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Donald J. Trump Is The Best Man To Deal With The Challenges That Confront Us At This Time and Place

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By Thomas Ertl
National Media Director
Christians for Donald Trump


Republicans, conservatives, and Evangelical Christians have the ability to change the future of their country by electing the American nationalist, Donald Trump, as president. If these three constituency groups do not respond for Trump at the polls they will have to face the reality of their greatest nightmare, Hillary Clinton as president.

With Election Day a few weeks out, a looming fear is stirring among conservatives – and even some moderates – that a 60’s revolutionary with a Marxist worldview could actually become president of the United States.

The fears can be seen in commentaries and opinion pieces including ones found in the Wall Street Journal, Lou Dobbs, and other corporate mainstream publications. The rumbling of unrest can also be felt in middle tiers of the military and inside federal agencies among patriotic men and women in government service.

189558It has a feeling of a national security crisis – the thought of giving over control of the government to a destructive radical who would seek to significantly alter the country.

Imagining Hillary Clinton as president is not a pleasant thought and need not occur. But, given the possibility, Americans need, before Election Day, to understand the reality of what four – or really eight years – of Hillary Clinton would mean for the country?


imagesHillary Clinton as president is Hillary Clinton with final authority; Hillary Clinton without constraints. She no longer will have to exercise patience and hold back as she has done previously as the wife of a governor, as first lady, and as secretary of state under a president.

As president, she can govern with confidence that the Supreme Court and federal courts will not restrain her agenda. A weak Republican opposition of Paul Ryan and his cohort Mitch McConnell, combined with an adoring press, will give her complete freedom to act.

alinsky-clintonHillary’s political and personal history show extreme contempt for people. Her Alinsky/communist training comes with the conviction that ideology rules and people are expendable. She will be true to her training and govern with a contempt for the American people. The public record is clear on the abusive way she treats her dedicated staff and the contempt she has shown for her secret service detail. This is her personal history.

Steve Baldwin, former California legislator and executive director of the Council on National Policy sums it up:

2fc7d3ba00000578-3384156-power_couple_hillary_clinton_has_been_first_lady_a_u_s_senator_a-a-12_1451957469388“This is not just another election. America is at the tipping point in all the ways described above. Hilary has dreamed of this role her entire life and her writings reveal an incredible thirst for power. Indeed, 30 years of researching Hillary confirms she will do anything to obtain power and once in power, she will do everything to destroy her opponents.”

Baldwin also writes:

surviving-a-business-tax-audit“Moreover, Hillary will use the power of the federal government to harass and intimidate anyone who stands in the way of her agenda. Voters have forgotten that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, enemies of the regime were audited by the IRS and harassed by numerous other agencies, all instigated by First Lady Hillary Clinton. This time around, it will be worse; Hillary will use the IRS, DOJ, DHS, EPA, EEOC, BLM, OSHA, and numerous other agencies to harass churches, property owners, small business owners, Christian schools, gun owners, tea party members, ranchers, cattle farmers, and other groups that refuse to cooperate with her big government, socialist agenda. That is what she has always done and will do again. Hillary does not see government as a collection of agencies performing work on behalf of the taxpayers; rather she sees government as a vehicle by which she rewards friends and punishes enemies.”

auction-gavel-hpmtks-clipartShe will use every federal agency and the federal court system to destroy her opponents. Her attorney general will be her great crusader in ruthless fashion using the office’s unlimited prosecutorial authority to go across the land attacking all of her political enemies.


Let’s look at some of what would be coming under Hillary’s reign.


14650525_344992749186949_1437355822704890048_nClinton could appoint up to four Supreme Court judges in her first term: Scalia (open), Ginsb
court to the very far Left with a six to three advantage.

In Obama’s two terms he has appointed 394 federal judges. Currently there are 103 federal judicial vacancies. Clinton, combined with Obama’s appointees, will have a dominant influence in the federal courts for years to come.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESSmedia_indoctrination

The new people’s press, the alternative media, will come under severe attack in a Clinton administration. She will go beyond invented “hate crime” laws to outright banning of the alternative press. She will work in conjunction with the UN to censor her opposition’s use of the internet.


migrants-crowds-cross-into-slovenia-getty-640x480Clinton will follow Obama’s example of flooding the country with third world immigrants. With the support
of her courts she will vastly increase Obama’s numbers and she will strategically place these illegal immigrants in conservative areas and suburbs to destroy the social order.

The courts will support her orders for a general amnesty of current illegal aliens. All of this will be done with a massive voter registration drive for the Democratic Party.


bible-fireHillary’s greatest of enemies has been Christian people and organizations. She will be ruthless towards the Church. She will go well beyond forcing homosexual rights in the Church, attacking the pulpit and content of sermons, and forcing immoral regulations on Christian schools.


1401544201327-cachedClinton will never be able to pass anti-gun legislation so she will use executive orders to restrict gun ownership and use. She will order federal agencies to increase public raids on individual gun owners and use her courts to harass the same.


fcc7oyShe will continue the economic policies of the Obama administration which is a Wall Street profit center policy. Much of her and Bill’s wealth and support have come from Wall Street and international investment banks to which she is beholden.

Industry will continue to leave the country and the economic decline will further pinch the American worker. We will continue to watch the downward slide of the middle class.


ISIS-execute-police-and-soldiers-in-open-fieldClinton’s very pro-Islamic beliefs and policies will advance the growth of Islam and terrorism in the country. Her worldview of creating conflict and offering government solutions will be her reason to bring in more radicalized Islamic immigrants

In her battle against Christianity, she will promote Islam by greatly increasing Muslim immigration. A growing number of minarets will dot American city skylines.


new_world_order_map_by_kazi2000-d3awvs8The international conflicts that have been started with Clinton as Secretary of State will continue – and escalate. Hillary’s tie to the global establishment will continue to use the US military to force additional conflicts.


poder-seo1One of the worst things a Clinton administration could foist on America would be a war with Russia. As Secretary of State and as a candidate, Hillary has routinely agitated Russia and Putin. From her track record, is it obvious she will further inflame the delicate military situations in Syria and Ukraine.
Both her war agenda and her foreign policy will be conducted from behind the scenes by her globalist controllers.


rtx9r37-1024x757To Republicans, conservatives, and evangelicals: By withholding your vote to American nationalist Donald Trump you have made the path much easier for Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States. Is this what you really want?


Trump has done what the Republican Party would have called impossible. He has taken a large section of blue-collar workers’ loyalty away from the Democratic Party that has controlled them for most of the last 80 years. His appeal has brought a massive new group of middle- to lower-class Americans into the fold as newly registered Republicans.


This ONLY could have happened with a Trump candidacy and his nationalistic message. It has presented an unbelievable opportunity for the Republican Party to become the permanent majority party. Four to eight years of a Trump presidency could leave the Democratic Party with an eroding base of fringe, radical elements.

Are you going to let this once-in-a-100-year opportunity slip away by not voting for Trump? There will be no going back to the status quo. Hillary’s coming flood of registered illegal and non-citizen voters will put the Republican Party into permanent minority status.


Trump at this time is not the constitutionalist that conservatives would like; nor does he have the purest conservative ideology. The good news is that his nationalist positions are mostly consistent with the conservative policy agenda.


Fellow conservative, do you not see that we are experiencing in America and the West, a massive movement of nationalism? This movement of the last few years is much bigger than any candidate and is something for which life-long conservatives have been hoping for decades. Trump’s “Americanism not globalism” zeroes in on the heart of the issues, giving a name and identity to the global oligarchy that is the real anti-God and anti-sovereign America enemy of the republic. Trump’s movement is creating a pushback against the ruling Establishment, which is key to securing the restoration of our American republic. This anti-Establishment movement is a gift for those who have worked in conservative politics, a gift we never saw coming.

Conservatives, are you willing to withhold your vote for Trump, allowing Hillary Clinton to terminate this historic American awakening that we may never see again? Should we not seize the moment and capture this unique opportunity? The movement, the awakening, is much bigger than Trump, and is the future of conservatism.


As a fellow Evangelical, I can understand some of your reservations about Trump. We’ve been trained to emphasize the importance of character and biblical morality. Unfortunately, we have squandered the “Christian” America of our past. Today, we usually face a choice between two flawed candidates. To demand morally impeccable candidates means, in effect, you will never vote.

The video release of the Trump/Billy Bush conversation was a planned psyop by the Establishment to pull the Evangelical leadership and vote away from Trump. Many took the bait to their own demise.

Christian, do not go down the trail of our weak and cowardly leaders like Russell Moore, Al Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, and Max Lucado, who are more concerned about their own reputations than for the future of the country. Added to these faint of heart is the anti-Trump editorial boards of World Magazine and Christianity Today who have greatly aided the campaign of the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton. If Clinton becomes president these misguided leaders, who are clueless to the consequences of their actions, will be held responsible.


However, in contrast, there are many courageous, highly respected Christian leaders standing strong for the Trump/Pence ticket such as James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr., Wayne Grudem, Pat Robertson, James Robison, Eric Mataxes, and Steve Strang.

I would encourage you to vote for the one who would be best for your family, your children’s future, the Church, and the country. As a Christian, you must consider your own faith and self-interest.

Not voting for the superior candidate, Trump, is to give the White House to the radical anti-Christian Hillary Clinton, and put in jeopardy everything we as Christians hold dear. Do you really want to hand over the Supreme Court and federal courts to Hillary’s appointed judges who will continue the practice of killing the unborn and repealing our Christian liberties?

Christian, is your conscience so sensitive it cannot tolerate Trump’s language, but the same conscience is not convicted of the need to stop an adamant anti-Christian, pro-abortion presidential candidate? Are Trump’s character issues, tone, and language more important than the future of your children, Church, and country?


The country is heading down the final stretch of a volatile presidential election season; a season unlike any other in American political history.

downloadWhat makes it totally unique is the fact that an outlier candidate, Donald Trump, has made it through the Establishment gauntlet of media, financial power and political party control. Furthermore, his courageous strategy has been to attack the global governance Establishment. This is unprecedented in our lifetime. It’s hard to believe what we have witnessed in the last 18 months in Trump’s breakthrough and massive national popularity.

Since Reagan, conservatives have had to suffer through presidential races in which both candidates were Establishment picks – until 2015 and the coming of Donald Trump.

Call his candidacy a miracle, call it whatever you want, it presents a once-in-half-a-century or more opportunity for the people of the United States to take back the control of their government and financial system from the ruling global Establishment that has brought us to a state of national ruin.


This political opportunity can give the American people again a true functioning democracy in a renewed American republic.

Republicans, conservatives, Evangelical Christians, do you not see this? Do you not see this tremendous opportunity you have been given?

man_file_1062592_black-girl-hillary-clinton-1Voting third party or abstaining to vote for Trump is an indirect vote for Hillary Clinton by denying Trump the margin needed for victory. This fact is simple election math. Friend, lay down your personal dislikes and issues for the American nationalist and do the right thing on November 8th. Do it for your children’s future, for your Christian faith, and for your country.

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

E:Mail: [email protected]



By Thomas Ertl
National Media Director
Christians for Donald Trump


For those who have followed past US presidential elections this 2016 campaign has to be one for the ages. The American electorate has seen everything from the rigging of “super delegates,” to the Democratic candidate falling out in a NY city street, to the Republican candidate who had record primary numbers, yet some in his own party tried every possible tactic to destroy him.


The most unique element of this unprecedented campaign is the peoples’ support for the Republican who is not owned by the ruling global Establishment and who has endured unbelievable resistance.

Then came Friday evening, October 7th’s and the video bomb from the Establishment revealing a private conversation of Donald Trump discussing women sexually. Trump’s lewd conversation occurred in 2005.

new_world_order_map_by_kazi2000-d3awvs8Heading into the last two months of the campaign, the Trump supporters knew these kind of media drops would be coming because the Establishment is desperate to stop Trump. They have created a world over the last 100 years headed toward full-scale global governance and they will not allow a wild boar to run free in their vineyard destroying their plans for their New World Order and surrender of US sovereignty.


The Establishment, in union with the Democratic Party, has set aside a large amount of funding and staff to vet and investigate every aspect of Trump’s 70 years of life. They know Clinton cannot win on the issues that face the country so they are left with the strategy to personally expose and destroy Trump. The Establishment is becoming more desperate as November 8th nears and is capable of doing anything to stop him.

Interestingly the conservative Reagan who was Hollywood’s most X-rated womanizer in his day was given a pass for his illicit behavior because the Establishment thought they could control him. They have no such thought of Trump. [Link]

Trump followed the video revelation with an immediate apology:

donald-trump-apology-622b07d8-6d4a-4443-baa2-ce84f7d53facI’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.

I’ve traveled the country talking about change for America, but my travels have also changed me. I’ve spent time with grieving mothers who’ve lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I’ve been humbled by the faith they’ve placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down.

Let’s be honest — we’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we’re facing today…

I don’t take much stock in private conversations but Trump did the right thing with a sincere apology. His words were genuine, changed by the people he has met and humbled by their faith in them.

President Barack Obama looks through the Oval Office door peephole as his personal secretary Katie Johnson watches 3/12/09. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

President Barack Obama looks through  peephole

What ensued over the weekend was a barrage of internet discussions. Many had support for Trump because it was a private discussion illegally made public without his permission. Others imagined what it would be like if their private conversations were videoed and made public. This is why the Framers gave the 5th Amendment protection over our private thoughts and conversations from public intrusion.



Since the Trump video went public I have been hit with many emails and calls. One came from a close friend who is an Evangelical pastor whose name has been changed. My friend has always been an Evangelical Never Trumper.

