idol-molochBut we continue to sacrifice our children to a false god.  Today, that false God is our self.  We often sacrifice our sons and daughters because we don’t want to be inconvenienced by them, or as a personal escape from damage to our reputation, education, career, etc. Pregnancy is terminated to avoid intrusion into our self-serving lifestyle.  Abortions also are performed at the alter of sexual gratification, resulting from self-indulgence in uncommitted extramarital sexual intercourse.  As the gods of our own lives, we deign death to the innocents for our own glory and convenience.


The Church Father, Tertullian of Carthage, admonished, “…there is no difference as to baby killing whether you do it as a sacred rite or just because you choose to do it.”

snip20150601_15-576x318Hillary Clinton has endorsed abortion and the killing of fully one-sixth of the population of the United States of America.  60 million of our own sons and daughters have been murdered in this great genocide.  That genocide is greater than all the fascist genocides of the 20th century combined, including:

The Holocaust, Soviet famine of 1932–33, Cambodian Genocide,
Belarusian Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide,
Greek Genocide, Assyrian Genocide, Zunghar Genocide, Porajmos,
Genocide by the Ustaše, Burundian Genocides of Hutus and Tutsis,
Kurdish Genocide, Guatemalan Genocide,
Herero and Namaqua Genocide, Bosnian Genocide,
Selk’nam Genocide, and the Bangladeshi Genocide in Eastern Pakistan

Clearly, our God has a strong preference for a land which DOES NOT close its eyes to the genocide of children versus a land that ENDORSES and PROMOTES the genocide of children.

Each baby whose  life is taken is spoken of in the Bible as a seed of God.  God has claimed authority over the life of children and has categorized men as profane who would act as gods in the slaughter of the innocents, their own children.

Clearly, any Christian that would endorse Hillary Clinton, would need to confess before God every time a baby is killed, which is more often than once per second.  That’s a lot of confessing.  On the other hand, Donald Trump is NOT closing his eyes to this Culture of Death. And that will bode well for the people of the land! God be honored!

Three videos that every Christian should see before they vote for Hillary Clinton:

14-Week old baby is clearly a human being:

With a c-section, this beautiful, late-term baby (video below) lived! But in Hillary Clinton’s world, fully-formed babies like this have no human rights and could be aborted.

A sweet little human life is safe and secure in its mother’s womb awaiting birth!
The contrast between Trump and Clinton can’t get any more real than this.
God bless even the smallest and most defenseless among us, and God save them from the politicians that would legalize their murder.

Hillary Clinton email leak mentions sacrifice to Molech:


There is a better choice for Christians than Hillary and a Culture of Death!


Liberals say Trump supporters are lower educated. Do we have a surprise for them!


Have you heard liberals claim that Trump supporters are lower educated?

There is one fact that skews all the poll analyses of Trump followers. You see, the liberal elitists control the universities and the media, and therefore, they control the public thought messaging. There is a great mass of educated people that refuse to admit that they support Trump because of fear of professional ridicule based on the political correctness imposed by those that control the public thought.  We have heard many whispers from highly educated professionals and business people that tell us they support Trump, but would never publicly say so.

In some cases, a public statement that you support Trump could cost you your job or a promotion, or at minimum a potential loss of business. This fact bears itself out in the new phenomenon that pollsters are discovering. Donald Trump is doing way better (better than Hillary) with on-line polls than with polls where the person must speak on the phone to a human pollster. When people have to respond to a real person, they are less likely to say they support Trump. When they feel they can answer anonymously on-line, they are much more likely to say that they support Trump, and the education gap begins to close.

Here is another fact.  Democrats have specialized in dividing people into minority groups and claiming to advocate for them. As a result of this thought indoctrination, these groups have habitually voted Democrat in the recent decades.


These groups include:

Hispanics, 17 percent
Blacks, 12.3 percent
Asians, 5 percent
Multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent

And Hispanics and blacks are actuarially lower educated than whites.

6a00d83451b36c69e201bb08d854df970d-600wiYou can add to that about 10% of the population that votes largely based on the single issue of affirming LGBTTTQQIA lifestyles. Altogether these different racial and subculture minority groups make up over one-third of the population that will habitually pull the lever for Democrats out of force of habit without a real thought about it. That means that in order for Trump to win, he would have to get about 80% of the rest of the voters, or have a large crossover of Democrat voters.

So if Trump does win, it will actually be a significant accomplishment and a big mandate from THE PEOPLE for his presidency.