Here’s my response:


Dear Joe,

Here is my response to your email entitled, “Trump’s Final Fail”:

You and many other “holier than God” Christian people are being played by the Establishment to suppress the Evangelical vote in order for Clinton to win the presidency. Do you not see this?

sin_meteric__200x125Joe, lay down your “sin meter” and look up to see the big picture. We finally have a candidate for president who is taking on the Establishment, the big banks, and multi-national corporations who are destroying our country, and you have your sin meter and microscope out dissecting Donald Trump’s life looking for sin.

This is the most critical presidential election in our lifetime that could change the direction of our country for a generation or more and you’re emotionally upset over a private conversation of Trump’s from 11 years ago!!

cyrus-trumpJoe, I am afraid if you were living in the time of Cyrus, King of Persia (559–530 BC), you would not approve of Cyrus being used by God to promote the covenant religion and the restoration of Israel. Your “sin meter” would have detected too much improper behavior and lifestyle in Cyrus and you would have worked against his campaign to send God’s people back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and city walls. You would have been blogging to the saints exposing Cyrus’ multiple wives, concubines, treatment of women, idol worship, and builder of pagan temples.

imagesYou and your following would have been left in Babylon resisting God’s great plan to bring His people back and to renew the nation and restore the worship of God. All because the vessel God had chosen in Cyrus was not acceptable to you and your self-styled religious standards.

God called Cyrus “His Anointed” (Isaiah 45:1) who did a great work for God and His people (Ezra 1:1–4), but you would have called him the “chief of sinners.” Why the difference??

After you complete your work to defeat Trump may I suggest that you start your new project to re-write Christ’s lineage in Matthew 1. For as you know that list is filled with way too many unacceptable sinners.


The lineage starts with polygamists, a prostitute, a user of prostitutes, an owner of a house of prostitution, two pagans, a murderer, and two adulterers. Then comes King Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines. This is all in the first 15 generations, no time for the remaining 27.

ca. 1873-1920 --- by Giacomo Mantegazza --- Image by © Fine Art Photographic Library/CORBIS

Added to this the writer of Matthew starts the lineage with two of the titles God gave His Son Jesus Christ, Son of Abraham and Son of David. The first had sex with his servant girl and the other committed adultery and murder.  I am sure with a little study you could bleach out a good 30% of the names in Matthew 1 and do the Church a great service!

Joe, the difference between God and you is redeemerlivesthat your standard of holiness gauged by your “sin meter” automatically disqualifies men for unacceptable behavior. But, God is different. God, the great redeemer of sinful men is not afraid of human sin, but delights in taking flawed men, redeeming them for His glory, using them for His purpose and plan in the earth.

handcuffsThe difference is that God is a God of grace, redemption and renewal; you are a Christian who has taken on the task to be an arbitrator of sin who decides if men’s behavior is proper enough for service.

Be not mistaken, I am not making light of sin. I, like you, am a lover of God’s Holy Law as a standard for all men. In no way do I write to excuse sinful behavior but I am attempting to understand the human condition in light of God’s providence. But, don’t use His Law to limit God and override His providence and plan. God works through time and history on behalf of his people and often uses very imperfect men to accomplish his plan. Let God do as He pleases and do not strive against the wonders of His providence.

Who of us can know the will of God and plan He has for our great country. But, can you not see He is up to something big in the candidacy of Donald Trump. Even bigger than Trump is the historic rebellion and political awakening pushing back against the ruling Establishment throughout much of the Western world. What we are experiencing in our country is also running through Europe. This awakening in unprecedented in our lifetime.

Brexit series for FT.


Joe, put your “sin meter” away and look up to see the great stirring that is going on before our eyes. In God’s mysterious ways He seems to be raising up Donald Trump for a reason. And does it not seem that this flawed candidate is committed and passionate to help our people, nation, and even the Church.

mike_pence_by_gage_skidmore_6You do know that some of Trump’s top campaign people are committed Christians?
Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Bannon, and David Bossie are all pro-life conservatives. Can we as Christian people ask for a better Vice-Presidential choice than the committed Christian Governor Mike Pence?

constantinebust3Remember our own history of the Early Church and the blessing of Constantine, emperor of Rome. Constantine the Great (272–337) had his share of moral issues of multiple wives, having one of them executed combined with a questionable personal faith. Yet he gave the Church in the Edict of Milan (313) its freedom and sanction and its greatest creed with his call to convene the Council of Nicaea (325), over which he presided. 1700 years later this imperfect man as a civil magistrate and emperor of Rome is still considered the Church’s greatest champion. Could Donald Trump be a champion for the Church in our day?

I am sure if elected Mr. Trump will surround himself and his administration with many more capable Christian people who may end up as his closest advisers. His pro-life stance is the best we have seen in any Republican candidate. Add to this his excellent policy positions and potential Supreme Court nominees. Can we as Christian people ask for any more? The answer is no.


Trump has pledged to protect the millions of endangered Middle-Eastern Christians whose very lives are in jeopardy because of the war policies of the neo-conservatives under Bush, Obama, and Secretary Clinton. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Trump could be a modern-day Cyrus and as president a great defender of the Christian religion and the Church. Only time will tell.

I suppose it would be a plus if Mr. Trump had the external character of President Jimmy Carter, who had one marriage, was a Southern farmer and Baptist Sunday School teacher. But, then again, Mr. Carter as president didn’t work out too well, remember?

mte5ntu2mze2mtc3mda4mtm5The Carter/Trump comparison is an excellent example of the two-fold nature of a man’s character. Jimmy Carter was the first well-known “born again” Christian in our modern era to run for the presidency yet was one of the worst presidents. Carter had impeccable outward character of speech, fidelity, and humility, yet he greatly lacked in the internal character traits of what God intended for men.

223746319_640Trump on the other hand is often flawed in visible outward character but excels in his internal manly attributes. By internal standards, he exhibits tremendous alpha male
characteristics of courage, fearlessness, and aggressiveness blended with a natural ability to lead people. These internal God-given traits are what would make Trump an exceptional president leading and protecting a nation.

Let me end this letter to encourage you in faith and practice to understand that God’s ways are not our ways and He often does things and works His plan with vessels we cannot understand. For who can know the mind of God?

Christian Regards,

Tom Ertl


downloadAfter the video release, the remnant of the “Never Trumpers,” who have been in hiding have been revived going public in voicing their great disgust of the video. You have to love these chaste and pure-living Republicans and their “utter shock” at Trump’s discussion of women.

Just when we think the Augean Stables have been cleansed of its political manure more of these dumplings come to the surface to be washed away by Trump and his “Americanism.” [Link]


Trump, the largest vote-getter in Republican primary history, drawing massive crowds, has the ability to make the Republican Party into a permanent majority party, and yet “Never Trumpers” want him to step down. Unbelievable. This is beyond idiotic for it reveals they would rather embrace Hillary Clinton, a horribly corrupt Establishment puppet, and give the country 4 to 8 years of political hell and socialist revolution.

8os3jvlThe bottom line with this new herd of “Never Trumpers” is their protest of Trump will help elect the worst possible candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Also, have you noticed that the “Never Trumpers” never get around to critiquing Secretary Clinton and her massive trail of corruption yet pounce on Trump for his indiscretions? The bottom line is the “Never Trump” Republicans desire Clinton over Trump because they want the status quo.

An interesting spin on these weak Republicans is the fact that they now have opened themselves up to unauthorized videos of their private conversation. It will be interesting to see what surfaces in the lifestyles of this sanctimonious crowd.

I believe this whole video incident will in the end backfire on the Establishment.

In contrast to the “Never Trumpers,” key Evangelical leaders have continued to stand behind Trump despite the embarrassing video. These noted Church leaders include Tony Perkins, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, James Dobson, and Robert Jeffress.


To the modern Christian nothing comes easy in American politics. Our desire is that all of our civil authorities at all levels would be committed Christians who understand their biblical role as a magistrate and have the wisdom to apply the Law of God to civil law.

hqdefaultBut, the Christian consensus that once was is no longer a reality. It is as though the Christian in modern America is living in a type of Babylonian exile in a land our Christian ancestors created. Despite the large Christian population we can no longer say America as a nation is Christian. All of our important institutions, laws, and culture have been secularized. This is our own fault, for we have allowed this erosion of our Christian heritage.

Thus we go to the polls seeking to please God in our political choices, but are often given a choice between two imperfect candidates. Such is life in Babylon. So we choose between two flawed candidates who would best promote our biblical position.

Often our current political involvement is based on the strategy of holding back the forces of evil to allow the Church more time to fulfill its responsibility in life and culture. For we know there is no salvation in politics because God has ordained civil government to a limited role. However, what is unlimited in scope is the work of the Church and individual Christians redeeming life and culture to the glory of God.

revivalSo until the day comes when Christian people start applying their faith to all areas of life and we experience a comprehensive Christian renewal, we are left with going to our Babylonian polling
station choosing between two flawed candidates, voting for the one who is best for our families, the Church, and country.


To my fellow Evangelicals, you must realize you are being played by the Establishment to move your heart and vote away from Trump. The Establishment has used our religious call for upright character to manipulate us away from the candidate they must stop.

2010_florida_gubernatorial_election_county_mapThey know Trump must get Florida and other battleground states to win. The Establishment’s intent with the video drop was to suppress the Evangelical vote in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and
Pennsylvania. If they could ding Trump’s huge Evangelical turnout by 10% it would be enough to give these key states to their candidate.

countrychurchChristian, you must look beyond issues of personality to the bigger issue that is our country and faith. Which candidate for president of the United States in 2016 would be better for our nation’s future and for the betterment of the Church? Could the contrast be any greater? Are you willing to let Hillary Clinton take her evil agenda throughout the land destroying everything we hold dear?

If you still have reservations about Donald Trump then vote for his running mate, the Evangelical Mike Pence and vote for a pro-life Supreme Court.

By not voting you will in effect be voting for Hillary Clinton, her socialist political revolution, and for a pro-abortion Supreme Court that could last for a generation. You hold the key to your families’ well-being and the survival of our nation.

Evangelicals, it’s up to you. What will you do?

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

E:Mail: [email protected]





By Thomas Ertl
September 10, 2016


wheat-field-27In the final stretch of a heated presidential election there are often significant political transformations and paradigm shifts that take place, but are overlooked. One such major shift has occurred, the steady removal of tares from the conservative movement.

I was reminded of this recently when a good friend from Switzerland emailed me the question: “Is Donald Trump cleansing the Augean Stables in preparation for his presidency?” Of course my answer was “yes,” adding, “the Augean Stables, what perfect symbolism for the Trump phenomenon!”

13900068_308443599508531_3838199662311415188_nOn cue, within a few days of the email, a perfect illustration presented itself: an organized group of 50 former Republican national security and foreign policy top-
level bureaucrats who had worked in administrations from Nixon to George W. Bush, in a joint signed statement, expressed their strong opposition to the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.



If you haven’t heard of this timely story from Greek mythology of Hercules cleansing the Augean Stables, here is my short version of it:


In Greek mythology, King Augeas kept 3,000 divine oxen in the massive Augean (ȯ-ˈjē-ən) Stables. They had not been cleaned for thirty years. Hercules cut a deal with the king. His offer was if he could clean out the stables in one day, the king would give him a tenth of the cattle. Considering the impossibility of the task, the king agreed. So Hercules took the king’s son as a witness then proceeded to open the two opposite walls of the stable. Next, he dug wide trenches to two rivers which flowed nearby. Then, he redirected the rivers in the trenches and the ensuing flood of water soon flushed out 30 years of manure. The king refused to pay Hercules, so he took the king to court using his son as a witness and prevailed.

“GANG OF 50”

clown-scary-uk-311857The “Gang of 50” or, as Limbaugh calls them the “50 clowns,” can be found in various positions of privilege within the ruling establishment. They are men who serve the power elites who run with the global oligarchy. Simply, they are men whose allegiance is not to America but to their international masters and their New World Order agenda. They have no real interest in American sovereignty or prosperity. For the most part they operate in stealth and have extensive influence in US domestic and foreign affairs.


  • Michael Hayden: former CIA and NSA Director
  • Robert Blackwill: Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Planning
  • Michael Chertoff: Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • James Jeffrey: Former Deputy National Security Advisor
  • John Negroponte: Former Director of National Intelligence
  • Tom Ridge: Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Nicholas Rostow: Former Legal Adviser to the National Security Council
  • Kristen Silverberg: Former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations
  • William H. Taft IV: Former Deputy Secretary of Defense
  • Dov Zakheim: Former Under Secretary of Defense
  • Roger Zakheim: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Robert Zoellick: Former US Trade Representative; President of World Bank (2007–2012)
  • Eric S. Edelman: Vice President Dick Cheney’s National Security Adviser

They attacked Trump’s character and ability to lead as president in international affairs. You have to love this statement:

 “Indeed, we are convinced that he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

The very thing they accuse Trump of becoming, a threat to national security and well-being, is what they have promoted and caused their entire careers.

Here is my interpretation of the letter from the “Gang of 50”:

We neo-cons love endless wars, international destabilization and are committed in our service to the global financial oligarchy. Trump scares us because he would bring sanity to American foreign policy, promoting peace among the nations. So we would like you all to join us in voting for Hillary Clinton because she will continue our work of international conflicts and bring America under global governance.


The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.

These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die at Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS. Yet, despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. It’s time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: no longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense.

Instead, I offer a better vision for our country and our foreign policy – one that is not run by a ruling family dynasty. It’s an America first vision that stands up to foreign dictators instead of taking money from them, seeks peace over war, rebuilds our military, and makes other countries pay their fair share for their protection. Together, we will break up the rigged system in Washington, make America safe again, and we will make America great again.

In Herculean fashion, our American hero, in a tweet of three short paragraphs, dismisses the “Gang of 50” into political oblivion with the revelation of their huge policy failures.


Trump’s brilliance is always in his aggressive leadership style. When attacked, he attacks back. Instead of the usual Republican candidate’s defensive response and efforts to win back support, Trump instead exposes and dismisses. He not only won this political battle, but went much deeper and exposed their whole political careers. Dismissed in public view were their years of education, mentoring, global ladder-climbing, government service and influence. Their whole careers were swept away out of the Republican stable into a dung pile somewhere down the backside of the Trump flood of “Americanism.”

businessfailureIn their own misjudgment and arrogance, the “Gang of 50” revealed themselves to the world as American policy failures. They mistakenly thought the gathering of 50 signatures of prominent policy men protesting Trump would actually have had an effect on the race. In their effort to destroy Trump they in turn have destroyed themselves by their own devices.


rushmore-heroTrump’s fast-moving river is his steady stream of America first rhetoric. “Americanism” is the language that infuriates the globalist imposters. For their whole concern
and view of the world is centered around America being brought under the banner of a one-world government.

When the upstart Donald Trump came along and pounded out his message of “America First,” “Americanism not globalism,” and “no more nation building,” these globalist imposters could not bear it any longer, and went public with their objections, thus exposing their Establishment allegiances.hillkg

Their difficulty is not only in Trump’s rhetoric but in the fact that he has immense electoral support. It is more than they can bear. Their frustration is also in the realization that their lifetimes’ work and political accomplishments have been exposed and upended by Trump. They fear a great policy reversal if Trump becomes president.



What has occurred in the past year’s election cycle is a sorting out of the conservative movement and Republican Party that has been nothing short of phenomenal; something we have not witnessed in the last 50 years in national politics.

The exposure and sorting out of the fakes, opposition agents, imposters, and infiltrators is never an easy process because imposters are trained to hide under the power elites’ political cover.

The worst of the bunch are the Republican neo-conservatives (neo-cons) who are falsely given the “conservative” label. These men are just as much an enemy to America, human life, and liberty as the Democratic Party hierarchy.

Their lust for war and death makes them the cruelest of political men. Every generation seems to have ruthless men of blood and this generation’s are the American neo-cons.

wolfowitzChief among the neo-cons is their poster boy, Paul Wolfowitz, former President of the World Bank and chief architect of George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraqi War. This was an illegal and unconstitutional war which makes Bush and Wolfowitz directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent human beings, let alone the massive destabilization of the Middle East. Today’s immigration problem in the West is a direct result of this corrupt warmongering.

Recently Wolfowitz has gone public against Trump, calling him a “national security risk” and “unacceptable.” Then he adds that he will probably support Hillary Clinton which leads to the rumors of him as a possible Secretary of Defense or State in a Clinton administration.

No matter the presidential outcome, one of the benefits of this political awakening is the total discrediting of warmongering neo-cons like Wolfowitz. They must never again be allowed in any discussion of policy within conservatism.



  • Bush Family
  • Neo-cons: Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kagan, Wurmser, Abrams, etc.
  • Ted Cruz
  • Karl Rove
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mitt Romney
  • John Kasich: 2016 Presidential Candidate
  • Lindsey Graham: US Senator South Carolina
  • Ben Sasse: US Senator, Nebraska
  • Christine Todd Whitman: former Governor, New Jersey
  • Susan Collins: US Senator, Maine
  • Mark Kirk: US Senator, Illinois
  • Brent Bozell III: activist
  • Meg Whitman: finance co-chair for Governor Christie’s presidential campaign


  • Glenn Beck: radio host
  • George Will: columnist
  • Bill Kristol: editor, Weekly Standard
  • Charles Krauthammer: commentator
  • National Review
  • Weekly Standard
  • National media
  • David Brooks: columnist
  • Mona Charen: columnist
  • Jonah Goldberg: columnist
  • Stephen F. Hayes: columnist, National Review
  • Mark Levin: radio host


  • Michael Farris: Home School Legal Defense Association
  • Russell D. Moore: Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
  • Erick Erickson: political commentator


ss-150930-donald-trump-10-nbcnews-ux-1024-900One of the fascinating developments in this election cycle is Trump’s direct tie to American nationalism: to attack Trump is to attack America. Attacking Trump now identifies the attacker’s allegiance to the Establishment in the eyes of American conservatives.

Trump’s “Americanism” identity message is so clear and so resonates that when any politician, commentator, or religious leader attacks Trump, it is perceived as an attack on America.

14184546_320508241635400_1556794778621669067_nThe other Trump element in play is the resolve of the middle-class awakening and pushback against all things Establishment. Trump has been the voice of this historic American political movement. The “E”-word (Establishment) has become, and will continue to be, politically deadly to the electorate of any leader in politics, media, or religion.


Gordon Lightfoot’s first Top 10 hit reaching #5 on the pop charts in 1970 was “If You Could Read My Mind.” His ending lyric was, “I don’t know where we went wrong. But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back.”

To all of the fake conservatives who have been hiding in the Conservative/Republican stable who now have byoung-business-man-not-listeningeen exposed, we say “the feeling’s gone.” It’s over. We will never listen again to your broadcasts, nor read your articles or follow your political advice. You have abused our trust, and when trust is lost it’s lost for a lifetime, and we just can’t get it back. To Beck, Kristol, Will, and the others – good luck on finding your new political home and constituency.


42ecc2052490f9542c21316eb9d85b63_zpsd82c3f23The Trump phenomenon did appear overnight, but not in a political vacuum. It was built on the foundation of previous movements over 52 years. First, it was Goldwater in 1964, then Reagan. Then came Perot and Buchanan, which later gave way to the Tea Party and its rebellion against the Republican Establishment. Historically, peaceful political revolutions are always established in a process over time.

Senator Sessions described the modern political awakening best in a recent ­­­­­campaign speech. “Something big was happening — the people are taking their country back.”

The forces are lining up and picking sides. One side is a massive middle-class rebellion against the ruling Establishment looking to reestablish a true functioning democracy in a restored American republic; the other is the powerful forces of the dark side pushing for global government and the end of American sovereignty.

Establishment Republicans and the controlled corporate media have created a narrative that Trump is destroying the unity of the Republican Party. It’s often heard that the Party is being torn apart. This is false.

hercules-and-the-augean-stablesThe true narrative is Trump’s cleansing of the political manure that has been piling up for decades in the conservative stables. Do not lament their departure. Let all the conservative imposters leave, washed away in Trump’s “Americanism.”

For a year we have witnessed the Trump cleansing operation doing its thorough work. Finally, the air in the stable is becoming tolerable while room is being made for new elements to come into the renewed conservative house.

All effective renewals of political movements must go through the stage of shedding its compromisers and traitors. This can be a difficult and messy process, but a necessary one, before new people — and truth — are brought in with vitality.

All of this is extremely healthy in the rebirth and the maturing of the Conservative movement. Let the cleansing continue.


© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He is a publisher of Christian theological works and has sat on the boards of several Evangelical Christian organizations.

E:Mail: [email protected]



The following is a list of the political resolves and policy positions Donald Trump has made in support of the Christian faith and the Christian community.


  • On May 18, 2016 he announced his list of potential judges to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies. This list was viewed by knowledgeable conservative jurists as men and women who take a strict view of the Constitution, thus protecting Christian liberty. The contrast to potential Clinton nominees could not be greater.


  • Prior to the Republican Convention, some members of the Council on National Policy (CNP is a Christian leadership organization) served on the GOP platform committee. They were very pleased with the result and the support of the Trump campaign for a conservative and pro-life platform.
  • After Trump got the evangelical positions accepted as part of the official Republican National Committee platform, he asked the evangelicals, “What else can I do for you?” No other president or candidate in modern time has incorporated evangelical positions in the official party platform to that degree.


  • Evangelicals in great numbers voted for him in the primaries. He knows that without the Evangelical support, he would have never won the Republican nomination.
  • From the beginning of his campaign, Trump has met with groups of evangelical leaders.  He has listened to them, and requested their input and prayers.
  • On June 21, 2016 Trump invited over 1100 Evangelical leaders to New York to discuss policy positions and to develop a dialogue. The meeting was led by Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., and more. The meeting went very well, and, from it, a leadership committee was established between the Evangelicals and Trump. The meeting also encouraged many Evangelical leaders to give their support to Trump.
  • The leadership committee formed as a standing advisory council that will advise Trump on evangelical matters during the election campaign, and thereafter during his presidency.


  • Mike Pence was chosen by Trump as his vice president. It is obvious that Trump gave much consideration to the Evangelical community in his choice of Pence, who is a committed Christian.


  • Trump’s commitment in his rallies and in his acceptance speech to revoke the disastrous 1954 Lyndon Johnson 501c3 amendment that limits political activity within Christian churches for fear of loss of a tax deduction would be a huge benefit to the work of Christian activists and Protestant pulpits. What is interesting is that no other so-called pro-Evangelical presidential candidates going back 50 years has ever taken Trump’s strong stance against this anti-Christian, anti-free speech amendment.


  • In Trump’s early debates and continually in his rallies he has declared he has “no time for political correctness.” To demonstrate this, he has routinely said, “I do not like happy holidays. If I am president we’re going back to ‘Merry Christmas.’” This quote may seem like political pandering but his vocal disdain for the PC doctrine should encourage the reversal of the secular trend to remove the Christian faith from public life.


  • Donald Trump openly draws attention to persecuted Christians in parts of the world being decapitated, burned alive, and drowned. Other key Republican politicians never focus on these atrocities and bring them to the forefront of discussion. Trump vows to be a strong protector of Christians, at home and abroad.


  • Kellyanne Conway is a dedicated Christian and member of the Council on National Policy. On August 17, 2016, Trump appointed her as his campaign manager.


  1. AMERICAN INDUSTRY/JOBS/TRADE: Would not his strong position to bring back American industry help Christian men better able to support their families and the work of the Church?
  2. SEAL MEXICAN BORDER: Trump’s insistence on sealing the Southern border can prevent anti-Christian radicals from entering the country.
  3. ANTI-ISLAMIC POLICY: Trump has championed this policy to greatly limit or eliminate Islamic immigration. He has stood alone on this issue. Islam and Christianity are not compatible.
  4. SECOND AMENDMENT: Gun rights are another critical issue for the Church and Christian families is to be able to defend themselves from attack, foreign and domestic.
  5. REDRESS FOREIGN POLICY: Trump’s non-intervention, non-nation-building anti-Bush wars foreign policy would bring stability back to the Middle East with much less loss of innocent life. This is an important pro-life issue. Our Christian sons will not need to be sacrificed in these destructive neo-con wars of aggression. Trump’s commitments will defeat the Islamic rebels in these areas, restoring peace to the millions of our Christian brothers in these Middle-Eastern countries.
  6. PRO-LIFE: Over the past 10 years, Donald Trump has admittedly moved to a pro-life position, and he has publicly and repeatedly stated that he is pro-life. His precise position as a candidate is that he is against abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. While some Christians would not include these exceptions, Donald Trump has taken a strong public stance to defend life in the womb. The biblical command against the “shedding of innocent blood” takes our pro-life position to other areas of life as in the killing of innocents in unjust wars of aggression. Trump’s non-nation building, anti-wars of aggression stance would save millions of innocent lives especially considering the bloody Bush/Obama Middle East, North-African wars of the past two decades.


  • Much has been said and criticized in the Christian community about Trump’s tone, language, attack style, and overall aggressive nature. Christians forget that an aggressive, alpha male characteristic was very evident in our Lord, the Apostles, and Protestant Reformers. Christ whipped the “investment bankers” in the Temple and name-called the Establishment Jewish leadership – “white-washed tombs, brood of snakes, father was the devil.” Our Protestant faith was founded by aggressive alpha males of the likes of Zwingli, Farel in Switzerland, and Knox in Scotland, and of course the triple alpha male, Luther. Aggressive male leadership in defense of the truth and the people of God is a Christian virtue, not a character defect.


  • This key theme of Trump’s campaign, “Americanism not globalism,” is his most important political position, yet the one least understood by Evangelicals. Globalism, the work of the unelected global elites, is the direct source of so many of America’s political, economic, social, and cultural troubles. Trump’s “Americanism not globalism” theme is a direct assault on the worldwide financial elites’ plan for global governance. Trump has changed the political narrative from the older, outdated, and co-opted. “Conservatism vs. Liberalism” to “Americanism not Globalism.” This change directs the conservative attack on the real enemy of American sovereignty, our Christian heritage and the work of the Church. This is a huge, critical political breakthrough.
  • Globalism is the ultimate demonic expression of humanism, man playing God. The battle against globalism and its one-world government is much more than a political battle. Our Christian fight against one-world government is also a spiritual battle against the “city of man” and the reviving of Babel. Finally in Trump we have a political figure with the courage to battle the destructive evil of globalism. This will be the great political battle of our time.


  • Trump is very supportive of the Christian position and seeks the support of the Christian community. He gives every indication that he will continue this if elected. That would be a significant change from previous Establishment Republican presidents.
  • Considering presidential candidates of the last half century, is it possible to find a more pro-Christian candidate for president than Donald Trump?

by Thomas Ertl
Christians for Donald Trump (National Media Director)

Trump talk


(Originally published in

There are times in American life where history is made and, looking back, many of us wish we would have been in attendance at these historic events. I wish I could have seen the Democratic Convention of ’68 – but was glad to miss Woodstock.


What happened July 18-21, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Republican National Convention was history in the making, and I wasn’t going to miss it.

Tuesday night’s roll call giving Trump the nomination was surreal. I was waiting for Rod Sterling to come out on stage with a new version of the Twilight Zone: “What you are experiencing did not really happen.”