This is an old story and everyone should know this by now, but…



We’re sick and tired of the HOAX story that CNN started and that Trump haters still to this day continue to spin about Donald Trump imitating a handicapped man. So we’re correcting this falsehood once and for all.



Here’s the exact video clip of Trump acting like a flip-flopping newspaper reporter stupidly struggling with selective memory. For comparison, the clip also shows the actual reporter who the media claims Trump was imitating. For good measure, the video also shows Trump using the same gestures in the same speech as he references a non-handicapped General.

And here is yet another video of Trump using the same exact hand gestures to describe a totally flustered Ted Cruz trying to answer a question about whether or not he supports the controversial concept of water boarding.  Using the liberal media’s standards, we would have to assume that Donald Trump is making fun of Ted Cruz because of Ted Cruz’s handicap! TED CRUZ IS HANDICAPPED! We have proof, because Donald Trump imitated his handicap!


These videos COMPLETELY DEBUNK the liberal medias’ lie that Trump mocked this disabled reporter!

The MEDIA OWES THAT REPORTER A GREAT BIG APOLOGY for knowing he was handicapped, and then asserting that he actually physically resembled Trump’s spastic impression. It’s the media that is clearly poking fun at a handicapped man by claiming he actually RESEMBLES Trump’s spastic impression of stupidity!

In fact, the media probably owes the reporter another great big apology for defining him as handicapped to begin with.  The fact of the matter is that the reporter has one of his hands somewhat deformed.  Other than that small physical imperfection, he is not at all handicapped!  If I was that professional reporter, I would feel very weird that the entire national media was defining me as handicapped! How embarrassing!

Shame on you, shameless media! But this is what we are up against now. There is a virtual army of full-time media soldiers and political hacks engaged to destroy Donald Trump’s chances of being president. They will put a premeditated spin on anything they can, invoke controversy, misdirect the truth, fabricate lies, and push their hidden agenda on the American public. We cannot let them spin webs of deceit to take down Donald Trump! We must make America great again!


The Final Analysis:

So here is the final analysis.  Donald Trump is a great story teller.  He uses his words, tone, volume, vocal inflection, facial expressions, hand gestures, and his body language to communicate in a way that polished politicians would never do. That is because polished politicians have refined the art of being holier-than-thou. They would never be caught looking or sounding like you or I, or like any normal working guy. Because their entire ability to maintain their positions among the plantation owners, and to keep you subservient on the government plantation is based on their ability to have you view them as being higher-browed and better behaved than you or your stupid family.

Well, Donald Trump is one of us.  And sometimes he makes expressive gestures or facial expressions just like we would.  We can relate to that, because that is normal! We can no longer relate to the phony elitist facade of the politicians that trick us into voting for the same old thing over and over with no expectation of any progress.  In fact, isn’t that the way some people describe insanity?


Bad Priorities – The Greater Issues for the Christian Right and Time for a Course Correction

By TheShofar

160128_StainedGlassRightPolitics_cruz.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeDonald Trump met in New York City on June 21 2016 with a group of evangelical leaders including Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Tim Wildmon, and James Dobson, among others.  Some of these leaders have continued a campaign to do whatever they can to prevent Trump, against all odds, from becoming the nominee of the Republican party.

That meeting provided the perfect opportunity for us as believing Christians to understand and re-evaluate the Establishment Christian Right agenda and expose its leadership for the log-in-eye hypocrites that they have become.

Sounds tough, doesn’t it? But let’s take a truthful and transparent look at where our politically-focused Establishment Christian Right leadership has taken us.

florida-rnc-gay-marriageThis group of leaders has a narrow focus on three “sins” that they focus on and discuss ad nauseam:

  1. Abortion
  2. Same-sex marriage
  3. Transgender confusion

Interesting emphases and I’ll get back to why that’s their focus later in this essay. But let’s look at a few other issues that aren’t getting the same level of attention:


According to studies, 50% of our Christian pastors admit to having a pornography problem. That is major sin that affects our Christian life, our marriages, our culture, and our future dirguy_looking_at_computer_810_500_55_s_c1ectly from our pulpits. For Christians that are not pastors, it would be logical to assume that they are probably even less successful at coping with that sin than pastors are. Porn kills Love. And if we are going to be a Godly land, we need to change the focus!

So let me get this straight. Our Establishment Christian Right leadership is focusing on the insignificant 0.001% of dudes that are surgically removing their male parts, instead of focusing on the sin that about 80% of the Christian community is likely engaged in?


brokenfamilyAbout half of our Christian marriages end in divorce. Our families ache and our children suffer. This sin issue affects the future of our children and our entire culture. The Roman Empire collapsed as the family collapsed, among other things. Within the black community, more than 50% of children are being raised in fatherless homes, with no male leadership. And that is not because of the transgender issue. This is a widespread sin that affects over 50% of our families in this country directly.