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 18: David Servin, left, lays out pro-Trump literature prior to a rally at Settler's Landing near downtown Cleveland on July 18, 2016. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

CLEVELAND, OH – JULY 18:   David Servin, left, lays out pro-Trump literature prior to a rally at Settler’s Landing near downtown Cleveland on July 18, 2016. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

If God gives me 25 more years, I never would have imagined I would have witnessed all that transpired during those four days in Cleveland with an anti-Establishment American nationalist getting the Republican nomination.

The convention itself, probablyProtestors chant outside a downtown hotel in Boston, Wednesday, June 29, 2016, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was holding a lunchtime fundraiser. Trump was scheduled to hold a rally later in the afternoon in Bangor, Maine. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes) like many others, created a carnival-like atmosphere in downtown Cleveland, filled with everything imaginable. Fourth Street, the walking mall of the downtown area, right outside the convention hall was where much of the action was. The street was jammed with delegates, guests, vendors hawking their political goods, protesters, national media booths, hundreds of reporters, fake nuns on stilts, street preaching, what was left of the ‘60’s hippies, Don King and his entourage, and Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Al Franken sightings.

Demonstrators march by police during the Shut Down Trump & the RNC protest on Sunday, July 17, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The police presence was brought in from all over the country, complete with the Fort Worth cavalry. The police far outnumbered the protesters and did a terrific job.

There were reports of only some 25 arrests. Soros’ “rent-a-mob” did not show. It seemed most of the protesters were younger and probably local.

Shop workers would go to their store windows to see the commotion as protesters moved down the street in packs of 20-40. As they went shouting against Trump, they were followed by flocks of press, who were followed by filming tourists. It was quite a scene that reminded me of something out of the French Revolution.

Inside the convention hall, security was everywhere. Wayne Madsen in his report mentioned a few of the convention snafus: the press sitting on floors searching for any electrical outlet they could find, the empty seats in the upper deck, and some roll call issues.

GTY_RNC_Trump_children_jrl_160719_16x9_992One negative of the four days was the typical neo-con speeches of Giuliani, Gingrich and Christie. Some of what they stated disagreed with Trump’s positions so it’s assumed their speeches weren’t edited. However, what made this convention so different was the fact that so few politicians spoke. The podium was filled with business people, servicemen, Trump’s family, actors, and some ordinary people. This was tremendously refreshing not having to listen to politicians all night.

The convention was truly a historic event in America. Future histories will record the American uprising of the middle class against the ruling elites and their globalist controllers.


I went into the convention with my questions. One was, “What would be the response of the floor delegates to Trump?”

We all heard of the “Never Trump” movement and the potential rebellion of, and compromise of, the delegates away from Trump during the convention. But the “Never Trump” resistance ended early on the first day.

Still the floor was filled with many traditional Republican delegates who had allegiances to other non-Trump candidates, but were obligated to Trump, so there was some early suspense for how things were going to be received in this convention.

What transpired over these four days was very encouraging and demonstrated the unity of Republicans to their dominating, vote-getting, American populist candidate, Donald Trump.

Every day after each speaker, the delegates and guests, no matter their preconceived doubts, warmed up to Trump. The words of the Trump children talking about their father moved the audience further towards Trump.


Then came the unthinkable on Wednesday night when Senator Cruz made a fool of himself by refusing to endorse the overwhelming people’s choice of Donald Trump. What was supposed to be a night for Eric Trump and Mike Pence on Wednesday became the Cruz show of arrogance and political suicide. In the end it pushed most of the remaining doubters to Trump.

Then on the 4th night came the heartfelt introduction of Ivanka Trump of her father with Trump’s powerful America First speech. Everyone left united behind their candidate.


During the convention Trump unveiled his greatest political weapons: his wife and children.

Monday it was Melania, Tuesday it was Donald Jr. and Tiffany, Wednesday it was Eric, and Thursday it was Ivanka introducing her father. One day I saw a sign near the Nebraska delegation: “Don Jr. for President.”

Every one of their speeches moved the delegates and greatly endeared them to their nominee. The children’s speeches touched the hearts and brought some to tears. We who have raised children know it’s nearly impossible for children to fake well their thoughts of their parents. Any attempt to embellish is easily seen as disingenuous.

I could imagine many in attendance thought as they listened to the Trump children’s love, respect, and great appreciation for dad, that if they could get 20% of such words from their own children they would be a very happy mother or father.

One political commentator mentioned of Trump’s children the biblical phrase, “by their fruits you should know them,” and went on about commending Trump for his excellent children. Trump’s children must be one of his proudest accomplishments, and they truly shined at the convention.


One of my favorite events in American political conventions is the traditional delegate roll call vote. At this convention, the attendees heard of the glories of world-renowned Idaho potatoes and of another Alabama NCAA football championship. This event every four years symbolizes and reminds us of the importance and uniqueness of each state.

At this time, came the day many informed American conservatives were looking for but never really truly anticipated.


2 hours, 47 minutes, and 47 seconds into day two of the 2016 Republican National Convention, the Bush family legacy was finally over. It officially ended when Chairman Paul Ryan mentioned that Jeb Bush, the 2015 frontrunner Republican candidate, after spending $150 million, received just three delegates. Yes, that is correct: three delegates. That’s $50 million per delegate.

GEORGE-JEB_3268673bThis was the ultimate embarrassment for the Bush family when Jeb, favorite son of mom and daddy Bush, was swamped by the outsider, Donald Trump, 1725 delegates to 3. The dagger to the Bushes came at 2 hours, 48 minutes, and 14 seconds into Tuesday night when Ryan had to announce that Donald Trump, having received the majority of the votes, had been selected as the Republican nominee. It must have been a “Pepto-Bismol” moment for the entire Bush operation.


Much could be said of the 20 years of the Bushes’ presidential administrations. I include the 8 years of Reagan because it was filled with many Bush operatives. Much could also be said of the disastrous policies of the Bushes and their passion and labor for a New World Order and its technocratic control by global elites with the goal of one world government. The Bushes are globalists, not true Americans. Trump began exposing the whole family and eventually pushed Jeb out of the Republican primary by humiliating him in South Carolina. The events of July 19 in Cleveland, Ohio made a great day for American sovereignty and liberty with the announcement of “three votes for Jeb Bush.”


Donald Trump graciously gave his prominent primary opponents an opportunity to speak unconditionally. Christie, Carson and Rubio were all heard. The same opportunity was given to Ted Cruz.

Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz speaks during the third night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar - RTSIY6F

Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz speaks during the third night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar – RTSIY6F

As Cruz went further into his 23-minute speech, the Republican attendees were getting more and more anxious waiting for his endorsement of Trump. Then he uttered the code words of the “Never Trump” movement: “vote your conscience,” and all bedlam broke out. The crowd shouted, “Endorse Trump,” and broke out into rounds of boos. They bombarded Cruz. He did get in one more – sarcastic– comment to the New York delegation: “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.” From that point, he could not effectively finish his speech.

Cruz then departed to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s luxury suite from which he was repelled by Adelson’s aide, Andy Abboud, who told Cruz he was not welcomed. Then things became even more volatile on the floor for Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and dad, Raphael. As they were leaving the floor, delegates were booing his father and yelling at his wife: “Goldman Sachs! Goldman Sachs!” Cruz supporter from Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, had to grab Mrs. Cruz, call for additional security, and escort her out to safety from the increasingly volatile crowd of delegates moving towards her.

Whether Cruz’s speech was planned or changed matters little; surely he miscalculated the response. A New York Times reporter wrote, “… he managed to do the unthinkable — make Mr. Trump look like a victim.”

The other unthinkable thing is the fact that Ted Cruz, who was the second leading Republican vote-getter and supported by many in the Party, turned himself into a political pariah. Cruz had to have his wife and father escorted out of their own conventional hall under security from their own Party delegates. Has anything like this happened before in modern Party convention history? His own arrogance overcame political prudence.

What Cruz did was similar to a wedding where the minister asks, “Does anyone oppose this marriage? Speak now or forever hold your peace,” and Cruz stands up at the service explaining his opposition to the groom, and tells the bride to go with her conscience. Unbelievable, tacky, and inappropriate, was Cruz, yet he just couldn’t help himself. He would have been better off staying home.

The next morning at breakfast Cruz doubled down defending his actions of the previous night before the Texas delegation that booed and heckled him.

Gov. Christie best described Cruz’s behavior:

I think it was awful. And quite frankly, I think it was selfish. And, he signed a pledge. And, it’s his job to keep his word. And Donald Trump gave him the opportunity to speak here at this convention tonight and I think it was too cute, and I think he saw by the end of the speech that the crowd was waiting for him to do the right thing and realized that once again he wasn’t going to do it. And I think the performance you saw up there is why Ted has so, so richly deserved the reputation that he’s developed on Capitol Hill.

… [H]e gave Donald Trump a promise the same day I did, the same day everyone signed that pledge did. We didn’t give it to Donald Trump, we gave it to each other. The 17 of us gave a promise to each other, and we signed it, and we said no matter what happens, we’re going to support the Republican nominee for president. I don’t know what kind of conversations he and Donald may have had since that time, and that’s not what I’m talking about. Every one of us signed a pledge, and our word should matter, and that’s what disgusts people out in your audience, that they give their word, and they think that’s negotiable.

What became obvious to many conservatives was that Ted Cruz was more concerned about Ted Cruz’s political future than his own country. They saw he would accept a Hillary victory and the country in ruins, so that he could run in 2020.

I believe he is done in national politics. He will never recover from his 2016 wild adventure in Cleveland. I’m sure there will be an opening for him at Goldman Sachs.


Trump’s RNC acceptance speech was a powerful blast against all things “ruling establishment.” He hit political correctness, media elite censorship, corporations, globalism, anti-American trade deals, big business donors, nation building, illegal immigration, NAFTA, TPP, excessive regulations, Evangelical involvement and free speech. He ended with highlighting that our system is “rigged,” but “I am with you—the American people. I will be your voice.”


It was a powerful, America First, anti-establishment speech that many of us have been awaiting for half a century.

Some of Trump’s key speech quotes were:

“We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. So if you want to hear the corporate spin, the carefully-crafted lies, and the media myths [of] the Democrats…”
“…plain facts…have been edited out of your nightly news and your morning newspaper.”
“…the legacy of Hillary Clinton [is]: death, destruction and weakness.”
“Tonight, I will share with you my plan of action for America…our plan will put America first. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo…This will all change in 2017. The American people will come first once again.”
“A number of these reforms that I will outline tonight will be opposed by some of our nation’s most powerful special interests. That is because these interests have rigged our political and economic system for their exclusive benefit. Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings.”

“Every day I wake up determined to deliver for the people I have met all across this nation that have been neglected, ignored, and abandoned.”
“I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people…”
“We must abandon the failed policy of nation building and regime change…”
“We are going to build a great border to stop illegal immigration…”
“I have a different vision for our workers. It begins with a new, fair trade policy that protects our jobs and stands up to countries that cheat.”
“I am going to turn our bad trade agreements into great ones.”
“Remember, it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA… Never again.”
“The TPP will not only destroy our manufacturing, but it will make America subject to the rulings of foreign governments. I pledge to never sign any trade agreement that hurts our workers, or that diminishes our freedom and independence.”

“We are going to enforce all trade violations, including through the use of taxes and tariffs, against any country that cheats…That includes renegotiating NAFTA.”
“Then we are going to deal with the issue of regulation…Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion a year, and we will end it. We are going to lift the restrictions on the production of American energy.”
“At this moment, I would like to thank the evangelical community who have been so good to me and so supportive. You have so much to contribute to our politics, yet our laws prevent you from speaking your minds from your own pulpits.”
“I am going to work very hard to repeal that language and protect free speech for all Americans.”
“No longer can we rely on those elites in media, and politics, who will say anything to keep a rigged system in place.”
“My pledge reads: ‘I AM WITH YOU — THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.’ I am your voice.”

Trump blended his theme of making America great again with numerous examples of what’s wrong and how he’s going to fix the rigged corporate system.

a_ov_rnc_trump_mashup_160722__872382.nbcnews-ux-1080-600The critics claim it wasn’t a “statesman-like” speech or one of “political eloquence.” Aren’t we tired of eloquent statesman speeches by so-called conservatives who give us words and no action on key issues? America is ready instead for blue collar, real life speeches that push for action on issues that put America first. Trump’s speech at the Cleveland convention may go down as one of our great turning points in our political history.


When I heard Trump speak and proclaim, “Our plan will put America first. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo,” I almost fell out of the Alabama alternate delegate section over the rail onto the concrete below.

No self-respecting establishment Republican would disparage “globalism,” or contrast it to “Americanism.”

After studying US national politics for over 45 years, I thought I would never hear such an assertion against globalism from a national political candidate. This phrase shows how advanced Trump is in knowing how the world works, and who is in control. While Rush Limbaugh is constantly incorrectly hyping liberalism as the enemy of America, Trump lays aside the symptoms of liberalism and zeros in on the symptoms’ source, “globalism.”

Critical and telling of Trump’s phrase against globalism is the use of the word “credo.” His use of this word purposely tells of his fundamental commitment to Americanism first and the battle against globalism. The word “creed” has a transcendent religious conviction and meaning to it. A “creed” is defined as “a set of beliefs, a dogma, a principle, and tenant that guides action.” Trump’s use of “credo” was brilliant and gives his Americanism an immovable foundation to build upon.

Later in his speech, Trump doubled down on globalism with, “we must abandon the failed policy of nation building and regime change.” Wow! Another political phrase no traditional Republican would mention. His statements repudiated the disastrous Bush wars, the Obama/Clinton destabilization of North Africa, and the use of the American military and NATO as the global elite’s private army.

These two phrases of Trump’s speech were the most powerful in his talk, and very telling of his planned direction and leadership of the country.


When I look back at my time at the 2016 Republican National Convention, I am left thinking, “Wow, what an incredible time in our nation’s political history.”