And as our families collapse, our Establishment Christian Right leaders are spending their goodwill and leadership focusing on the tiny fraction of quirky people that actually want to marry someone of their same sex? But where is the focus on the plague of Christian marriages that are failing? Don’t you think it’s time for these leaders to take the log out of their Christian eye?

Walking Away From Christian Faith

635998906320215302-370062114_college70% of our Christian children walk away from their faith in God when they go to college. We are failing them in both our example, and our instruction. That is a sin issue. In just a few generations since the 1960’s, so many people have walked away from God, including our Democrat and Republican leadership, that God is almost irrelevant in our direction as a country now.

downloadSo while our Christian children are falling away, our Christian marriages are failing, our sons are being raised without fathers, and our preachers are addicted to pornography, should our political Christian leaders really be focusing on the hot button issue of the statistical few who want to change their sex or the few guys that want to marry another dude? Don’t you think it’s time to for the Establishment Christian Right leadership to take the log out of their Christian eye?

Heterosexual Sin

Even among Christians, these days we would be hard-pressed to find a significant percentage of Christians that have walked a lifetime of purity and confined their sexual relations to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman under Christ. That is a very big sin issue. Many of our Establishment Christian Right Leaders have themselves failed, and have had sexual relations before, or during marriage, with someone that they were not married to.timthumb

Jesus Christ said that if you so much as lust in your mind, you have committed adultery in your mind. That is a sin issue that is a massive mainstream sin issue in comparison to the sexual outliers in our culture. Don’t you think it’s time for our political Christian leaders to take the log out of their collective Christian eye?

Mountains of Mainstream Sin

imagesSubstance abuse, lack of Christian love, pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, greed, and a bunch of other sins permeate our culture, our churches, and the leadership of the Establishment Christian Right! Are we sure we want to continue to make outlier sexual sin the focus of all our energies and discussions? I know these are great hot-button issues for getting people to send in money, and our Establishment Christian Right leaders all want to make a living in their organizations, right? But is that really where we need to focus our energies if we want to make America great again?

Certainly, we are for traditional marriage. And we don’t think it’s natural or desirable to assume the identity of the opposite sex. But will we be dogmatic about a statistically minor issue at the expense of pragmatically ignoring issues of concern to the Church that affect us all, and even issues in our own homes?

Sanctity of Life and the Other Pro-Life Issue


Granted, abortion is a terrible sin against living children, and there is hardly a family in the country that hasn’t been touched by that. President Trump will make strides on that issue. But he can only sign the legislation that Congress puts in front of him. So we need to get the do-nothing Congress to finally pass some legislation for him to sign. But what’s the chance of that happening? Congress is where the laws are made. To make a difference in the killing that we are doing, we need to get our law-making body to take an action stand and vote on something meaningful for a change.

To our Establishment Christian Right leaders:

“Please do continue to push this important agenda where it needs to be pushed – in Congress! But while you are pushing Congress to consider the sanctity of life, maybe you should be a bit more consistent in your application of the sanctity of life. Why aren’t we fighting to stop the wholesale slaughter of Christians around the world? It’s great that we want to stop the slaughter of the innocents, but are our Christian brothers suffering persecution and slaughter any less worthy of protection?”ISIS-execute-police-and-soldiers-in-open-field

And how about if we stop just going along with the military industrial complex and central bankers and the neocons in their profit-driven escapades of nation-building, download (1)king-making, and crony capitalist use of military force and killing purely for exploitation, economic control, political power, and one world government control? Just considering the concept of ‘Just War’ for valid purposes, there are enough tough and weighty considerations.  But where is the righteousness in killing just to extend power and control?

Let’s Get Our Focus Right!

I suggest to you, the political Christian leaders, that your focus on same-sex marriage and transgender issues is misplaced and misguided. Our country is falling apart. If you want to focus on sin issues, there are great sin issues that affect hundreds of millions of us. Do we really want to spend 50, 60, 70% or more of our energies on sin issues that affect less than 1% of the people, while ignoring the sin issues that affect almost 100% of us?929d84bd08ada3bc46decdc7d2f45838

How do you expect God to work in our land when we conveniently focus on statistically tiny sin while conveniently ignoring the huge log that we carry around in our own eye?

Yes, I suppose it’s easy to target the transgendered, because you’re safe there. Never had that sin issue, did you?

And I suppose it’s safe to target dudes that want to marry dudes, because you’re safe there too. Never had that sin issue either, did you?

But how about targeting pornography, pre-marital sexual relations, extra-marital sexual relations, failing marriages, divorce, fatherless homes, substance abuse, failures from the pulpit, and failures of Christian men to stand up and do what men should do for their families and for our land.

How many Establishment Christian Right leaders make it a point to attend every conference, and hob-knob with every famous pastor, and relish the opportunity to get on the stage at any event they can, while they fail to provide their own sons with real Christian love and involvement in their lives, and instead fill them with a useless list of do’s and don’ts that accomplishes little more than satisfying man-made standards of righteousness, but does little to assure their real salvation?


Let’s Be Careful How We Apply False Christian Standards to Donald Trump

12279011_166492860370273_4018731842352682190_nThese Establishment Christian Right leaders are all hung up on whether Donald Trump ever fell down on his hands and knees and begged the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness? Isn’t that really a man-made concept? In fact, isn’t that exactly what they’d like to see him do? If Trump got down on his hands and knees and begged the Christian leaders in the room for forgiveness, then, if they really believed that he meant it, they would support him? Do we really want to take a man-made standard like that and claim that is what God expects? Really?

I have some news for you. It’s our duty to repent or confess. It’s His mercy to forgive. We don’t have to mouth the words to ASK for forgiveness. We just have to confess our sins and believe that Jesus died as God for those sins. He will freely forgive us of our sins. And when he does, what can you do that is so bad that he would take back his forgiveness?

article-0-16C9F629000005DC-206_634x638 (1)Trump is not perfect. He’s a man. He has been married three times. In retrospect, he has spoken about how his focus and love of his work took precedence over his wife, and that’s one thing he said he would change if he could go back and do it again. But now he’s 70 years old. His womanizing days are behind him. He’s been married to the same woman for over a decade. He loves her as his wife and the mother of his son. And being married for a decade, he’s now in the top 50th percentile of marriage longevity in the United States of America.

12274613_170416769977882_2545705437439156500_nSure, Donald Trump has sinned and failed in many ways. Like me and you! But Trump shared with us that he talks to God about his issues. He prays. He confesses. And he makes corrections to avoid mistakes he has made in the past. Trump also
12313985_170416636644562_6618201153478904158_ntransparently shared with us that he feels cleansed when he takes communion and does that as often as he can. Our Establishment Christian Right leaders made fun of him because he referred to taking communion as the time when he takes his little wine and little cracker, but I don’t think God really cares how we say it. But before we take communion, and come into communion with God, we have a special time to get right with God. That’s serious. And I don’t know about you, but I do feel cleansed when I do that. When Christ said to do this in remembrance of Him, and given that He died for our sins, then aren’t we supposed to feel cleansed in that remembrance?

What’s the Real Standard We Should Apply?

Trump doesn’t claim to be a biblical expert. And frankly, while many of our Establishment Christian Leaders were becoming political spokespersons for the Christian community, Trump was building skyscrapers and developing business ventures on six continents around the world.


Donald Trump’s childhood Bible: His church leaders wrote in the Bible, “Presented to Donald Trump on the graduation from the Primary Department by the Sunday Church School of the First Presbyterian Church, Jamaica, New York”

BibleBut Trump intuitively understands the Christianity of his youth. We are called to love God and our fellow man. Trump not only tries to live by that, but he tries to incorporate that into the essence of who he is. You hear Donald Trump tell the people at his rallies that he loves them. I tell you, that’s not just campaign talk. In his heart, I believe he actually does feel a foundational love for mankind.

He likes it the most when that love can be reflected in straightforward kindness and niceness and graciousness. And Donald Trump has graciously helped hundreds of people in his lifetime. But sometimes more often than he desires, it has to take to the form of tough love. And sometimes, he has to fight, even hard and mean, for what needs to happen and what needs to be done.


And maybe you can argue with me about that theologically. But Trump is who he is. And that is the spirit that he brings to the table for you. He brings that spirit to the table to protect Christians in this country and abroad from persecution. He brings that spirit to the table for America, with the hope that we can bring back our values and make America great again.

But Shouldn’t Trump Be Uniting the Republican Party Now?

Some establishment people, the media, and many of our political Christian leaders in fact, have been saying that Donald Trump needs to start unifying the party.

12823345_989030954511387_2962600047286864371_oThere are two ways to unite the party. The first way is for Trump to capitulate, give in, and meet his detractors where they are. The other way is to take charge and demonstrate to his detractors that if they want to be united, they will have to pick up his flag and march with him.