The convention was a product of something bigger than its events of four days. It is a true political awakening of the people against the ruling establishment, and this awakening is far greater than any one convention or any one candidate.

No one can tell what lies before us. The global establishment has been in control of Western governments and finance for over 100 years, and will not lay down to a Trump presidency to see their control grid dismantled.

We do not know what they have in place to deal with the wild boar, Donald Trump, who got loose in their global vineyard. Whether it’s assassination, voter fraud or an orchestrated economic depression and societal breakdown, we do not know.

Nonetheless, we need to be reminded that the people did not lose control of their government overnight and it will not be taken back overnight. Securing personal liberty and national sovereignty is a process. We have gone through two initial stages of the process: the rejection of the Republican Party establishment (Jeb), the candidacy of a citizen representative (Trump) and his nomination as a major party’s candidate for president.

These are two monumental steps in the right direction in the long process of the American people taking back their government.


© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved


(Originally published in

With Donald Trump as the eventual presidential nominee of the Republican Party, the old Republican guard is still in shock over what has happened to their former control over the conservative Republican electorate. They now have to face the reality of Trump representing the Republican Party in the general election. Their current narrative is that Mr. Trump isn’t genuinely conservative. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! But is there any basis for their criticism of Trump’s conservative credentials?

The doubters are from the usual sources in talk radio and among Republican operatives. Here are some of their many comments:

“Is Trump really a conservative?”
“I don’t know what Trump is but he’s not a real conservative.”
“Trump is not a conservative purist.”
“With Trump, what will happen to true conservatism?”

My favorite lines come from the old-guard commentators:

“[Trump] must work harder to earn conservative votes.”
“Will Trump destroy the conservative movement?”

Then long-time conservative leader Richard Viguerie adds:

“He is not part of the Republican conservative family. He needs to prove he is worthy of our support.”
“Right now conservatives are mostly on the sidelines waiting to see if Trump governs as a conservative.”

These comments are laughable, especially the ones by Mr. Viguerie. We have a candidate in Mr. Trump who has received more conservative votes in Republican primary history, peeling off a considerable number of voters from the enemy party, and the gatekeepers of an ineffective conservative political system are worried he is going to damage their system of conservatism, a system that has had very little influence in government for decades!

That’s like worrying about someone hindering the Washington Senators of the late ‘50s: can you get any further in last place? They act as if modern conservatism is this great engine rolling through the land, changing politics and culture everywhere it goes, and, therefore, has something to lose from Donald Trump’s leadership.

You have to love Viguerie’s lament that Trump is not part of the Republican conservative family. Maybe that’s why he was so dominant in the Republican primaries—because the voters were fed up with the conservative Republican family!
It sounds like the old-guard Republicans are losing control over THEIR “conservative” movement—and they don’t like it.


This primary season is challenging all thoughtful conservatives to reflect on the meaning and effectiveness of conservatism with much needed introspection.

We have come to the place politically where people are asking: “What does ‘conservatism’ actually mean anymore?” The answer should be, by definition: conservatism is a political and social philosophy promoting the preservation of traditional, historic, and social institutions of culture and policy.

Has modern conservatism been “conserving” America’s traditional Christian, historic, and social institutions?

The following is a statement by Robert Lewis Dabney (1820–1898) lamenting the Northern conservatism of his day in his 1871 pamphlet, “Women’s Rights Women.” Dabney was a Presbyterian minister and Southern statesman. When you read Dabney, see if he is not describing Bush Republicanism and the politics of John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

Northern conservatism: This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always—when about to enter a protest—very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance. The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy from having nothing to whip.

I borrow from Mrs. Clinton when I ponder modern conservatism and ask, “What difference does it make?” Modern conservatism is not a political movement that actually conserves anything of what was traditional America. It has become a political movement whose primary purpose is an exercise of discussing conservative ideology but has no real influence on the practical issues of American life.


R.L. Dabney’s commentary on Northern conservatism of the late 1800s is true in every generation and transcends time because he addresses the failings and temptations of human nature and of political men.

His words are an analysis of political realities and also a warning to future conservatives. He nails the reason why conservatives in his day always “acquiesce” and “never conserve anything”—because of their timidity. Timidity within the political guardians of conservatism gives the reason for its “impotence.”

Courage—what in life amounts to anything without courage? What religious, political, business, or social endeavor succeeds without courage? It is the internal drive that gives the politician the ability to stand strong on the traditions of the past and refuse political innovation.

When Dabney writes of risking attacks by standing in “sturdy principle” he is really introducing a religious element into politics. How can a politician stand against progressive innovation unless he has a transcendent, religious conviction for the truth. Without such conviction the politician will always fall to expediency.

Dabney wrote of Alexis de Tocqueville’s prediction that political innovators will always be successful in America because of the selfish timidity of her public men:

It is the nature of ultra democracy to make all its politicians timeservers; its natural spawn is the brood of narrow, truckling, cowardly worshippers of the vox populi, and of present expediency. Their polar star is always found in the answer to the question, “Which will be the more popular?” As soon as any agitation of this kind goes far enough to indicate a possibility of success, their resistance ends.

Dabney concludes his list of conservatism’s failures by describing its fake “role of resistance.”

This corruption has been exposed as Washington’s fake Left/Right paradigm of public political polemics by day, and dinners and companionship by night.

Courage: it has no replacement and it is the very thing that has attracted the conservative electorate to Donald Trump. Trump’s courage is a character trait they haven’t seen in a generation and it is the very thing they’ve been craving in their political leaders.


Modern conservatism has evolved into more of an academic institution than a political one.

The academic dimension of the last six-decade conservative movement bears a similar resemblance to academia in the university. There is, in both domains, much emphasis on discussion, publishing, policy papers, and conference after conference. In both institutions theory always takes priority over implementation and application.

Conservatism has succumbed to an intellectual discussion and debate over “purity” of ideology. Every 2 or 4 years we debate which controlled Republican candidate is the purest conservative, then we vote for him, and he goes to Washington and eventually becomes part of the Washington Republican Establishment and serves the money oligarchy like the others. With all of the wonderful rhetoric during the election cycle, we never get a bill that is written, passed by a Republican-controlled committee, voted on the floors of House and Senate, passed and sent to the president for his signature. It is what Donald Trump is forever saying, “All talk and no action.”

I ask again, what does it matter anymore who is the “purest conservative”? It doesn’t matter. We have all these great ideological Republican conservatives in Congress and all they do is oversee the demise of the country—illegal immigrants streaming over the border, the destruction of our industrial base and jobs, trillions poured down the never-ending hole of these endless wars of the neo-conservatives. We elect supposed conservatives, and they do nothing and conserve nothing.

For 40 years all we’ve got has been Reagan-esque speeches and more New World Order control, less income, and less freedom. None of the wonderful conservative ideology ever becomes a tangible reality, filtering down to practical improvements in the lives of Americans.

So while our conservative leaders are pontificating over political ideology, writing policy books and holding more conferences, the globalist establishment is continually applying an aggressive plan for their New World Order run by central bankers and multi-national corporations.

This is the very heart of the historic rebellion against the Republican Establishment ruling class. In the last decade Republican candidates were sent to Washington with a mandate to implement a clearly acknowledged conservative ideology and in the end did nothing.


Conservatism’s iconic guiding phrase by Richard Weaver since 1948 has been, “Ideas have consequences.” Sixty-eight years later, in the maturing of the conservative movement, there should be room for a new phrase to fit our present condition: “IDEAS NOT EXECUTED HAVE CONSEQUENCES.”

The meaning of the above statement is two-fold. The best political ideas held in the abstract are of little value, and whoever has the vision and will to implement their ideas will rule the day.

People do not live in the abstract; they live in the physical world. Ideas and life are never held in a vacuum. Life rolls down the corridor of time and in this life someone’s ideas will be implemented. Whoever can implement their ideas in the realm where people live can determine the direction of the culture and nation.

While conservatives are debating the “purity of conservatism,” an alien political worldview is being adapted and applied in the institutions, laws, and culture of American society.


What is starting to become clear to a wider conservative electorate is the reality that Wall Street controls the government and their money controls federal politicians. This is evidenced in Mrs. Clinton’s donor speech list filled with international bankers, pharmaceutical conglomerates, foreign companies and governments.

Money from Wall Street funds Establishment candidate campaigns (see Ted Cruz) with the expectations of future payments due.

In just a few years, your bright, passionate ideological conservative becomes just another controlled Republican who can’t even tie his shoes in Washington without permission from someone.

This may be the single greatest reason that “ideas are never executed” in Washington—that politicians serve the money interests, not the people.

A vast majority of Republican congressmen and senators and all their leadership are controlled and beholden to the money oligarchy.


The “conservative” label does not matter anymore. What does it even mean coming from the few who are still hanging on to a term that was gutted long ago of its original substance?

One of the phenomenal benefits in the ascent of Donald Trump is his masterful job of exposing the faults of political operatives who had been hiding in the conservative tent for decades. The list is long and it starts with the Republican Party elites and apparatus, Fox News, Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, talk radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, the Republican leadership of McCain, Graham, Boehner, Ryan, National Review, Weekly Standard, the ever-long list of neo-conservatives, and, of course, Bush Republicanism.

Of course, the greatest of the fake operatives are the neo-conservatives. They have exercised great influence, beyond their numbers, in American foreign policy with their promotion of all the disastrous Middle Eastern wars.

A significant number of these prominent neo-conservatives have dual citizenship with the United States and Israel. With few exceptions, the first love of these dual citizens is always Israel. The purpose of their U.S. citizenship is for the benefit of personal wealth and to give them a platform to lobby and promote Israeli interests.

These neo-cons of divided loyalties have dominated US foreign policy in the last three decades and have done much damage to the image and position of the Unites States abroad.

These men and their policies need to be further exposed and rejected as infiltrators within conservatism.

One by one, these people and organizations are taking on water as the Trump candidacy gives them over to self-destruction. In their protests of Trump, they expose their own false political allegiances. As so-called conservatives, they were among us but they were not really part of us. They have been exposed by Trump, and they will never regain their legitimacy with the conservative electorate.

With their departure goes their corruption, their false political doctrines, and their misguided worldview, which involve American imperialism, national poverty through free trade, illegal immigration, preventative wars, corporatism, and the national pillaging by Wall Street’s crony capitalism.

The constant lamenting of the old guard about the loss of conservatism is really about them being exposed for not being truly conservative with their addition of illegitimate elements to the historic American conservative movement.

The hope is that once the internal battles within American conservatism settle a new conservative movement would arise, cleansed of the infiltrators and fakes. It will be good riddance to them all.

Trump has shown that the safeguard to a “new conservatism” is one with an America first nationalistic appeal. As Trump has said, “No country has ever prospered that has not put its own interest first.”


In consideration of a new political conservative movement replacing the old, one must start with a thorough cleaning of the “old house” with all of its imposters.

Then new men, with truth, courage, conviction, and resolve must replace those timid, old, compromised leaders of the old order.

The best of any conservatism is always rooted in a transcendent religious foundation. For America, that religious tradition has been orthodox Christianity based in the Law of God.

Its Law gives the civil realm a basis for its law system and its guardians the courage and conviction to “conserve” such great religious and civil traditions for the good and well-being of its people.

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved
Tom Ertl is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA). For over three decades Tom has worked with various Christian political organizations, including Freedom Council in the 80s. He is a former member of The Council For National Policy and has sat on various Christian ministry and political boards. He is also a publisher of Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

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Donald Trump is Our Last Hope

Donald Trump is our LAST HOPE to save our country from going bankrupt.  And if we go bankrupt, it will not be a pretty sight.

Every group of politicians in modern history has taken us deeper into the economic abyss, even Ronald Reagan!  We are beyond the tipping point. We can’t even imagine what life will be like in America if the country goes bankrupt.  Worse than the Great Depression.  Total destruction of wealth.  Worthless, useless retirement funds.  Business closures.  Race riots. Roving gangs.  Infrastructure collapse.  Terrorist attacks.  Martial Law.  Anarchy.  It won’t be like it was in the Great Depression, when men in suits and ties lined up politely in soup lines.  We don’t have that mentality anymore as a people.  Soup lines won’t work now.  People won’t have dignity when it all hits the fan. If this happens, Christian issues won’t even matter.

Trump talkWe need to HAVE A COUNTRY to even have Christian values be a focus.



By Thomas Ertl
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In war, after a great battle ends, the wounded are attended to and the dead are counted. When the dust settles, analysis of the conflict becomes much clearer. From there, the historian can see where the battle was won and lost, which general excelled, and which failed.


By late spring of 2016, a similar time had arrived in the heated battle of the 2016 Republican primary. The Republican primary season of nine months was much more intense than typical primary elections. And it was a battle of the political ages; one that may go down as the beginning of a great political revolution in American history.

 It started with 17 combatants and ended with one man standing by Tuesday, May 3rd, the evening of the Indiana primary.

goldwater-1964-campaign-posterThe symbolism of war is appropriate for what transpired. The Establishment/Goldwater battle of ’64 was nothing compared to what we have seen this election season.

One by one, the upstart Donald Trump picked off his opponents. The ones who left early—Paul, Christie, Carson, and more—left with fewer wounds. Those who continued—Jeb Bush, Rubio, and especially Cruz—may have suffered politically mortal wounds.

13-george-jeb-bush-republicans.w750.h560.2xThe primary war even inflicted damage on non-combatants such as the two former Bush presidents with their legacy which was hit hard by Trump’s verbal artillery against brother Jeb and the Bush family.

The other non-combatant who suffered severe wounds was the candidate supply line known as the Republican Party Establishment. Traditionally, in primary battles, the party establishment remains in the background, taking a neutral position, waiting for a winner to emerge.