The fact is that the establishment has been utterly ineffective and has our country on the verge of economic collapse. The last thing Trump should do is embrace losing agendas. If Trump wants to actually accomplish any serious goals as President, he will have to train the establishment over the next 7 months that there is no option for them to continue to push their losing agenda. Their only hope will be to move to real course correction and follow his lead.

If he can’t get them to follow his lead, then unity won’t matter. This election is not about politics as usual. The old formulas don’t apply. There’s too much at stake. In fact, if anyone in Congress wants to get re-elected, they would be well advised to grab on to his coattails and ride them to reelection.

You can say that sounds arrogant. You can say that sounds scary. I’ll tell you what sounds scary, is more of the same. If we don’t fix our broken economy, we are going to suffer a terrible economic collapse worse than anything you have seen.

The Biggest Issue for America, and for the Christians

We are $19 trillion in debt as a country. Congress just did the unthinkable and passed a budget that will increase the debt to $21 trillion by the time President Trump takes office.

On the one hand

Where will this end? Is America going to go Bankrupt? We will soon be in debt to the tune of almost $70,000 for every man, women, child, and illegal alien in the country. We will need to borrow almost $2,000 per year for every person just to service the interest on the debt!

947dc113-f5ea-4c6c-bf6a-571ed4b404f2And that doesn’t include the unfunded national debt liabilities of $128,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) and growing, which adds an additional future debt of $400,000 for every man, woman, and child! So the total share of the national debt for a family of four is pushing $2 million! That’s more than some families earn in their entire lifetime!

Folks, there may not be a way out. If we don’t get a hold of the economy NOW, life as we know it is done! Trump certainly doesn’t want to preside over the economic collapse of the USA.

Every group of POLITICIANS in modern history has taken us deeper into the abyss, even Ronald Reagan! We are beyond the tipping point.

images (8)We can’t even imagine what life will be like in America if the country goes bankrupt. Worse than the Great Depression. Total destruction of wealth. Worthless, useless retirement funds. Business closures. Race riots. Roving gangs. Infrastructure collapse. Terrorist attacks. Martial Law. Anarchy. It won’t be like it was in the Great Depression, when men in suits and ties lined up politely in soup lines. We don’t have that mentality anymore as a people. Soup lines won’t work now. People won’t have dignity when it all hits the fan. If this happens, Christian issues won’t even matter.


We need to HAVE A COUNTRY to even have Christian values be a focus.

Trump will do what he needs to do to fix the economy and protect Christian liberty.

focus_on_what_matters-672x448But the country needs our political Christian leaders to get their priorities right. Sure, we need to continue the legislative and judicial branch fights to stop the slaughter of our children. But we need to be more consistent in our Christian focus. Sure, we can condemn sin, but let’s start by taking the logs out of our Christian eyes.

Let’s focus on heterosexual sin issues that affect so many more of us than homosexual sin issues. Let’s focus on saving our Christian marriages from divorce more than worrying about the occasional dude that wants to marry another dude. Let’s be real men who do what’s right and love our children and don’t provoke them to leaving their faith as soon as they get away from us. And let’s raise our sons to be real men too. And our daughters need dads and moms. Let’s focus on common sense, and common decency. Let’s start with the sin issues that we can fix – the ones in our own lives, and then with our example, we may be able to fix the issues that have slowly rotted society over the past half a century.

Here is the conclusion. I’m not here asking our Establishment Christian Right leaders to support Trump because he’s coming over to where they are. I’m here asking them to take the log out of their eye, and as Christian leaders, to do their part as fathers, husbands, and citizens (or mothers, wives, and citizens) to return America to the values and the reliance on God that made America great to begin with.


Let’s make America great again by starting with ourselves, our families, and our churches. If we do that, the rest will follow. It’s time for our Christian leaders to repent, stand up, and more boldly represent ALL of the core values of this country. Let’s get the log out of our own eyes! Stop being a speck-tator.

Christians for Donald Trump

POLL: If Donald Trump is close in delegates but is not selected as the Republican nominee, what will you do?


Trump supporters are hopeful that their man,  Donald Trump, will obtain the 1237 delegates required to earn the Republican nomination.  If he falls short, there will be a brokered convention and that’s when the wheeling and dealing would start.


If Trump could earn the 1237 delegates before the convention, that would put him in a position where he will not have to make any deals to get delegates to come over to his side in a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th polling of the delegates.  He would have a lot more freedom to choose his own pathway moving forward.

But if he falls short, he might have to embrace the delegates of the other candidates, and that might mean he would have to make certain deals with them. That would not be desirable.

Even worse, the other candidates could make deals and convince their delegates and some of Trump’s delegates too, to support one of the other candidates, or even another establishment politician who didn’t even run.  That would be very upsetting to Trump supports.

Trump could always run as a third party candidate if he was mistreated by the RNC at the convention.  But there could be some logistical issues to get him on the ballots in all 50 states at that late time.  Some Trump supporters would vow to support Trump to the bitter end, even if it meant writing his name in on their ballot. Who knows if Trump could win as a third party candidate?  Maybe that would throw the election to the Democrats.


Of course, we hope Donald wins the delegates required to be selected as the Republican nominee for President. But what if he comes up just a tiny bit short and the establishment manages to sneak in another candidate as the nominee.  What would you do?  Vote here:

If Donald Trump is close in delegates but is not selected as the Republican nominee, what will you do?

  • I will write-in Donald Trump for president (67%, 672 Votes)
  • I will prepare to act in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence where it says, "throw off such Government." (15%, 153 Votes)
  • I will not vote in the Presidential election (12%, 123 Votes)
  • I will hold my nose and vote for whoever they put up as the Republican nominee instead of Trump (3%, 25 Votes)
  • I will vote for Hillary or whoever is the Democrat nominee (2%, 20 Votes)
  • I will gladly vote for whoever they put up as the Republican nominee instead of Trump (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,000

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Do We Really Need A MEEK Christian President?

Get this. Some of our fellow Christians claim that we need a MEEK president. They say Donald Trump is too tough, and that’s JUST NOT Christian-like. They say he’s just not like Jesus.


Meek? REALLY? Is that how you think Jesus Christ and Jehovah God are? Is it really that simple?

Remember that Christ’s standards for salvation are different than man’s standards. It’s easy to pull a verse out of the Bible here, and a verse out of the Bible there, to lawyer-like paint a picture you desire of a church man that exemplifies Christianity. But in doing so, man has created man-made standards of righteousness. Some people refer to such standards as “political correctness.” At least that’s what the liberals call it. If you overstep their man-made political correctness standards, you will be attacked, called evil, and destroyed. But our own Christian conservatives have their own form of man-made churchy political correctness too. If you don’t act church-like, they are just as quick to crucify you.

Well, what does a real man of God look like? What would Jesus say or do? How has God handled things?


You know, you probably would NEVER vote for any of the original 12 disciples because they probably wouldn’t walk or talk anything like what you would expect of a Christian. They certainly wouldn’t tickle your ears with churchy platitudes.

mercy_floodAnd neither would Jesus, who attacked the self-righteous Pharisees and Sadducees calling them a brood of vipers. And then there was that little time when God ordered his chosen people to go into the land and KILL every man, woman, and child. Then there was that other little time when God KILLED every person on the planet except for Noah and his family.

What if Donald Trump attacked the two-faced Pharisaical politicians of today, saying, “You snakes! You brood of vipers! You hypocrites! You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. You are like whitewashed tombs, beautiful on the outside, but as filthy as dead men’s bones on the inside.”

Most Christians would probably attack him and say that he should be more humble, more like Jesus, show more love, etc. But those are Jesus own spoken words right out of One Matthew 23.

Money ChangersClipboard02Oh, and then there was the time that Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple and physically assaulted the money changers as he chased them out of His Father’s house. And then there was the time God wiped out four cities around Sodom with fire KILLING everyone except Lot and his two daughters because they were deemed righteous and were saved by the angels of the Lord (even though the two daughters later slept with their own father to get pregnant).

Then there was Abraham, who went after the Kings in an act of “Just War.” GUESS WHAT! These guys didn’t wear suits and ties. Sometimes, they spit in public. They didn’t bathe and probably stank. They slept with women they shouldn’t have. Like the man that God deemed righteous enough to rebuild his holy Temple, King Solomon, who had hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines AS HE DID GOD’S WORK! (Donald Trump looks like an alter boy in comparison).

fishingThe disciples dressed immodestly, such that they had to properly clothe themselves to come into the presence of Jesus. Peter denied Christ multiple times, yet Christ built His church on him. Thomas doubted. None of these guys spoke like a Baptist! None of them were politically correct. Simon Peter cut off the guard’s ear in anger with his sword. Paul wrote letters to first century Christians who repeatedly got it wrong. The Hebrew tribe repeatedly walked away from God, yet He retained them as his chosen people.

shd10-speck-and-logSo if you want to believe that restraining from cursing, or only ever having one wife, or never gambling is going to get you saved, you are sorely mistaken. That is what the Pharisees and Sadducees believed! Get the log out of your eye, and get over the “thrice married, cursing, casino owner” picture that is just too much for you to stomach. Because God’s grace is almighty, and he doesn’t look at this the way you do.