Instead, in an unprecedented fashion, the Republican Party Establishment has entered the battlefield, seeking to take down the leading general. History may well show that they have suffered the greatest wounds of all, having lost the loyalty of their troops for a long time due to their duplicity. Who knows if they will ever get it back? When an organization’s corruption is exposed and trust is lost, it is difficult for them to recover loyalty.

Another big loser in this historic primary battle is the Christian Right leadership. By the end of the battle, this leadership was seen in retreat behind Rubio and Cruz. Only a few of these leaders has sided with the winning general. Despite so many Christian Right leaders backing Establishment candidates, over half of their Evangelical supporters broke rank and placed their support behind Trump, many switching allegiances in the middle of the battle.


The louder the Evangelical officers yelled at their forces to hold the line for Cruz or Rubio, the worse things got, until, in South Carolina, a huge Evangelical backing of Trump shocked the Christian Right leadership. The rest of the southern troops soon followed. No amount of name calling by the Christian Right officers could hold the line against Trump. The greater the threats, the more their men went to the outsider from New York.

The primaries have shown that Evangelicals do not vote as a monolithic group and that the Christian Right leaders cannot control their own people anymore. This exposure and embarrassment of the Christian Right Establishment during this public primary battle has deeply wounded them. You can’t be leading if nobody is following.

Of course, the primary setback for these Christian Right leaders did not come as a surprise. It is the culmination of four decades of failed leadership. They have failed to make the case for distinctively Christian positions on issues for decades, so a tipping point had to appear at some point as the beginning of the end of their influence.


god-is-not-a-republican-squareA glaring weakness in the leadership of the Christian Right is their unwavering allegiance and servitude to the national Republican Party. Their loyalty is based on some kind of supposed common ground: as if the Republican Party is synonymous with liberty, the Bill of Rights, conservatism, and the Christian faith.

This is the Republican Party that is state-ist, big government, pro-central banks, pro-Wall Street pillaging, pro-war and pro-NSA illegal spying—and has been for decades. Is there anything Christian about these positions? The Christian Right is to the Republican hierarchy what the black constituency is to the Democratic Party. The Party placates them on a few issues, and then uses them for political advantage while finding reasons to ignore those “social issue” positions.


These Christian leaders are tied too closely to the Republican Establishment so they can’t confront them and call them to reform the Party. This has been made very clear in the 2016 Republican primary season. The Republican Establishment of insider politicians and donors has been railing against Donald Trump. They have enthusiastically conspired against their own electors’ overwhelming choice for president. During the primary there was a period in which every week was filled with stories of secret meetings among Party Establishment donors and operatives desiring to destroy their own frontrunner.


Despite this unprecedented behavior of corruption, compromise, and treacherous policy from the Party hierarchy, many in the Christian Ric57eb275-1bbc-44af-b6af-7efb3b7c9c2cght leadership remained silent, while others publicly joined in with the Republican elites to destroy the peoples’ candidate. As the Republican Party was being exposed weekly, complaints came in from everywhere, but the Christian Right remained silent, revealing their compromised alliance with the GOPe.


The modern Christian Right leader has little understanding of the leadership and influence the historic Church has had in its 2000-year history in relation to its high calling and authority in the world. Instead, today’s Western Church has become a place of seclusion and comfort; an institution hidden away from the secular world that seeks to destroy it.

The true biblical picture of Christ’s Church is of an institution that is on the offensive, storming the gates of hell, tearing down secular strongholds and philosophies that are alien to God and His Word. It is a picture of a huge force of redeemed saints of God, seeking daily to advance the cause of Christ, building His Kingdom. The modern Christian activist has replaced this vision for the humanist notion of political salvation whereby politics is the singular means to expand God’s Kingdom. This heretical and false hope that has permeated the leadership of the Evangelical Establishment has muted its prophetic voice against the evils of our day, including the corruption within the Republican Party.


Outside of their three comfort issues—abortion, marriage and human sexuality—the Christian Right has not showed up for the battle over American culture. They have been AWOL in the great fight over human destiny. The enemies of Christianity—many of whom are members of the GOP—have romped to cultural victory after victory, unopposed by the Church.


The lack of the prophetic voice of the Church is ever so clear in the realm of US foreign policy, and the endless, unbiblical, unconstitutional wars of (1)
The Bible is clear concerning the prohibition of the “shedding of innocent blood” and the terrific loss of innocent human life by unjust wars. But the Christian Right leadership would rather embrace the worldview of war-loving neo-cons with the illegal Bush Middle Eastern wars than take a biblical stand for life.

Christian Right leaders will mobilize and unite to save one life like Terri Schiavo, but if they see 1½ million innocent dead Iraqis and Afghanis, they will not lift a finger. The neo-con warmongering worldview has captivated the Christian Right leadership, and they have greatly compromised their pro-life position. Being pro-life is more than being anti-abortion.

ISIS-execute-police-and-soldiers-in-open-fieldHistory will haunt the Church with the question, “Where was the Church in this great human slaughter in the Middle East and North Africa?”


Over the last thirty years, the Christian Right leadership has embraced the “Social Conservative” label. The implication of this self-labeling is that there are other issues for which there are conservative positions, but those issues are of lesser import because they do not exist within the new synonym for “Christian.” That’s a politically expedient classification of issues, but it’s not a biblical distinction.

church_and_stateSocial conservatism has generally limited itself to three areas of action: abortion, family, and human sexuality. This strategy of addressing only self-styled “social” issues has been a recipe for disaster in the manipulative hands of the national Republican Party. Establishment Republicans only have to win over the vote of the Christian Right by giving lip service to three issues, while doing as they please on the multitude of other important issues of life. The modern American Church has handed to the enemies of God the right to set the agenda and ethics for all the other areas of interest to our political masters; this includes economics, sound money, taxation, war, foreign policy, civil jurisdiction and limitations, all realms of education, and the many other areas of culture.

political-correctness-language-thoguht-controlWithin the three social conservative issues, the Christian Right leaders have always taken the most compromised positions to appease the governing establishment. For a long time the Christian cause has lost tremendous ground in these three areas that the Christian Right leadership holds dear. They hold these issues as their own, but in political battles over them they often compromise in a moment. They never seem to be able to see the fight through to victory and in the end they appease the politicians and betray the Christian position.


The problem is not simply one of ethics. The Christian Right leadership has sought to engage in the political sphere without a fully developed epistemology (source of knowledge), dealing with all the issues relevant to political theory. Their worldview has been an eclectic mixture of a little Bible, some general conservative thought, American traditions, talk radio, and Fox News. Their worldview is a syncretism from many sources.

The result of this limited and faulty theological worldview not based solely on Holy Scripture is the ineffectiveness of the Christian Right to advance the true foundational Christian position in the political sphere.

Issues of interest in the political arena are many, and can be very complex. For the Christian to speak into all these areas he must be equipped with a conviction of the sufficiency of Scripture alone, and the proper intellectual tools of an unpolluted comprehensive biblical worldview that flow from this conviction to battle those who oppose the Christian faith.

Christian Right political leadership has also been largely reactionary instead of proactive—because they have not developed a comprehensive worldview to apply God’s truth to every area of life; to the world in which their people live.


America’s Christian Right leadership has also compromised itself when it comes to the sources of news it has supported, advocated, and uses. The daily gathering of truthful worldwide news is of critical importance to be able to effectively determine policy and to speak into the issues of our national life and culture. Christian Right leadership, for too long, has been dependent on the news feeds from the various corporate venues of the Establishment media.

Christians should be the most interested of all people in truth, searching diligently for it, instead of naively accepting whatever is handed to them. Yet the Christian Right would rather be spoon fed propaganda from neo-con networks like Fox and talk radio than making the effort to find truthful sources of news.

The national and geo-political world is complicated, but one that could be understood with some effort. The modern world of publishing and the internet has given everyone in political leadership a wealth of resources to sort out all of the Establishment media’s disinformation. Yet the Christian Right never seems to venture past their easy sources of news information.


For several decades, influential Christians have taken on the role of drafting political policies, leading political causes, promoting political parties, and endorsing candidates. With their vast resources and organizations, they have not developed influential think tanks and theological centers to do this work, so they suffer without sufficient biblical training in the vast realm of Christian political theory. These men are grossly unqualified for this important public task, yet these are the leaders of the Christian Right.

These men often raise vast sums of money for political activity, but do not have the biblical epistemology, worldview, and wisdom to effectively represent Christian positions. Instead, their activism has often supported non-Christian views. Evangelical witness has suffered greatly from these “low-information leaders.”

A new group of Christian Right leaders must start to develop a host of schools, organizations, and think tanks to train a new generation of leaders who will have the courage and intellectual capabilities to press the TOTAL claims of Jesus Christ and His Word into a hostile political world and culture.

The Church’s enemies have done the painstaking work to create such institutions of their own to train their leaders. This is what thoughtful people of vision do. The Church historically has advanced with such vision, but the modern American Church has walked away from this legacy.


The definition of “naïve” so accurately describes the Christian Right leadership: to be trusting, simple, gullible, innocent, and immature. Another definition: lacking worldly experience, knowledge, and understanding, thus not having critical judgment and a developed ability of analysis and reasoning.

Denny Burk writes, “…among Evangelicals, there is a naïve belief that if only we were winsome enough, kind enough, and compassionate enough, the culture would welcome us with open arms.” Evangelical leaders operate in their own moral idealism that often hinders their judgment in the battle over politics and culture.

Evangelical leaders think the CIA is there to protect them and American interests, and that the Republican Party is their friend. They are unaware of how the world works and think elected politicians run the federal government. They always seem to exalt Israel’s interests above the Church. Evangelical leaders couldn’t give a simple paragraph on who is Prescott Bush, or provide a 30-second definition of the history of central banking.

I can’t think of an American political constituency as unaware and naïve as the Christian Right. Why? Is it Christ’s own words in Luke 16:8: “…the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light”?

Yet in Church history when the people of God were faithful you did not see such a naïve understanding of the world as you do in our modern era. No matter the reason, this present naivety does a huge disservice to the testimony of Christian faith in the world of politics and culture.


The lure of power politics so captivates the minds of many who pay it homage. 21st-century American culture is dominated by politics. Political rhetoric and promises dictate the conversations and lives of so many people. Its pull is at times inescapable.

A December 14, 2015, article in National Review revealed a closed, secret meeting of some 50 Evangelical leaders led by Family Research Council president Tony Perkiimagesns. The meeting’s purpose was to achieve a consensus where the group could publically endorse a candidate for president. After 5 ballots and discussions until dawn, Ted Cruz held the majority vote, and soon after, some of its members started publically endorsing Cruz.

The 50 assembled Christian Establishment leaders were mostly members of the Council of National Policy and of tchristian_righthe more secretive Arlington Group. They were hoping that unity among them would be adequate to bring their Evangelical support base with them in support of their endorsed candidate. In the end, with all their efforts at king-making, their Evangelical constituency didn’t heed their endorsements.

Underlying most Evangelical political activism is the same salvific hope embraced by today’s heathen world—that their redemption will come from their political saviors. Among activists, it includes the hope that if they can get the right bill passed, a particular politician elected, a majority on the Supreme Court, or Republican congressional majorities, then they can turn around this culture and have a Christian country. They seek a political revolution by power politics instead of an ethical reformation accomplished by applying all the Word of God to all realms of life.

Civil government is but one of many spheres of life God has given Christians to redeem for His glory, but it can only accomplish so much. Its biblical jurisdiction is limited; Christian civilization cannot be accomplished by political activism alone. Cultural transformation of a society is a painstakingly long-term grind where plans and strategies must be developed over time—generationally—to redeem every area of life.


Whenever the Christian Right leaders engage in public debates over their social positions, it is never with an apologetic using the standard of God’s Word/Law. They always default to humanist natural law reasoning as their strategy of defense. They appeal to cause and effect, statistics, demographics, and various studies. There is no appeal to transcendence or a higher order, so it becomes a polemic of their logic over their opponent’s logic.

The Christian Right has made it their strategy to engage on their opponent’s turf of human reasoning thus they never have any kind of home court advantage. As a result, they keep losing. This is not a matter of spouting endless Bible verses in debate; it’s about the use of the transcendent claims of God over his creation and of the clear principles in His Word in the face of empty and weak humanistic speculation.

The Christian Right should take a page out of George Washington’s playbook. In a speech to the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, he said: “If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair [rally]; the event is in the hand of God.”

If the Christian Right used this approach, then, win or lose, God is honored and truly represented in the public sphere. That, in itself, will lead to future victories in the culture war—because a holy standard biblical truth has been raised.


In a January 8, 2016, article by Matthew Sheffeld, titled “Mike Huckabee: The Religious Right is a Giant Scam,” he touched on the abusive fundraising practices of the Religious Right:

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee lashed out against religious conservative leaders Wednesday, accusing them of trying to bilk gullible donors out of money while actually having no desire to pursue goals like outlawing same-sex marriage and banning abortion.

“A lot of them, quite frankly, I think they’re scared to death that if a guy like me got elected, I would actually do what I said I would do. We would abolish abortion based on the 5th and 14th Amendment. We would ignore the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.”

Because he would take such actions as president, Huckabee said that he presents a problem for many Religious Right organizations since they would no longer be able to raise money to promote such causes.

“A lot of these organizations wouldn’t have the ability to do urgent fundraising because if we slay the dragon, what dragon do they continue to fight? And so, for many of them, it could be a real detriment to their organization’s abilities to gin up their supporters and raise contributions…”

Many of these Christian Right groups have turned fundraising into an art form under the appropriate motto “we’ve never seen a crisis we couldn’t exploit.” Huckabee’s complaint hit two key areas of much of the Christian Right’s fundraising.