1A32EF48-8BEA-49B4-B7DE-9D4A00634F4A (2)


You are so venomously poisoned against this man because you look at him and all you see is sin! Get over it, you brood of vipers! What the hill do you think God sees when he looks at YOU?


By the way, God has a complex character, doesn’t He? At the same time that he is tough and uses strong men to do His work, He is also full of LOVE! Imagine that! And Donald Trump is kind of the same way. He is tough about standing up for what is right and fair. He is tough about standing up for his people, his fellow Americans. But he also is the ONLY candidate that constantly tells the American people, “I love you!” Who else even talks like that? Who else is tough on his opponents on the one hand while saying he likes them on the other? That is the Donald Trump that Ben Carson sees and is now endorsing!

Donald Trump has had tens of thousands of employees, and there are no lines of hundreds of employees wanting to talk about how he mistreated them. In fact, Trump gets along just as well with the line employees as he does with the executives. He has fed the hungry, and generously helped many people and charities. He has been a tough, but loving father. Does that type of character remind you of anyone from the Bible? It should!


Romney’s Real Intentions Are Revealed By His Freudian Slip. We’re Not Going Along!

ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wg I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone catch the impact of this little segment of Mitt Romney’s attack speech against Donald Trump:

Romney said, “Watch, by the way, how he (Trump) responds to my speech today. Will he talk about our policy differences? Or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? This may tell you what you need to know about his temperament, his stability and his suitability to be president.”

We must stop and THINK to understand the hypocrisy of that statement. Mitt Romney came out and delivered a nationally advertised and broadcast speech Romney idiotspecifically trashing Donald Trump with one insult after another. He lied about Trump. He misrepresented things Trump has said. For 17 non-stop minutes, he called him names and attacked his character in the most obnoxious, venomous ways he could. He read attack-after-attack from the Teleprompters that dictated the well-scripted assault that an office full of speech writers and would-be comedians conspired to spew. It was truly a scripted 17-minute anti-Trump attack advertisement that was national advertised and then carried by every television network on cue.

fviu6vrkitrDonald Trump has spent the past year travelling the country in a whirlwind of high-energy activity, virtually changing the landscape of modern politics and the discussions of national importance. And Mitt Romney comes out of the dustbin of history expecting that Donald Trump should even respond to anything he has to say? REALLY?


And to top it all off, Romney asked, “Will he (Trump) talk about our policy differences?”

ABSURDITY! Mitt Romney spent 17 minutes politically assassinating Trump’s character with unsubstantiated lies and subterfuge, and he’s trying to set the expectation that somehow Trump’s response should be to debate him based on his POLICIES?

As Trump would say, “Give me a break!”

Even if Romney actually HAD made a 17-minute speech about his own policies, who does he think that he is to expect that Trump must address his policies? In this campaign, Trump is expected to address the policy differences that he has with THE OTHER CANDIDATES! There is no expectation that he should debate policy differences with a previous election loser that has no current standing in this election!

Why would Romney even EXPECT that Trump should address policy differences between himself and Romney? UNLESS if Romney was actually CONSIDERING himself as a presumptive candidate that would be running against Trump in the election.  That is the only context in which a side-by-side evaluation of policy positions would make any sense. Short of that, there’s not even a valid context for Trump to even contemplate talking about policy differences he may have with Romney!

So, was this a Freudian slip? Does this contextual clue reveal the real hidden agenda behind Romney’s tirade? Does he indeed see a possible pathway to the presidency in a brokered convention that would allow him to walk away with it all, without having to go through the ragged task of earning it? Have the Hounds of Hell in the elitist establishment turned to Romney with a conspiratorial plan to take Trump down even at the very end after Trump wins it all?

NWOI suppose that having such a great prize handed to Romney like that would be enough to make a “godly” man like Romney turn on Donald Trump, the very man that supported him in the past. Romney apparently would throw all loyalty for Donald out the window in return for having the presidency handed to him by the power-brokers of the Crony capitalist oligarchy.

And given the fact that Romney spent the equivalent of a 17-minute commercial assaulting Trump’s character on every level, wouldn’t there actually be every expectation that Trump would respond in kind?

Romney asked, “Will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult?”

And the answer is, “He’d be a fool not to! You deserve it! You goaded him ON PURPOSE in an unprovoked attack of the most personal and venomous nature! You ripped his character apart and bullied him in ways that would make a schoolyard bully look like a guardian angel.”

RomneyMitt Romney, you just unleashed the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump. You called him names and personally attacked him and acted like a bully, all while you hypocritically accused Trump of calling names, engaging in personal attacks and acting like a bully.

Who is the bully, Mr. Romney?

Well, Mitt Romney. Be forewarned! Even if the power brokers of the GOP establishment manage to manipulate the Republican convention such that you are selected as the Republican nominee, YOU WILL NOT WIN!

GiantBecause the Sleeping Giant has awakened.

We are going to make our country great again!

We’re not going to put up with enslaving political correctness anymore!

We’re tired of politicians that are all talk and never get anything done!

Take itWe’re fed up with the political wolves leading us in the paths of destruction as they enslave us and bankrupt our futures for our children and grandchildren!

And we’re not gonna take it anymore!

RevolutionWe’re tired of big speeches with flowery words and ideas that never result in anything substantial!

America is on the verge of a revolution!

A Trump revolution!

And even if you manage to eviscerate Donald Trump from every ballot in the country, and even if you physically assassinate him, WE WILL STILL ELECT HIM AS PRESIDENT BY HANDWRITING HIS NAME ON EVERY BALLOT WE CAST!

You don’t get, do you? We’d rather elect the spirit of a dead Trump than elect a living Romney!

article-0-16C9F629000005DC-206_634x638 (1)

POLL: What Would You Do If The GOP Establishment Forcibly Nominated Another Candidate At A Brokered Convention?

Read through to the end and take the poll.

hounds_of_hell_final_by_davesrightmind-d5iult1Recently, Marco Rubio announced that the GOP would unleash the Hounds of Hell on Donald Trump to prevent him from being elected.  REALLY?  We know that the GOP establishment has sunk to new levels of conspiracy and evil, but do they actually control the Hounds of Hell now?  What a claim of Satanic power by a “Christian” candidate!

Just joking.  But these are the same people that accuse Trump of having a bad tone!

So we expect that based on what we’ve been hearing that they will use every option at their disposal.  Every dirty trick will be fair game for them.  The end will justify the means.  It’s all being done in the name of God!  Actually, that’s very sad.

Trump President

Donald Trump will be attacked like no other candidate in history!

To start with, we expect they’ll continue to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads. Money to attack Trump will flow from a seemingly endless supply of crony capitalist Super PAC money. The ads will be brutal. They will lie, exaggerate, mislead, and misrepresent everything about Trump – past, present, and future. They will paint a picture of him as evil as the Antichrist himself.

Certain GOP establishment figures have promised that if Donald Trump wins 49% of the votes, and comes up even just ONE delegate short of the required number, that they will fight to stop him and replace him with a candidate of their choice through a brokered convention process. Technically that is possible for them to do. And it’s easier for them if he’s short by dozens of delegates.

ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wgThere have even been whispers that the man they might choose to represent the Republican party in the general election might be Mitt Romney.  And if the GOP establishment wants to truly unleash the Hounds of Hell on Donald, they could fight to nominate Romney instead of supporting Trump as their elected front runner.

If they actually do such a dastardly deed and replace Donald with another candidate and force him out, what would happen? Well, Donald would have a perfect case to claim that the GOP failed to hold up its end of the candidates’ agreement to support the front runner.  If the GOP breaks the contract, that would free Trump to run on a third party ticket as an independent.

And even if Donald Trump wins the nomination at the Republican convention, these Hounds of Hell are pledged to continue the fight. Their final gambit would be to put up a third party independent candidate of their own choice as the preferred candidate of the GOP establishment. They would literally support a non-Republican candidate over a Republican nominated Donald Trump!

But will the Hounds of Hell be able to stand up against a Legion of Angels? Because it appears that everything that the GOP establishment tries is NOT working.  Will this actually come down to a battle between good and evil?legion of Angels

Hmmm … this could get very, very interesting.  If Donald Trump could actually win the presidency on a third party ticket, that could permanently alter the political landscape.  It could effectively end the monopoly of the two-party system and introduce a permanent third party. Many patriots have called for that for decades, but it never seemed possible. Maybe it could happen?

Here’s a question for you?  Would you vote for Trump even if he ended up running as an independent?  Take the poll below and let’s see how loyal Trump supporters actually are:

Who would you vote for if the GOP selects Romney at a brokered convention?

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Thank you for voting in the poll, and may the Legion of Angels triumph over the Hounds of Hell!  Amen!





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