First is the constant reactionary chasing of every national moral and political crisis with donor pleas for money. Second is the acceptance—unconsciously or otherwise—of the political status quo with never any hope or goal of political victory. Year after year, these Christian Right organizations settle for losing, and accept being the controlled opposition. Political losses are embraced as long as their organizational funding, salaries, status, and power are maintained.

These organizations put their constituency in constant panic mode, living off of crisis after crisis with no real plan for any advancement of the Kingdom of God or of Christ’s Church being the dominating influence in American culture.

Their bilking of the base will not change until Evangelical donors wise up and realize they have been conned by religious profiteers, and start shifting their giving to Christian organizations with sacrificial, long-term, victory-centered plans for true cultural reform.


Joel Skousen, in his June 3, 2016 version of his World News Brief, stated the following concerning Al Mohler:

In an interview with National Public Radio, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said that culturally and theologically conservative Christians “are on the losing side of a massive change that’s not going to be reversed,” regarding the definition of marriage and other moral issues. From his perspective, “Christians must adapt to the changed cultural circumstances by finding a way to ‘live faithfully in a world in which we’re going to be a moral exception.’”


I was shocked at this key Christian Right leader’s statements admitting and accepting the defeat of Christianity in the United States. But, then again, Dr. Mohler’s comments are typical of today’s Christian Right and Protestant church leaders. They have raised the white flag and have declared to the enemies of Christ: “You have won; your god is greater than our God. The giants of your anti-Christian culture are too great for the Church to overcome.”

Dr. Mohler and others who have accepted the defeat of the Church and Christianity in culture have, in effect, abdicated their biblical right to lead. See Joshua and Caleb.

Why do these Christian Right leaders not encourage their people, no matter the current circumstances, of the great promises in God’s Word of Christ’s victory in time and history? Do they think the Great Commission of the future – the great Christian renewal, where the nations are discipled and bow before Christ – is simply a suggestion and not a promise?

As popular culture is destroying themselves with sexual immorality, humanistic education, and low marriage and birth rates, it provides a tremendous opportunity for the Church to prevail in this unique time in history.

We have the numbers and resources, but not the will – the “want to” – or leaders who have courage and a biblical vision of victory for superior Christian culture and civilization. In the midst of all the cultural decay, the Christian has a world that is theirs for the taking if they will show up for the fight.

To demonstrate Christianity’s capacity for victory, Christian leadership has to demonstrate biblical leadership in only two areas of life: education and children. Develop a nationwide Evangelical movement to get every Christian child out of our enemy’s (government) schools and teach from the pulpit the biblical command and blessing of large families.

Think of a future generation of Christian children sent out into the world that far outnumber their enemies, all with a sound Christian worldview. Is there anything the Church could not accomplish?

But, this advice will never be taken by the present leadership of the Christian Right, for such a strategy would involve long-term planning, work, sweat, and courage. Republican politics is much easier, and gives the appearance of influence.


This unprecedented day of American political change and upheaval has given way to a new American nationalism with the rejection of the old established order. The failures of the old order are being exposed more broadly and deeply with revelations of the corruption in both political parties and the ruling oligarchy in Washington, including a good deal of light being shed on the banking and corporate ruling Establishment.

Also facing more examination and criticism is the leadership of the Christian Right, and its unholy alliance with the Republican Party and their neoconservative worldview. They will have to give an account for the way they have sold out the prophetic voice of the Church and the Kingdom mandate from God.

Christians are seeing their Evangelical leadership as politically impotent; they have been unable to achieve any victories or accomplish the smallest goals in politics or culture. They can’t even get Planned Parenthood defunded at the federal level and in most states. They now view their leaders as part of the status quo or “controlled opposition.”

The Establishment Christian Right leadership has again promoted and endorsed Establishment candidates in the Republican primary.What’s interesting this time around is that the Evangelical rank and file is no longer respecting and listening to their misguided leadership. In increasing numbers, they are voting and promoting the candidacy of the American nationalist Donald Trump.


We are in the midst of a historic political movement, a sea change in the political landscape for many years to come, and most of the Evangelical Establishment leadership has no idea what is happening politically right before their eyes. Instead of embracing this historic national rebellion and pushback against the Establishment, admitting their four decades of mistakes and compromise, rethinking their positions and strategies, they remain stuck in the thinking of the past, endorsing Establishment Republicans with the hope of maintaining their status quo positions and living off the political crumbs that fall from the GOPe table.

When followers see their leadership compromised and ineffective they begin to reject their guidance and start the process of looking for new leaders.

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He is a publisher of Christian theological works and has sat on the boards of several Evangelical Christian organizations.

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By Thomas Ertl
April 1, 2016
(Originally published at



Donald Trump has dominated much of the Republican Primary over the past few months and has carved out for himself a wide popular appeal with the American voter.

Despite his historic run, there are still conservatives and Evangelicals who strongly oppose his candidacy. The two reasons for their opposition are an insufficient conservative ideology and issues of moral character.

In order to determine the legitimacy of these concerns, it would be helpful to compare Trump to a true standard of American conservatism. Instead of using the comparison of contemporary Republicans like Cruz, Rubio and Bush, this study would be best served if Trump was held to a much higher standard, that being the conservative icon, Ronald Reagan.


We often hear Ronald Reagan invoked in speech after speech as the true representative of American Conservatism for the last half of the twentieth century. For conservatives, Reagan is THE standard for conservative politics. He is the standard in character, the standard in conservative ideology and the standard in his conduct as President.

This brief comparison of Trump vs. Reagan will range from areas of personal faith, morality to political policies.



Donald with Dad and Mom

TRUMP: Trump was a Presbyterian from his upbringing with his

Scottish-born mother.

Gwenda Blair in an October 6, 2015 article for Politico writes of Trump’s parents’ religion, Trump’s religious upbringing, and the influence of their NY Presbyterian pastor Norman Vincent Peale:

His parents, Fred and Mary, felt an immediate affinity for Peale’s teachings. On Sundays, they drove into Manhattan to worship at Marble Collegiate Church, where Peale was the head pastor. Donald and both his sisters were married there, and funeral services for both Fred and Mary took place in the main sanctuary.

“I still remember [Peale’s] sermons,” Trump told the Iowa Family Leadership Summit in July. “You could listen to him all day long. And when you left the church, you were disappointed it was over…”

In his adult years there is not an indication that he was a regular churchgoer. However, Trump remains a strong advocate of Christianity.

1937-1938 Ronald Reagan with Nelle Reagan and Jack Reagan in California

1937-1938 Ronald Reagan with Nelle Reagan and Jack Reagan in California

REAGAN: Reagan also was raised Presbyterian by his mother in Illinois. He attended church as a youth, but there is not much of a record of his church attendance when he moved to Hollywood at 26. He was never noted as a consistent church attendee. He joined Bel-Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles and was a member from 1988 until his death in 2004.

Reagan, like Trump, was never outspoken about his faith, but he was a strong supporter of the Christian faith.


TRUMP: Trump’s colorful strong outspoken personality offends some Evangelicals. Evangelical leaders complain that his moral shortcomings disqualify him from public office.

ronald reagan with jane wyman.jpg

Ronald Reagan with Jane Wyman.jpg

REAGAN: Ronald Reagan had two very different lives: one in Hollywood and one in politics. When Reagan came to Hollywood he became a relentless womanizer. Some of the women associated sexually with Reagan were Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Susan Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Patricia Roc, Piper Laurie and Marilyn Monroe. His recent biographers report up to 50 women with whom he was sexually involved. His promiscuity continued between his first and second marriages. It seems with his second marriage to Nancy Davis he, to his credit, amended his lifestyle and became a stable husband and father, and he and Nancy were blessed with 52 years of marriage.


Picture2TRUMP: Trump has been married three times.

First: Ivana Zelnícková (1977–1991)
Second: Marla Maples (1993–1999)
Current: Melania Knauss (m. 2005)


REAGAN: Reagan was married twice.

First: Jane Wyman (1940–1949)
Second: Nancy Davis (1952–2004)

Christian Right leaders constantly vilify Trump for his three marriages but never mention Reagan’s two. Is there a new religious standard where two marriages is okay, but three is over the limit? Are two marriages acceptable but the third becomes a great moral defect?


trump-reaganTRUMP: Most of his life he has been registered as a Democrat. In 2012 he switched back to the Republican Party and remains there today.
Republican: 1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–Present
Independent: 2011–2012
Democratic: before 1987, 2001–2009
Reform: 1999–2001

REAGAN: He grew up in Illinois as a Democrat and remained so for much of his life including most of his time in Hollywood. In 1962, at the age of 51, he changed party affiliation to Republican.

[Bear in mind that the Democratic party of the past is not the same as the Democratic party of today. The Democratic party of today has embraced much if not all of the Communist platform and ideology.]


TRUMP: The record of who Trump gave campaign money to is discussed often by his opponents. Some of the high-profile Democrats Trump gave campaign funds to are the Clintons, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Charlie Crist. In fairness to Trump, he gave this as a businessman, not as a politician. He also endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump-ReaganREAGAN: It would be difficult to follow Reagan’s trail of campaign donations, but his endorsements are clear. Here are some of them:

WWII-era: Endorsement of FDR
1948 Election: Endorsement of Democrat Harry Truman over Republican Thomas Dewey
1948 Senate: Endorsement of Democrat Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota
Other: He also was a strong advocate of radical union leader Walter Reuther.

In fairness to Reagan, he made these endorsements before his political career.



2/11/1985 President Reagan shaking hands with Donald Trump and Ivana trump during the State Visit of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia at the state dinner in the Blue Room

2/11/1985 President Reagan shaking hands with Donald Trump and Ivana trump 

In California, he signed a Mulford Act which prohibited the carrying of firearms on one’s person in public buildings, in the street and in one’s auto.
As President in 1986, he signed the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act, which banned any fully automatic rifle that was not already registered by the date of the bill.
He supported the Brady Bill.


In California, he raised taxes 7 out of the 8 years he was in office.
As President, he pushed through a $3.3 billion fuel and gas tax.
Social Security tax increased $165 billion over the 7 years of his presidency.
He raised corporate taxes by $120 billion over 5 years and closed loopholes for another $300 billion in the same period.


He granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants in 1986 bypassing Congress.


In California he strongly opposed the Briggs Initiative to ban homosexuals from teaching in the California public schools.


He stated pre-election that he was going to eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education and Veteran Affairs. They were never eliminated. Instead they were given significant budget increases during his presidency.
Presidents Ford and Carter grew the federal government by 1.4%; Reagan by 3%. The national debt under Reagan tripled from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion.
Federal entitlements went from $197.1 billion in 1981 to $477 billion in 1987.


Foreign aid rose in Reagan’s presidency from $10 billion to $22 billion. He also increased America’s contribution to the International Monetary Fund by $8.4 billion.

These numbers can be confirmed by Sheldon L. Richman’s article, “The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan.”


** FILE ** In this May 19, 2006 file photo, Ted Nugent performs during the opening ceremony of the National Rifle Association annual convention in Milwaukee. Recent events including "Motown Week" and a presidential rejection of General Motor's and Chrysler's turnaround plans have trained an oversized spotlight on the Michigan metropolis and have people across America talking about the state of the Motor City. Three of those who weighed in this week are Moore, Nugent and Mary Wilson, all famed Michigan-bred entertainers who were asked to address autos and all things Detroit. And the consensus is this: The city has seen better days. (AP Photo/Morry Gash, File)

Trump has strong positions against gun control, federal taxation and illegal immigration. He has stated that as President he wants to eliminate the Department of Education and have education handled locally. Trump is also adamant on drastically reducing foreign aid.

Is it possible that Trump is actually more politically conservative than Reagan? I will leave that question to the reader to answer.



President Ronald Reagan gestures during a rally at a Dallas hotel on August 22, 1984. Reagan and Vice President George Bush are to receive the nomination from the Republican National Convention later in the evening. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

On September 5, 1969, as governor of California, Reagan signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce bill. After California’s lead, by 1973, 25 more states penned no-fault divorce legislation. No-fault divorce proved to be one of the most destructive laws for the break-up of the American family. Because of the unprecedented destruction of the American family, spawning many of today’s politically active “pro-family” activist and lobby groups — thanks in no small part to Reagan.


Six months into his governorship, on June 14, 1967, Reagan signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act. North Carolina, Hawaii and California were the first three states to legalize abortion. Abortions in California went from an average of 518 a year to over 100,000.

Reagan’s cabinet secretary and de facto chief of staff, Bill Clark, who was a strong Catholic, gave Reagan mountains of anti-abortion material to consider. Reagan still signed the bill.

Later, Reagan greatly regretted signing the bill and subsequently became a strong pro-life defender.


Trump, like Reagan (and the Bushes), has moved from a pro-abortion position to anti-abortion.


U.S. Republican presidential candidate, real estate mogul and TV personality Donald Trump poses with his family after formally announcing his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during an event at Trump Tower in New York June 16, 2015. The Trump family from L; Eric Trump and his wife Lara, Donald Trump, son Barron, Melania Trump, Vanessa Haydon and her husband Donald Trump Jr., children Kia Trump and Donald Trump III, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner and Tiffany Trump. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid - RTX1GS77

Within the American conservative and Christian Right leadership there seems to be an accepted double standard: one in whicnancy-reagan-f-1024h everything Trump has said or done in his pre-political days as a businessman can and will be used against him; conversely, whatever Ronald Reagan did or said before or during his presidency is forgivable.

I ask, why does Reagan get a free ride on personal morality and political policies, yet Trump’s every move is scrutinized, critiqued and vilified? It is obvious Reagan is given a pass on all of his issues, and Trump’s issues, which are fewer, are vilified to the heavens. Why the double sta*dard?

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-10.01.31-AMWhat I would say to the conservative and Christian Right leadership is to be consistent in their candidate evaluation process. Do not single out one candidate for wrath while you pass on the others. You owe it to the Republican and Evangelical voter to be consistent.

Picture1Furthermore, I cannot imagine anything Trump could say or do morally or politically that could put him in a more damning place than Reagan’s two signatures on those terrible no-fault divorce and abortion bills. Yet, American conservatives who know of these two dreadful pieces of legislation also knew of Reagan’s remorse for what he did and responded with leniency and grace, forgiving Reagan.

Should not that same grace be available to other political candidates guilty of lesser sins?

© 2016 Thomas Ertl – All Rights Reserved

Tom is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He is a publisher of Christian theological works and has sat on the boards of several Evangelical Christian organizations.

E:Mail: [email protected]



By Thomas Ertl
March 18, 2016
(Originally published in




During the present election cycle, we are seeing the usual endorsement of candidates by Christian Right leaders alongside all the other endorsements being announced. Most Christian Right endorsements were going to Cruz and Rubio. Very few prominent leaders have endorsed Trump; exceptions are Jerry Falwell Jr., Pat Robertson, Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Sadly, many of the Christian Right Evangelical Establishment leaders are not qualified to make informed political assessments. They may well be effective and successful businessmen and administrators. They are no doubt sincere and well-qualified for the day-to-day work involved in their ministry leadership. Most of them, however, do not have a biblical view of civil government and have not been theologically and strategically trained in the art of Christian political theory. American elections are plagued by “low information voters.” Evangelicalism suffers from its “low information leaders.”

fnc_kellyfile_20160126_kellyontrumpMost of these leaders get much of their political knowledge, insight and beliefs from Fox News, thus the term “Fox News Christians.” Their political worldview is taken more from Krauthammer, Kristol, and Will rather than from Augustine, Calvin and Beza. In fact, most of them have no idea who Theodore Beza is, much less his Christian political theory published in the 16th century. Charles Krauthammer was a Mondale speechwriter, Bill Kristol’s father, Irving, was a Marxist and a disciple of Leon Trotsky. George Will is a self-proclaimed soft atheist. Relying on sources like these for one’s political worldview and, baptizing these views with a thin veneer of “Christian-ese” is a recipe for failure. Today’s supposedly conservative outlets for news and commentary are more often part of the problem rather than contributors to real solutions.

T1337256000000.cached_7hese are the Evangelical leaders who have enthusiastically supported all of the unbiblical, unconstitutional Bush Middle East wars and the slaughter of over 1.5 million innocent lives. They have never studied or understood the historic Christian theory of just war, established long ago by Augustine and the Protestant Reformers. Their promotion of this Neo-Con, Republican blood-letting has greatly compromised their pro-life doctrine and stands in direct violation of the command in Scripture against the “shedding of innocent blood.” Do the fifty-one verses against the shedding of innocent blood mean anything? Well, at least Trump is dealing with this critical pro-life issue with his criticism of American foreign policy.

687474703a2f2f7777772e6672632e6f72672f696d672f6974656d2f4d4431334430375f4e4f524d414c2e6a7067These respected Christian leaders are often tied too closely to the Republican Establishment, so they can’t prophetically confront them and call them back to truth and justice. These men are easily manipulated by the Republican Establishment, which figured out long ago how to manipulate Christian Right leadership. Give them a little “God talk” (“I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”), tell them you support the sanctity of life and traditional marriage and, voila, you have their support and their vote. The Evangelical Establishment should be hammering the Republican Party for their treasonous policies and their sell-out of the country to the money class. They should be calling for a new party or a complete overhaul of the present one, yet they remain silent.

The Christian Right has been politically irrelevant on the federal level mainly because of its limited two issue constituency. The four decade failure of the Christian Right to influence American culture is because they have been a reactionary group in their strategies and organizations instead of one with an aggressive Christian vision of cultural renewal. Picture1They have failed to take a comprehensive worldview in every area of culture and life and develop strategies to build new Christian institutions in the places where ordinary Americans live out their daily lives.

What is interesting about Trump’s candidacy is that the Christian Right rank and file is separating from their leadership and voting for Trump. They seem to be expanding beyond the traditional two issues to the ones Trump is raising. They are very worried about the future of their country, its economic and national security.

GiantBoth the GOP Establishment and Evangelical Establishment lost big in the South Carolina Primary. The people are finally starting to figure out who the GOP really is. The indignation is at unforeseen levels. The peasants are mad. The trust is gone. In the recent primaries, if you add the numbers of both Trump and Cruz, who are considered as anti-Establishment candidates, you get an anti-Establishment vote well over 60%. I don’t think the GOP will ever recover from this to re-establish its control over its base. This is a historic battle and a positive step towards liberty.


Along with Donald Trump’s populist theme of “Make America Great Again” come many key issues on which he is outspoken.


This is where I see his real strength. Trump goes after issues of national interest that other politicians won’t touch. Many of these issues are of primary importance and so are more critical than the ones raised by conservative purists.

Trump, labels himself as a “common sense conservative,” not a purist but, in doing so, he shows himself to be the most conservative of all the Republican candidates on the issues he is raising. Following is a list of some of his political positions.



  • He is firm in his position of building the wall, sealing the border, and talks of changing immigration policies.


  • He talks aggressively of reversing all of the anti-American trade agreements that have sent industry overseas. He might possibly undo NAFTA, GATT, WTO and TPP.


  • The US industrial base is being dismantled by the globalists and their politicians and Trump seeks to reverse it.
  • He talks about dealing with the US corporate tax rate to get industry back on American soil.
  • He uses threats of tariffs to get industry back.
  • He talks about dealing with China’s internal tariffs that hurt US industry.


  • He has attacked present healthcare which he says was written by corporate interests for the enrichment of the corporation. He promotes a repeal of the current system with a plan that involves much more free enterprise.


  • He has been a huge critic of the Bush foreign policy that is used to serve global interests rather than that of the United States.


  • He is a constant critic of the human and financial cost of the Iraq War and calls it a 2 trillion dollar fiasco.
  • He questions US soldiers in Europe and South Korea for over 70 years.


  • He knows that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. What he will propose here is unknown. At least he is making an appeal for an audit here.


  • He has gone after hedge fund ethics and he talks of reform in this area.
  • By not taking Wall Street donations he may be more effective in dealing with their criminal activity.


  • He questions the toxic vaccine industry and complains that pharmaceuticals, because of their control of the political class through donations, get a free ride.
  • He said he will start bidding on federal pharmaceutical purchases.


  • This is where most of the Establishment works for their dream of a world government and one world currency.
  • Trump might reject any movement in this direction in favor of American sovereignty.


  • Trump has come out against the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and has called them a “dictatorial agency.”


  • He advocates the elimination of the Department of Education and Environmental Protection Agency and states that he will go after government fraud and waste.


  • Solid on the 2nd Amendment.

NWOYou can see with this list that Trump is going after the Establishment’s financial and corporate control. This is the heart of many of our national issues, including issues related to US sovereignty and protection of the American people’s interests.

Related to Trump’s policy positions is his constant attack on elements of the Establishment, whether Wall Street, corporatism, or Republican Party policy. This courageous stance, if continued, will reap many political rewards. Trump, in his policy positions, is truly going after the head and core issues that have led to our national demise.


Donald Trump follows two lines of populism in American presidential history.

9543bfa462000776d0700bf2e6188ee7The first is that of 19th-century populist Andrew Jackson. Jackson was the “alpha male” in his time. He had the tremendous courage and determination to take on the international banking Establishment represented by Nicholas Biddle. He was victorious in that great battle against the Second Bank of America and the Establishment of his day.

Jackson has been criticized for his lack of personal refinement, his crudeness, and his questionable manners. Sounds like Trump!

pat-buchanan-hell-raiserThe second line of populism came in the 20th century. Here Trump is in the line of four American populists, Charles Lindbergh and his America First Committee of the early 1940s, Senator Robert Taft of the 50s and Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot of the 90s. A common characteristic of national populism is its attack on the Establishment’s agenda.

Trump’s aggressive America first populism is his tremendous appeal. In a day of undelivered political promises made by compromised conservative politicians, we have Donald Trump addressing the areas where Republicans have sold off America’s future and economic well-being. He is exposing how these so-called conservatives have promoted all these horrendous trade agreements where our country has lost its economic and political sovereignty. These agreements, supported by the Bushes, McCNAftaBrnsain, Cruz and Rubio, will one day create a North American union of the United States with Mexico and Canada. This would be intolerable to Trump and most Americans. All such agreements could be dealt with and possibly reversed by the new American populist Donald Trump.


Ted Cruz is a whole different candidate, and is not who he appears to be. In-depth research on him and his wife, Heidi, is very revealing and shows strong ties into the Establishment. He is an Ivy Leaguer, having attended Princeton and Harvard Law School.

maxresdefault4Ted Cruz was a “Bushman” and an insider and top policy advisor to George W. Bush. It was Cruz who vetted and encouraged Bush to nominate John Roberts to the Supreme Court. So much for principled conservativism!

Cruz is also a confirmed Neo-Con and very much a supporter of the disastrous Bush wars and the current aggressive involvement of the American military in the Middle East and beyond. He has former CIA directors as his advisors and recently hired Neil Bush to join his national finance team.

His wife Heidi Cruz worked under Condoleezza Rice in the Bush Administration in the crafting and implementing the North America Free Trade Agreement. She is also tied to David Rockefeller’s globalist, one world government organization, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). She is still listed on their site as a member who worked on the Taskforce of the Future of America.

She served as deputy to U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Zoellick, who was formerly president of the World Bank (2007-2012). She worked with the globalist, Zoellick, on the U.S.-China trade policy.

MFEDrs. Cruz is on leave from her vice-president position at the notorious investment bank, Goldman Sachs, which is well known as a key player in the Establishment’s global financial control apparatus.

You can hardly get more Establishment than the Cruz family. Their close political association inside the Establishment would be detrimental to the sovereignty and future well-being of the United States.


Age and experience always temper political hopes and excitement. Despite Trump’s high energy and passionate promises to bring our country around, as president he will need a consensus with Congress to move aggressively on his agenda. Even more difficult in carrying out his agenda will be all the maneuverings of the Establishment that would seek to undo the Trump agenda. The latter is of greater concern.

Say what's right!Even with that understood, commentator Alex Jones says that if he can deliver only 20% of what he promises, he will be in the presidential category of a George Washington. Geo-political expert Joel Skousen says if he could only seal the border and build the wall, it would be a monumental accomplishment in light of our useless Republican leaders.

The Christian is told in Scripture “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help” (Psalm 146:3). How wise. This puts our political hopes in perspective with the reality of the human condition, putting our final rest in God’s sovereignty.

trainAs president, would Donald Trump become some kind of a great Christian statesman? No, probably not. But, in a Trump presidency, we hope we would get someone who will fearlessly go after the Establishment, its financiers and corporations that, in monopolistic fashion, have pillaged the country. He may make a tremendous leader who will hold back the forces of evil and of further destruction of our country and culture, benefitting the Church in the process.

When considering a Trump presidency there is still the unknown. If he starts to appoint Establishment men as his close counselors – vice-president, chief of staff and cabinet positions – then his effectiveness as an American populist will be greatly diminished and possibly co-opted.

reagan-bush-official_2colThis was the case with Reagan. The Reagan revolution was over before it began when he succumbed to Establishment pressure and appointed George H.W. Bush to the vice presidency and Bush confidant, James A. Baker, to Chief of Staff. Reagan, the outsider, became president over a Bush, Establishment, CFR staffed administration. The reform of government was stopped in its tracks and all we got thereafter was great speeches.

12744666_483973575138921_1646759184017243244_nThe pressure on Trump to line his administration with globalist, CFR insiders would be beyond intense. It would take a tremendous depth of courage to reject the Establishment and staff his administration with true American patriots. Reagan caved! Will Trump? Time will tell.



In our political activism and responsibility in the public sphere we can never forget the goal of our faith. The Word of God gives us the assurance of Christ’s triumph in time and history. The Christian also is to build for the day when the nations of this world are discipled (as per the Great Commission), and bow their knee to Jesus Christ as Lord. Until we see a worldwide Christian renewal, we work to keep our enemies at bay and to labor with what we can to improve the Church’s situation in the world.

We are in the midst of a historic political movement, a sea change in the political landscape for many years to come, and most of the Evangelical Establishment leadership has no idea what is happening politically right before their eyes. Instead of embracing this historic national rebellion and pushback against the Establishment, admitting their four decades of mistakes and compromise, rethinking their positions and strategies, they remain in the comcomfortzone-538x218forts of the past, endorsing Establishment Republicans with the hope of maintaining their status quo positions and living off the political crumbs that fall from the Republican table.

Fortunately in this election cycle, the Evangelical rank and file is not listening to their Establishment Evangelical leaders.

Many Americans, for the first time, are beginning to understand how the geo-political world works. This means they are also grasping the bigger picture in the domestic battle over the future of America. They are seeing that the real enemy is not secondary institutions like the Democratic Party (within the false ideological/political paradigm of left and right) but the Establishment itself.

Fundamental to Christian responsibility is questioning anything that comes out of the Establishment. The rejection of their influence goes beyond that of the political parties to their policies and their candidates for federal office. A candidate who espouses so-called conservative ideology but who is tied to the Establishment should be rejected by the Christian voter because that politician will end up falling in line with Establishment policies. 

Evangelical Christians are now given a unique opportunity in American political history to play their part in reversing the fortunes of Establishment control and redressing the Establishment’s pillaging and destruction of their country.

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Tom is a home builder in Tallahassee, Florida and is a member of a local congregation in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). He is a publisher of Christian theological works and has sat on the boards of several Evangelical Christian organizations.

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